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Mr. Peterson and Mr. Zizek both agreed that there is little hope for humanity under the current system and both were equally absent when it came to offering any solutions to our present amoral corporate oligarchy which views humanity as nothing more than objects to be exploited by the elite classes which have turned economics into a corrupt casino system with the backing and hijacking of the political/justice systems aided and abetted by the hijacking of all modes of media and information. 

It’s true Mr. Peterson suggests that having a good attitude every morning while you run off to shine the shoes of your wage slave masters at least makes the present system tolerable, but such notions will hardly change anything for the better; while Mr. Zizek still thinks there is hope for the Hegelian nation-state,  although it’s hard to understand how such a view is possible when the nation-state was hijacked by plutocracy under the neoliberal order whose wet dream is to fuse neoliberal ideology with the Chinese model of doing ‘business’. 

Perhaps it’s time for a high school drop out to challenge these two scholars to a debate specifically directed towards how we get ourselves out of this dismal and ultimately destructive state of affairs. Unfortunately, and necessarily, we would eventually have to address the J.Q. and that guarantees that no such debate would happen, but in the words of the great musical philosopher George Thorogood, ‘that don’t confront me’…

Please be forewarned that I would draw on the ideas of Dr.E. Michael Jones and argue that usurious economic models are antithetical to Christian economics and that the current capitalist state of affairs is incommensurate with even a basic understanding of a Christian ethos. How modern Christianity became so corrupted is one of the most important queries of our time but I would say this: there were movements within Christendom as it progressed into modernity that were trying to fuse Christian ethics with economics and Henry George would be an excellent example of this. His book Progress and Poverty outsold the Bible for a time and one of the most significant ideas was The Land Value Tax. The oligarchs who controlled the flow of modernity saw to it that his ideas were buried. Please note also that not all Christian communities of the time were progressive as there were those who still embraced slavery as an ethical mode of behavior.

We would have to begin with a non-reductionist interpretation of The Golden Rule which was always meant to help guide humanity in their economic affairs and in modernity this is best understood via Kant’s Categorical Imperative which doesn’t allow for the shenanigans that a utilitarian moral philosophy does; these two ideas are in complete alignment with a Marxist critique of primitive accumulation which is theft of the value of labor by the oligarchic elite. Now before you go calling me a Marxist please understand that I am a Non-Kaballistic Gnostic theist although I do self-describe as an Agnostic Gnostic as the forms, or the noumena, or God, is something humanity has no direct access to–as we only experience perspectival representations of this current construct. Ultimately this means any assertion about what God (is) is dishonest unless framed as metaphysical speculation; and yes, this makes most faiths upon the earth today ultimately delusional, although I would suggest that there is hope for religious dogmatism if it could make the shift to understanding basic philosophical premises-not that I would hold my breath in this regard. 

I could direct people to my 12-part Golden Rule Winter Solstice series where I flesh out the significance of what the Golden Rule actually means and why humanity made a grievous error in dismissing its relevance to economics. 

Also, my 4-Pillars of A New Earth Commons blogs where I flesh out the four areas that have to be made off limits to capitalist exploitation and coercion. These ideas are premised on the notion that humanity is now in an economic and environmental emergency and public policy should treat this situation much like emergency war measures (for perhaps a 30-year period while the commercial capitalist system tries to solve the earth’s most pressing environmental problems). During WW-2, and by law, sole-ownership mansions in Canada were divided into rooming-type houses because it was necessary under war emergency. The same idea applies now.

Fundamentally, I suggest capitalist amorality has made them blind to healthy boundaries and humanity needs to reorganize and understand that no one can have any real quality of life unless 4-basic needs are met: housing, food, health-care, and education. But this shift would also entail education away from cynical misanthropy to valuing human potential to actuality mores, and I flesh this out a bit more on my website; and yes, in the spirit of open source anyone is welcome to expand on my ideas which are admittedly not entirely original as I’ve found out recently I might be channeling the philosopher Rick Roderick.

I should mention here that the Marxist idea of violent revolution to overthrow the oligarchs is an affront to the notions of freedom. We have to find a solution which allows for what is good about the capitalist class and I suggest two economies one of which is solely commercial and one a basic needs economy called The New Earth Commons. I see this as an intelligent compromise between the entirely destructive and unnecessary war between Adam Smith and Karl Marx.  Please note also that I do agree to a certain extent that Marxist utopia is entirely untenable and is dismissive of human pathology and our evolutionary inheritance which needs to be channeled thoughtfully and constructively or we devolve into Social Economic Darwinism which is where we are at today.

The fundamental idea of how currency is created and distributed needs to be reinvented for the New Earth Commons and it would need a non-usurious means of exchange like public banking or www.positivemoney.org. But again, a new education model is needed here also as throwing money at people DOES NOT SOLVE the systemic problems–one needs a thoroughly integrated model for any new culture to be successful.

4-Songs About God in E-Flat Minor is a side that explores my lifelong journey as a seeker. The side is four songs with seven parts. 4 and 7 are mystical numbers which of course equal 11…Perhaps that’s meaningless but who knows? Maybe there is a mystery or two still to be uncovered!



www.andrewmarkmusic.com is giving a musical voice to the Gnostic tradition:


Some thoughts on one of the better philosophy channels on YouTube called Cuck Philosophy here.

He’s very good at simplifying complex ‘leftist’ thought and gets the definitions right unlike hacks like Jordan Peterson who thinks Marxism (a grand narrative) is postmodern–it’s not…

The video primarily addresses advertising but I’ll expand on the theme. I’ll note, though, that the CEO of BuzzFeed is using psychology in the same way that Edward Bernays did which was to use psychological insights for corporate profit-seeking motives. This is one of the primary reasons (and arguments) that Christianity and capitalism are incommensurate and in complete antithesis to each other and the idea that Christianity and capitalism are compatible is absurd and profoundly mistaken. This is the result of Judaized Christianity or the projection of Jewish economic thinking into Christendom. Again, it’s profoundly delusional (no more so when it comes to usury)… I’ll note that it’s primarily the Kaballist Kabal which took control of western civilization (starting around 1400) that is speeding up its capitalistic machinations to help bring the end of capitalism so we can get the Marxist utopia which is very much aligned with Messianic fervor with the added implementation of the Noahide Laws–a modern-day Sadducee/Pharisee civilizational psy-op. Just a note that I’ll be exploring the worldview of the Sadducee’s in an upcoming blog, but briefly– they were atheist or highly skeptical of theism while very much covetous of societal privilege and power. There are some profoundly interesting dynamics and incongruities within this particular ‘mindfield.’

One aspect of this he didn’t touch on is the normalization of continuous warfare since the false-flag attacks of 911 where we were told to go shopping! I seldom watch MSM as, in my opinion, they became global liars on 911, but further they are now in the business of selling you shoes (or everything else) while they ask ‘Christian’ nations to endlessly bomb Islam for Israel. This isn’t really all that new if one has investigated links between Hollywood’s history and that of the modern nation-state– especially since the CIA came to exist–as cozy as cozy is– as documented in films like Wag The Dog. Concomitant with this endless warfare is the mass immigration into historic Christian countries juxtaposed to the demonization of those who question the legitimacy of this inorganic influx of people’s from all around the world. There are those also pointing out that the censorship of the internet is brought to us by the corporate state (economic fascism) advertising branches…So the truth is subverted by the need for advertising revenue for people’s new shoes. None of these shenanigans is AT ALL commensurate with Christian ethics and those who think otherwise are clearly and demonstrably deluded.

The last note here: it’s not possible to have a Judean/Christian worldview as Christianity if understood correctly is irreconcilable with Judaism. Dr. E. Michael Jones has that much right although Marcion had the relationship between the Kristo’s and the Torah God correct–they are an antithesis and I’ll link the *Good God YouTube channel, too, here, as there is at least one Christian on earth that can read. And I should mention that this really isn’t a hermeneutic issue as it goes to the core definitions of what GOODNESS means! Something the Torah God clearly IS NOT!!!

NOTE: The Israeli Messiah will come without a shred of supernaturalism which argues that it’s all ethnonationalist Darwinian manipulation of civilization with the added hypocrisy that it’s okay for Jews to want an ethnic-nation-state but not whites or Christians.

NOTE: as a Non-Kaballistic Gnostic Christian there are some things I disagree with Bobby on but he gets some of the more important issues correct and that is significant…

P.S. :

Some musing on neoliberal economics within this field of inquiry. Free trade was to open up borders but it really only did so for corporate elites while everyone else is treated as a criminal while crossing borders.
And ya know, it wasn’t long ago that the sports complex made reasonable amounts of money for kicking objects around, but under neoliberalism, the average working Joe or Jane has been dupped into cheerleading for those who will make more in one year than they’ll make in a lifetime of hard labor.
And do those responsible for the bloody mess really think this is going to end well? How fuckin’ deluded can one be? Extraordinarily so it seems…

www.andrewmarkmusic.com Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla

I’m no classical guitarist and I couldn’t play the same thing twice in exactly the same way to save my life…but, I really liked this piece of music so WTF, eh?

At the very least this project should field some interesting responses, not the least of which will be a whole host of trolls! Please consider also that religion isn’t just for atheist academics:)

I’ve been on a quest within a search for the nature of reality since the summer of 1979. As a layperson, I’ve searched every religion and philosophy for answers to truth. It was around 1995 that I first discovered the Gnostic worldview and I’ve been involved with searching out any truth therein since that time. This Manifesto is the result of around 25-years of research within this field of inquiry. I believe Gnosticism predates the Christian religion and was one of humanities first attempts at synthesizing spirituality with the faculties of reason and logic.

It’s my intention to see if there is anyone out there that would be interested in starting this church with me? It could be an online church. Or, I live in Vancouver if that is amenable to you. Under very specific and certain conditions I could come to where you reside.

Without further ado!

1) The true God of love and light is transcendent to this universe and doesn’t exist here other than the trapped hidden spark of the Pleroma which resides deep within humanity. 2)The *Kristos was sent into this existence to teach humanity about why things are the way they are here. 3) Like **Marcion, we reject the O.T. and the myths contained in it; although we understand Marcion took the stories as literal–well supposedly. 4) The true God of love and light doesn’t seek worship but rather communion and to set the captives free. 5) Sophia is an Aeon with the Kristos and was not the serpent in the story within Genesis which is fictional. We believe women are co-equal with men although it’s obvious we are not the same in every respect. 6) All are welcome. 7) We attempt to live by the highest ethical standards as possible given our corrupt living conditions but do not assess morality via a fallen sinful nature brought on by humankind. 8) We seek a conservative liturgy and service and the service not be entertainment oriented. 9) We are spiritual anarchists in relation to the Archons and our structure is holarchy and not hierarchy and those tasked with running the structure of the church are servants and not intermediaries for God. 10) We practice meditation but refrain from dismissing God based on any insight from the meditative disciplines.11) We practice yoga in accord with the dualist Dvaita Vedanta school of eastern philosophy. 12) We view reincarnation as likely but believe the Bardos are now controlled by deceitful Archons. 13) We reject normative views on Karma. 14) All ‘supernatural metaphysics’ will be framed within spiritual hypothesis when addressing those outside of the church until such time as the God of love and light chooses to reveal itself to all in a simultaneous way. We believe that faith can never be commensurate with inherently irrational religious assertions and dogmas. 15) The true God of love and light is unknowable to the human mind but is experienced as an agape type of love. 16) We respect the western philosophical tradition and the analytical school but ultimately reject the materialist worldview. 17) We reject the human ‘will to power’ doctrine when it’s framed alongside Kabbalistic Luciferianism as humans are not and can never be the transcendent God. 18) We respect the scientific method but reject scientism. We reject the false dichotomy of the only choice as between scientism or literalist fundamentalism. 19) We consider that modern E.T. theory could be an explanation for the God hypothesis but we accept this tentatively and only as a possibility. 20) We reject New Age capitalist spirituality and pseudo-scientific religious/spiritual claims. We believe that humanity needs a new academy which dedicates itself to the study of spiritual claims and that this academies staff is vetted by those who have passed impartiality testing. 21) We accept the possibility that consciousness could be an emergent phenomenon but reject that human consciousness per se is synonymous with God. Having said that, we still consider various panpsychic hypothesis’ as plausible. 22) We believe education should focus on the Logos of light, logic, and reason via methods like The Trivium. 23) We focus on psychology that helps humanity overcome all types of addiction and places significant focus on human potential to actuality within a steady-state economic model as much as this is possible. 24) On Magic: only candle magic will be used in public ceremonies defined here by working human intention with light. 25) Any couple can practice sex magic at their discretion within the boundaries of ethical monogamy (Tantra defined here as sex with spiritual intention) and within the privacy of their homes. 26) We believe in the practice of monogamy within civil unions while marriage is at the discretion of any given couple. 27) A focus on two primary areas within the fields of economics and politics which are something like 1-house per person caps with the intention of ending rent-seeking. That society moves in the direction of a Georgist Land Value Tax combined with various ideas within economic mutualism. 28) That humanity creates various new non-usurious means of exchange via something like public banking or www.positivemoney.org. That any new currency isn’t commodity based which leads to hoarding but is strictly a means of exchange. 29) That the Non-Aggression Principle be implemented as goalposts for economic behavior; that the nation-state becomes as minimalist as possible. 30) For the most part, we accept the Marxist critique of capitalism but reject dialectical materialism. 31) We believe communism could only be implemented via ‘supernatural fiat’ which is highly unlikely as the Demiurge and the Archons control this existence and rule covertly via force and coercion. All we can do as Gnostics is attempt to mitigate the effects of this condition as much as this is possible. We reject the use of force, coercion, and all unnecessary exploitation within the present worldwide system of high finance and capital. We only seek to mitigate the damage to any given human and to all life forms upon the earth. 32) We believe in the right to abortion but only as a very last resort and that everything humanly possible is done to avoid that decision but ultimately accept the procedure when absolutely no other choice is possible. 33) We believe that the Golden Rule was always meant as an economic mode of behavior and our current system is incommensurate with a proper understanding of the Golden Rule and that humans are also taught from a young age about considering the perspectives of others.

NOTES: * The ontological status of the Kristos while on earth can only be asserted via speculation if we are honest. I lean towards the Docetism camp but one couldn’t be sure of this, in my opinion. I’m also a Ditheist.

**Marcion, like many of the first Christian’s, would not believe in the version of Christendom handed down by Constantine’s Roman church. Marcion put the first Bible together and wrote the Antithesis which correctly pointed out the incongruities and discrepancies between the Torah and what he came to believe Kristos taught. He was a Quasi-Gnostic, in my opinion, and there is evidence that he did not redact any scripture but rather the Roman church added in words to suit their doctrinal positions. A side note here would be whether Yeshua of Catholic canon is really all that different from mean old Yahweh and the fact he would punish and torture someone forever for eating shellfish or wearing certain types of linen or not proclaiming faith in him is good argument that this Yeshua is no different from Yahweh–AKA the demiurge and its archons.

The last note here: I believe we are entering the last stage of this epoch or HIStory of the demiurge whose archons co-opted the natural religions on the earth at the time of Babylon. I suggest the Axial age explosion of religion, which are all contradictory, is explained by this new world order–the money masters co-opting religion to control civilization via control of the money supply while using religion as a cover. The end-game is the convergence of two of their primary tropes: The Israeli Messiah juxtaposed to the merging of A.I. with human consciousness via the false Gnosticism of Kabbalistic Luciferianism. All implemented via the largest military in history enforcing top-down predatory economics on every person on earth. Yes, the game is on and the Demiurge and Archons refuse to play fairly!

Associated links related to these ideas:



                                              Humans are strange creatures.    

Darwin ensured the drive of eros. Capitalism has ensured that love costs a ton of dough! Yikes…don’t even mention the cost of raising offspring under neoliberalism.

The western philosophical tradition brought us romanticism which was entwined with German Idealism. The English had their own unique take on it and it was a kind of nature worship and writers like Thoreau continued the tradition in America. Today the Neo-Luddites are bringing it back but mostly in reaction to mega-city 5-G smart grid city-states wherein life may very well look like a blend of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s, Brave New World.

Richard Rorty culturized Darwinism, I think, or, at least in a way he did. If God was impossible to find then it made total sense to focus on humans, secularism, logic, reason; juxtaposed to the imaginal and poetic–sort of a left brain/right brain holism for culture–with the target being the most hopeful integration of both. And then came 911…And well, that’s another post, but that day unleashed a fissure within the trajectory of the best hopes of secular pragmatism. And no, Jordan Peterson ain’t going to save the day.

Age has made me a pragmatist in my day to day life. Romanticism’s kicked the shit out of me– more or less– mainly because I’ve never been able to adjust to the neoliberal mode of operation–greed. God damn hippies just aren’t appreciated anymore! And God?  And my youthful exuberance at a hopeful outcome there? Hey, we live in a prison matrix that is actively trying to kill us! No, I have no idealism left in me. That isn’t to say that God doesn’t exist–it’s just not here–for all practical purposes, we are on our own. I don’t think it’s going to work out well here, but then again, how could it if this place is doomed?

I suppose it’s the ongoing struggle between Eros and Thanatos with an added dose of incredible complexity mixed together with the new plutocracy–the corporate state machine! Pay or die, either way as long as we can profit from it–and profit we will!

Perhaps romantics naturally seek pragmatists as nature always seems to strive for equilibria. To me, there’s a certain sense in that–we search out unconsciously and long for wholeness. Someone should mention to these two groups the futility of it all–what was it the psalmist said? All is vanity…Which ironically aligns so well with nihilism. But if anyone knows its turf it’s the demiurge and it covets what is his.

                 All we can do is find the key that makes us rise above it all.





I’ve mused on the two Piscean Fish for many years. I’ve come to call them desire and lust. The desire of the Virgin for a kind loving husband and the lust of the whore who wants to ‘fuck’ em all’…Energetic archetypes perhaps of the female side of the source.

Or, perhaps the Buddha, if he existed, came across these two aspects of Mara? At any rate, back in those heady days of what we now know was social engineering (thank-you banksters) I used to get a respite from the streets from a ‘coven of Wiccans’ (or, so I assumed); they lived in this cool cottage in Riverdale in Toronto with a backyard that transitioned into a graveyard. There was this one picture on the wall that made me feel really weird inside: it was two witchy type woman who were incredibly beautiful and one was blonde and the other brunette. That was 40-years ago but the image has stayed with me.

I knew when I recorded this side two years ago that it wasn’t quite right and this song came to me last year and it all feels right now. This mix is still missing the soon to come keys and there are still some tweaks but it’s getting there.

4-Songs About God in E-Flat Minor is a side that explores my lifelong journey as a seeker. The side is four songs with seven parts. 4 and 7 are mystical numbers which of course equal 11…Perhaps that’s meaningless but who knows? Maybe there is a mystery or two still to be uncovered!

www.andrewmarkmusic.com is giving a musical voice to the Gnostic tradition. It’s easy to become a theist once one experiences the obvious Gnosis that God if it exists, is demonstrably evil…

“I don’t really feel the need as a Gnostic to own guns which enable me to partake anymore than I have to in the murderous barbarism of this demiurge construct where life has to feed off other life to survive. I’ll pass”…


www.andrewmarkmusic.com is giving a musical voice to the Gnostic tradition. It’s easy to become a theist once one experiences the obvious Gnosis that God if it exists, is demonstrably evil… This is the first finished remix of Four Songs About God In E-Flat Minor...I did the initial mix 2-years ago but wasn’t thrilled with it. This mix is so much more to my liking. The side is here and the lyrics, too: https://andrewmarkmusic.bandcamp.com/…
“I don’t really feel the need as a Gnostic to own guns which enable me to partake anymore than I have to in the murderous barbarism of this demiurge construct where life has to feed off other life to survive. I’ll pass”…

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