Hi, thanks for checking out my site!
I am a lifelong guitarist and songwriter.
Over the coming few years I will be posting two groups of songs.

One will be a protest album, called, My Guitars are my Guns! The first song below is Lost Paradigm.
One will be a spiritually themed album called, The Court of Love… A side of the album called, 4-Songs About God in E-flat Minor is here

I write about loneliness, sadness, injustice, hope, helplessness, homelessness, pain. happiness, metaphysics, good and evil, love, indifference, and well, much more…….But I’m tired of the endless bullshit, too.

Contact: andrewmarkmusic@hotmail.com
Please feel free to check out the Songwriters Challenge Page if you are a singer.
Love to hear from you if you think you can take one of these tunes on!
Oh yes, music was always secondary to my first passion as a young kid which was a keen searching interest in the nature of reality. Here’s an intro to my riff-vlog which is dedicated to that quest! Here is a vlog on The 2 I’s and The Obelisk, and here is my solution for sustainable living. And just a note that not every blog-post will be an aphorism and not every Vlog will be gnarly!….Please feel free to donate if you like the riffs and content of my blog:

The Court of Love:

My Guitars are my Guns:






You’d Better Run:



I think what I’m going to do here is post clips of the songs as they get closer to a pro-production stage. It costs about 400.00 a song to get them from this stage to reasonable pro quality. If you like what you are hearing then please consider contributing to the making of these albums by clicking that donate button!


This one is for Rick Danko and called, Theodicy:

I’m Drinkin’:

Fire in The Night Sky!

One Life: