Hi, truthseekers. First off I’d say it was a decent interview. I like that Jeff doesn’t constantly interrupt his guests.
Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/GWdj7-XSxzo
Hmmm...Everything is a lie! Really? Is it a lie that objects fall to the ground when dropped? That the sun appears mainly yellow and the sky blue? That automobiles exist? Dillahunty gives a reasonable warning about the dangers of hubris and I agree with him.
I don’t think the state is necessarily and defacto parasitic and evil although I’m quite sympathetic in that regard. I think the state most often gets hijacked by monied elites and they converge and conspire to steer the state mechanisms to their desire, whim, and agenda–and yes, this is what happened in communist countries, too. I’d agree that the scale of the nation-state today is immense and the co-opting of it by monied powers is an intractable problem. I don’t have much hope in political solutions to the human condition as the scum always rises to the top of the pond. Which leads of to why that is?
Gnosticism! Which of course is what the interview was about. I share the concern as a Gnostic about the cozying up among the monied elites and spiritual non-duality which is the fave flavor of spirituality among the neoliberal capitalist class/caste. It’s an untenable position; at least to the degree that it’s asserted as metaphysical fact when the truth is that it’s one spiritual philosophy among tens of thousands and ALL OF THEM ARE UNPROVABLE. I have no problem with anyone believing that philosophy, but please get honest in your framing.
Dualism is every bit as possible especially if this is some kind of matrix, prison, or energy farm for controlling entities. If the architect of this matrix is a demiurge then it’s consistent and logical that there exists something beyond this flawed architect and that it is separate from the demiurge and exists independently from it. This isn’t really a new religious idea–it shouldn’t be that controversial from the perspective of religious philosophy. How the atheists feel about it is another matter altogether, but we’ll kindly fuckin’ ignore them in this post! We’re talking God and Gnosticism here, dammit!
So how do we get to the truth of any particular matter here? Honesty! It’s really the only mechanism we have which goes to the first point I made. Getting accurate about assertions helps; being open about what humans can and can’t know helps, too. Sorry, anti-theists, your claims are over-reach although it’s true theists can’t meet the burden of proof for whatever reason (yes, that may mean God doesn’t exist). I’d share the atheist critique of the problems associated with religion especially in regard to the societal question of how humans should run society–NOT BY THEOCRACY!
Secular Humanism, if understood correctly should be the overarching superstructure of civilization and people should be able to believe whatever they want about life, God, and metaphysics as long as their actions don’t break the best laws that humans can enact via the faculties of reason and logic. Sadly, we are nowhere near that possibility today as we live under corporate oligarchy which has purchased the courts and political representatives and they are implementing a type of neo-fascism. The demiurge predicted it would do this in antiquity, btw…
That leaves us with SPIRITUAL ANARCHISM! It’s best practiced via following the intent of The Golden Rule which is not to coerce and exploit others unnecessarily for personal gain and profit. This is Voluntarianism but that also needs to be parsed out and I’m too damn tired to do that tonight.
I would say that in a society premised solely on money as currency there is only one way to do that: a guaranteed minimum income juxtaposed to a new education model tied into a positive view of humans and not the cynical misanthropic view we have now. It’s not the only way but it would cover the most span on this issue. Going back to a non-monetary life with and off the land is another way, but that idea has to be premised on actually having access to affordable land. Not easy under present late-capitalist systems. Education on how to live like that would be needed, too. 
                                    Thanks for the interview! I enjoyed it…

Watch the Gnostic allegory Westworld produced by HBO to get a sense of what I’m going to be talking about here.

Obviously, incompatibilism, if it were true, is as counter-intuitive as anything could be– that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true.

All the latest scientific studies argue favorably for incompatibilism. Read Sam Harris, too, on this issue. And who knew Sam would have so much in common with Islam which for the most part is completely consistent with incompatibilism. And, no, this doesn’t make The Koran true although from the Gnostic perspective it does make it another masterpiece of the demiurge who controls this matrix (see the Anthony Hopkins character in Westworld or The Architect in the Matrix movies); also look into Christian Calvinism which also espoused that free will is illusionary–certainly, from the perspective of both science and religion we can easily agree that it’s not an obvious given that free will exists.

Given that FACT I’m always quite amused (and concerned) when various and sundry spiritualists build complete metaphysical cosmologies upon the foundational assumption of free will. Consider this: almost everything a human does is automatic: breathing, digestion, blood flow, well, this list could be endless so I’ll stop there and you should get the point. AUTOMATIC! Preconditioned responses. It’s this way with all other mammals, too. What isn’t preconditioned by nature is conditioned by culture and no more so than the mass profiled, mass mind controlled superstructure which the archons are building today–our agenda 21 smart grid super cities where humans will merge with machines who in Gnostic mythology are the Greys of modern sci-fi lore.

Why would a designer, if there were one, instantiate the most important aspect of consciousness (according to compatibilists) within an incredible spectrum of determinism? It’s something like hiding the steering wheel of a Tesla in the trunk (please send my deposit, Elon). Not only is it incompatible; it also makes no rational sense, and one certainly wouldn’t make it the lynchpin of eternity unless one was a complete ass-hole! Was the architect in the Matrix an A-hole?

In Buddhism, especially, we see that the idea of the ego as a false construct. According to most Buddhist schools, it’s only upon this realization that one frees oneself from the whims and vices of Samsara and enters the ocean of infinity known as *Nirvana. Please note there is nothing the ego could do to attain this other than to come to the realization that the ego isn’t what the ego tells you it is. A cloud analogy may be useful: at one moment there are clouds and the next moment the clouds are gone and have changed form ( through no will of their own). This may very well be how it is with humans and their metaphysical condition.

Having said that, I’m not a Buddhist per se. I think it extraordinarily problematic to declare universals solely from the experiences within the human mind. I think it far more humble and honest to say that we don’t know when it comes to universals which also can’t be an excuse to declare as truth every manner of absurdity, irrationality, and illogic. We have to honestly search where the evidence leads us and yes, it is also possible that God doesn’t exist, period–and if one can’t contemplate that possibility then I can assure you one is steeped in one’s own ego construction.

NOTE*: please, my Buddhist friends; I’m not looking for a deconstruction of Nirvana here. My understanding is that it’s complete absorption back into the primordial waters of being–or, cessation of one’s personal ego construct.

I was talking to the carpenter at work today about societal control and voilà; I surfed upon the video below, a timely example of it in the Korean music industry. It’s a feedback loop where what humans are and need are dictated by a corporate machine and the stars that front it–you’re told what it is you are by the machine and directed (mind-controlled) into consuming what they sell. This is our state-run future and it is what I predicted 20-years ago: the complete synthesis of capitalism and communism installed by no other than Wall St. corporate thinking itself. The efficiency of the Asian mind creates it’s own unique brand of hell though. To differing degrees, it happened in the west too with the likes of Edward Bernays and the Fabian Society who controlled the western mind via the media and entertainment complex.

In the west, these societies needed to direct people into being servants of the corporate financial machine and it needed to be done covertly and in such a way that no one would be aware that they were being programmed. The collectivism of the far east meant that the archons there could be brazen in their control of populations. Either way, though, the cumulative effect of the programming led to the dehumanization of populations with concomitant toxic competitiveness. All of this social construction via the state was premised on subversive and also overt coercion and exploitation of populations for the benefit of the financial El-ites.

It isn’t any wonder that the internet has generated mass distrust of these political/economic systems as it reveals their machinations on mass. Combine this with the obvious fuckery of JFK and 911 with its unending corporate warfare and it’s no surprise that millions are questioning the legitimacy of government within groups like the flat earth society and various political anarchic organizations. In disrepute also are the academies which were complicit in the mind-control; add in the cynicism of billionaires living decadent lives while screaming that we’re all going to die from pollution! Societal decay and disintegration being the inevitable result of such treachery.

911 brought with it the IDOL format for music and endless reality shows like survivor promoting a skewed vision of Darwinism as a means to justify economic dominance by the controlling El-ite. But the control from Hollywood started long before as that culture was in large part created as a type of mass mind-control–they just refined and doubled-down come to the turn of the century. Nothing new there…

I’ve said for a long time that the inertia combined with the scale and velocity of this 500-year locomotive of capitalism is unstoppable. The best anyone individual can do is try and escape it either by themselves or in small groups. There will be no reform and revolution would be catastrophic because of the scale involved.  It’s truly a clusterfuck!

I’d be hard-pressed to find another spiritual theory that has been promoted and propagandized more than nonduality in the past 30-or so years. I’ve blogged on this issue before and here is the link.

Let’s restate my grievance clearly: nonduality is a religious claim or faith and it’s one religion or faith among thousands and thousands of religious claims and faiths that have circulated civilization over the past 10,000 years.

Could it be true? Yes! But at this point, any reference to this religious assertion has to be framed as metaphysical speculation as any other framing is mired in hubris and dishonesty. And do you really think that that is NOT a problem? Really? You think dishonesty in spiritual discourse is acceptable behavior?

Let’s not deny that dishonest framing is often accompanied by every manner of dubious behavior from the gurus who promote it. This is of no small consequence…

When I shop at the spiritual Integral Whole Foods (oops, Amazon), what religious philosophy is promoted? In the check-out–the magazines; on the billboards, within any groups being advertised, and I’d speculate also in the boardrooms and specifically when management addresses the lowly workers–it’s nonduality all the way to the bank.

And who are the jet set spiritualists flying around the world promoting this religion while surrounded by opulence? Oh, you know who they are and I don’t want to give them energy by naming them. It’s enough that their religion is a blame the victim economics and in this regard, it’s of no small coincidence that the nondual economics of this religion aligns so perfectly well with our billionaire oligarch rulers! Got mansion? Or, Thrive…which has been thoroughly debunked, here.

The western theological tradition has the notion of The Philosopher King who will rule society. It seems like a good idea on the surface but when power gets distilled to money as the metric and means premised on various and sundry unprovable assertions about Casper...well, humanities structures would then look exceedingly similar to neoliberal capitalism with its cozy relationship to spiritual nonduality. I’ve pointed out that this seems more like crap ethics to me and not the paragon of universal spirituality! Yikes! The next thing that will happen is that these religionists will start printing up their own currency! Oops! That’s already happened a few times…The Rothschilds did it in 1917; Nakamoto did it in 2008, and Steemit Zionist Christians did it in 2015. Man, these nondual spiritualists are asleep at the wheel when it comes to currency creation; or, perhaps, they’re just waiting for the mother of all nonduality: the merging of humans with machines in a nondual smart grid!

Dum-dee-dum-dee-tweedle-dee-dum….I smell the wrath of a dualistic Messiah to come!

Which of course is going to lead to a showdown between the other branch of neoliberal capitalism: the long-planned for political Messiah of Israel.

                                Will the real shadyboy please stand up!

Ever wonder where sayings come from?

Consider this post a theological musing and one, I might add, where I’m thankful for secularism which allows me to explore these ideas without being impaled although I’m quite sure these days under secularism are coming to an end and religious inquisition in the form of The Noahide Laws are in our not too distant future. I’ll explain…

*If a man were married to a lyin’ ass’d bitch I would suggest that makes him a cuck or a masochist assuming that he knows she is one and doesn’t do anything about it.

It’s here where we should question flat earth theory, too, as it creates a whole other problem (a humongous one at that) about why God isn’t able to stop ‘the lying ass’d bitches’ when it comes to the greatest lie ever told. Yes, I shall endeavor to unpack this… Sure, I guess god could be a cuck or a masochist but it’s not a very appealing answer to this theological quandary.

In The Lost Books of The Bible, there is The Story of Adam and Eve. And I’ll just note here that the first time I read the Bible in my early twenties I was kind of shocked and annoyed that this incredulous story only had about 12 verses dedicated to it! Think about that: arguably one of the most significant events in universal history and there’s next to nothing to say about it. Thank the Gods I’m an investigator as within 10-years of my first reading it I was able to search out and find these other books.

They tell the story of the complete and utter devastation of these two beings and the 1000-years of torture and turmoil they go through as Satan destroys their life over and over. Now the most significant part of this story as it relates to this blog is that Adam and Eve couldn’t tell the difference between Jesus and Satan until very near the end of these 1000 years. Think about that–I mean really think about it. If these two couldn’t tell the difference over 1000-years then what the hell makes YOU think you can tell the difference, you– a mere 100-year old life spanned mortal? I suggest you can’t and it’s only your ego which would make you think you can.

This now leads us to the idea of the right and left-hand of God. Jesus was known as the right and full of truth and Satan the left and full of deception. One has a male principle and one has a female principle as they play out in this particular duality. This is a type of old monotheism which I consider possible but inadequate as an explanation for this phenomenon. It’s only when we delve into Gnostic thought that any of this starts to make any sense–or, at least to me. So allow me to pursue this further dear reader.

In the Gnostic tradition, the demiurge is considered to be the aforementioned–that is to say, the demiurge exists as Yeshua and Satan enacting a type of simulacrum of the Aeons Kristos and Sophia. If this were true it would be damn near impossible for mortals to distinguish between the GODS as half of them are deceptive. This would make the monotheistic Yeshua also an imposter and it will be this entity which will rule as The Messiah during the reign of The Noahide Laws–laws given to someone who arguably didn’t exist. Do you see the problem? This history woven by the demiurge can’t be anything but false from the Gnostic perspective because the demiurge is a mimicry of reality representing falseness within an incredibly advanced matrix or simulation.

One of the most important aspects of this is that the demiurge might always exist as it may have a ‘right’ to exist because of the way it was brought into being. If this is true then it may very well be that we’ve all been through this before in a type of eternal recurrence. That is to say that this drama unfolds over and over as the demiurge and its archons play out the script of trying to escape from their reality–something that isn’t possible–and it may very well be that this place is destroyed over and over as the archons get close to the technological prowess needed to escape the matrix.

