Hi, thanks for checking out my site!
I am a lifelong guitarist and songwriter.
Over the coming few years I will be posting two groups of songs!

I write about loneliness, sadness, injustice, hope, helplessness, homelessness, pain. happiness, metaphysics, good and evil, love, indifference, and well, much more…….But I’m tired, too.
One will be a protest album, called, My Guitars are my Guns! The first song below is Lost Paradigm.
One will be a spiritually themed album called, The Court of Love… A side of the album called, 4-Songs About God in E-flat Minor is here and here.

Contact: riffvlog@andrewmarkmusic.com
Please feel free to check out the Songwriters Challenge Page if you are a singer.
Love to hear from you if you think you can take one of these tunes on!
Oh yes, music was always secondary to my first passion as a young kid which was a keen searching interest in the nature of reality. Here’s an intro to my riff-vlog and here:

which is dedicated to that quest! Here is a vlog on The 2 I’s and The Obelisk, and here is my solution for sustainable living. And just a note that not every blog-post will be an aphorism and not every Vlog will be gnarly!….Please feel free to donate if you like the riffs and content of my blog:

The Court of Love:

My Guitars are my Guns:

This one is for Woody Guthrie:)


I think what I’m going to do here is post clips of the songs as they get closer to the pro-production stage. It costs about 400.00 a song to get them from this stage to a reasonable pro quality. If you like what you are hearing then please consider contributing to the making of these albums by clicking that donate button!

This Rootless Existence:

This one is for Rick Danko and called, Theodicy:

I’m Drinkin’:

Fire in The Night Sky!

One Life: