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                 Well, @ least 33,000 of them give or take a few thousand!

Yikes! Hmmm, how do we flesh this out? I guess it depends on one’s worldview. If one is an atheist and a materialist then there aren’t any and all those claiming to be are sadly deluded psychotic’s. But we shall not fall prey to that level of boredom here @andrewmarkmusic and we’ll go with the flow of idealism and suppose that a metaphysical spirituality is in fact reality.

In Hinduism, it might be said that they are all manifestations of Krishna who but can’t help share the love to whoever searches for the divine. This is the avatar theory of Christ and it’s said that he traveled and died on the Indian continent. Hmmm, I don’t know but that theory has always struck me as creating more theological quagmires than it solves.

Personally, I tend to think of this place as a Jesus Matrix! This dude is everywhere…This idea is also consistent with most newer scientific understandings today especially simulation theory and the holographic universe theory. Within this idea, Jesus in inculcated deeply and a priori within existence. Christian Gnosticism leans in this direction but it’s unclear about what the relationship is between the Aeon Kristos and this particular universe.

Of course, there are at least 33,000 sects and versions of the Jesus character within Christendom and more if we factor in Islam and Judaism. No one within Christendom can agree on who he was so there is no way to gauge the claims of any particular sect. We know Islam sees him as solely being a prophet. Judaism as a false prophet. But the most interesting claim to me in that regard are sects that assert he is the Jewish Messiah Yeshuah and son of Yahweh! We’ll put aside for a moment the ridiculous claim of this sect which claims the only real way to know the truth of this matter is to understand Aramaic Hebrew. Yikes, again! But this sect of Jewish believers is heavily invested in promoting this Messiah whom can only rule the earth via a new Greater Israel where Messiah will rule the nations with an iron rod from Jerusalem. It’s unclear but likely that The Noahide Laws would be the method of this worldwide rule. An interesting note to ponder: how many atheist Zionists would reject this Messiah if (and when) he shows up? And my money is on he will show up without a doubt! But would that make him the true representative of the one and only true living God? It depends on who you ask!!!

A last note to ponder. Assuming Jesus existed in some manner I do wonder how many followers he would have had if he didn’t do anything supernatural? Like, no miracles, no walking on water, no raising the dead, no casting out demons, etc. It’s hard to say but I think it fair to say that he wouldn’t have garnered much attention. Yet it’s clear and obvious today that there are no supernatural miracles happening anywhere. Could you imagine how many politicians would be alive today if Jesus was the same today as yesteryear? NONE! He would have struck all these lying cheating bastards down! And where is the church that was instructed to share all the wealth among believers at the time of Pentecost? It doesn’t exist and we live with an everyman for himself Christianity today!

The point being is how will Yeshua pull this stunt off if he can’t or won’t demonstrate any supernaturalism and if he can’t or won’t then how is anyone to gauge which Christ he is when he enters Jerusalem again?


I can feel the change of seasons as it’s quite cool again in Vancouver! And it looks like Canada has a new right-wing political party…The ‘We Don’t give a Fuck About The Average Person Party!’…Hey, at least they’re not lying corporate hypocrites:D

I probably need to clarify my spiritual philosophies before I get into this. First, reason and logic dictate that All spiritual metaphysics must be framed as speculation. Honesty dictates such framing until spirituality can be demonstrated to be more than anecdotal personal belief systems (no matter how ‘gumbyfied’ one is). It should bother immensely ALL truth seekers that this is not the case today–every manner of spiritual assertion is casually declared as fact by every stripe of spiritual believer–I view this as a type of collective delusion no matter how seemingly benign or loving a tradition thinks itself –the metaphysics are simply not honest if it isn’t framed as speculative. One HAS  to demonstrate metaphysical claims in an objective universal way for spirituality to be considered a matter of fact ( speaking generally about supernatural assertions).

I have also come to view this earth as some type of Matrix; that is to say some type of false replication of an unknown true reality far removed from this existence–it could be some type of incredibly advanced simulation. I am an incompatibilist and believe humans do not have universal freewill although we have marginal inconsequential freewill–yes, you can choose beans and rice, or sausage and eggs for breakfast, or neither, but it’s of no universal consequence. I believe the only way out of this Matrix is if the UNKNOWN transcendent God takes you out of here for reasons that are only known to it. The speculations on who we might be and why we’re here are beyond the scope of this post but not everyone here is who they seem or claim to be. I think it likely, as metaphysical speculation, that The Bardos are controlled by archons who are dishonest about who they are and what their agenda is and that they deceive and manipulate humanity which exists in their Matrix which they have every right to control (again, an incredibly complex and in-depth topic beyond the scope of this post).

We now live in an age where it’s every man/person for himself and this blog will attempt to explore why that is and how that came about and whether this is a tenable mode of behavior for Buddhist’s or really any spiritual practitioner. This condition is the net result of individualism ushered in by The Age Of Reason and the Enlightenment which sought to overthrow the religious mythological societal control grid. It was a move I agree with to a certain extent but the archons had a plan and humanity was never going to be let off the hook. The new plan was MONEY! It would become the replacement religion for the masses controlled by the same archons who brought us most of the worlds religious control grids. This system has ushered in the Age of Narcissism promoted and fuelled by Hollywood and Wall St. EL-ites. Of course, the primary mode of operation for the financial El-ites is the largest system of USURY ever brought into existence in the known universe. It’s an aside that the economics of this system will also destroy much life on this earth but I won’t get into that issue here. My main point of contention is whether it’s compatible with the Buddha’s teaching and I will argue it’s entirely incompatible with the true essence of Gautama’s teaching assuming he existed as a historical person and attained and taught Enlightenment–I should also note that this post isn’t about what enlightenment is or isn’t from a metaphysical perspective.

I’m of the opinion that the Buddha would have had to have understood the true meaning (and consequence) of The Golden Rule; he would have had to have understood that unnecessary coercion and use of force and unnecessary exploitation are incompatible with the highest spiritual ideals. If that was the case, and I believe it is, it would mean Buddhism today is in terrible trouble as it has been brought to heel by the central banking system which has inverted the true meaning of any spiritual praxis. Buddhism has turned into spiritual materialism under the influence of the monetary control grid. Please consider that under modern capitalist systems an overwhelming majority of the population are forced via exploitation and coercion to do that which they would rather not do if reasonable alternatives existed. That capitalist overlords see this condition as voluntary is only a sign of their corrupt delusion and argues not at all against the spiritual truth of my thesis. Also, consider that the current trajectory of the capitalist machine is causing the sixth mass extinction and untold ecological damage to many of the earth’s complex life systems. Is this something the Buddha would have accepted as healthy enlightened behavior? I think not!

I should note that anyone who reads my blog knows I am not a Marxist and reject State-run socialism. I also argue consistently that the core pathology of the age is a currency supply built on debt and using money as a commodity instead of how it should be used–as solely a means of exchange, and please view www.postivemoney.org for one idea in that regard.

I also talk about it here in The New Earth Commons.







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