I mentioned that Sophia and Kristos are not able to ‘resolve’ this condition here because of the way this was all brought into being. I don’t necessarily see that that makes them masochistic–certainly not in the same way the demiurge and its archons are who willingly and knowingly misrepresent reality and are inherently deceptive.

Under this Gnostic view, there is a dualistic split between this place and eternal Godhead. That is to say that the true God and reality is far removed from this place and the only association it has here are the workings of the Aeons Kristos and Sophia who are limited in what they can do. I do get that there is also a certain unsatisfactoriness to this speculation, too, but things are what they are here and that can’t change. If we compare this rather bleak Gnostic view to material atheism we would rightly conclude that there is good spiritual news!

This, if it were true, would leave humanity at the mercy of reincarnation templates in which I believe the archons also control and where humans are not bound to the manipulations on these levels of reality. It’s here where humans can free themselves!


NOTE*: this is why I’m a spiritual anarchist.



It’s a cliché that technology is far outpacing our wisdom and ethics and our best spiritual inclinations.

This is a conspiracy post premised on the notion that The Nephilim really exist–just not in the way literal religionists believe. To understand what’s going on here one must grok that the demiurge and its archons control this matrix and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they have copyright over this existence which enables them to pretty well do whatever pleases them. It’s best to view The Book of Revelations and Scripture in general as the predictive programming of the archons.

In practice, historically, this has played out as a divine right to rule via the hybrid bloodlines; control via deceptive and contradictory religions with endless persecutions, pogroms, inquisitions, etc., and in modernity control of the money supply by the El-ites. And just a note that it should be clear to anyone with any spiritual discernment whatsoever that any *anarchic hopes of Bitcoin (circa 2008) being the method to overthrow the present plutocracy have all been dashed (pun intended) as Wall St. buys out the crypto space wherein the likes of Amazon will use the blockchain as a globalist financial control grid–tracking every transaction done by anyone anywhere–this is prophesied in the demiurge religion. It can’t be stopped and is a good argument that these same fiat currency masters created crypto.

The demiurge is limited in its abilities here and that’s why it needs a control grid based on technology; it can know almost everything about you in this way without you knowing anything about the archons who control it; in fact, they deny that they exist–got Keyser Soze? In a sense, it’s the epitome of neuroticism. The result of this situation is that a small group at the top of the pyramid is able to manipulate civilization via its myriad and covert branches. They do this by well-documented institutional structures but are also doing it via mind-manipulating programs documented as MKUltra. How far and wide the reach is anyone’s guess but I speculate that they now work in clusters much like portrayed in the Netflix series,  Sense 8… but, like pretty well everything in Holl-lie-wood, the narrative is inverted. These are The Nephilim and they control us here; but again, to get to the truth of the matter one has to grok Gnosticism–a non-contradictory and *rational spiritual tradition. So we have this group of spiritual elites who are in control here and manipulate the mind of man to their twisted ends.

Economically, they’ve set up a system which serves their ends and it’s correct to portray them as the casino owners who have gamed the system to their advantage. Their present modus operandi in late postmodernity is welfare for the rich! They’ve created economic narratives which align with their agendas which pit human against human in a never-ending game of unnecessary exploitation and coercion. In The Lighted Womb, The Golden Rule is the method of interaction–so it’s no coincidence that these EL-ites have set up systems which break this foundational spiritual truism. They’ve created a false narrative surrounding evolution and use that as justification for Social Darwinism–a very lowly evolved way of thinking and acting but it serves their greater agenda. 

I’ve speculated that the end-game here is the Israeli Messiah who will usher in the worldwide Noahide Laws which will need mass religious consent to be implemented and that’s why we are seeing the return of religion since 911–or, it’s the primary reason we’re seeing the return of religion although there are likely other factors involved in this, too. It’s my opinion, that this will lay the foundation for this charismatic religious leader who will usher in these laws based on someone who never even existed! That is Noah. But I suspect Abraham was the primary source of the hybrid bloodlines and it’s likely he did exist but the why of why Abraham is anyone’s guess.  I should note that the hybrids were created via every cultural group on the earth in antiquity so it’s not strictly a semite phenomenon and there may indeed be a Game of Thrones going on, too!

NOTE*: my primary concern is spiritual anarchy as I don’t believe political anarchy is possible.

NOTE*: for any religious claim to pass truth tests it has to withstand critical analysis by the faculties of reason and logic. Very few religions pass this test as far as I can see. But, I believe Gnosticism is a coherent explanation for why things are the way they are on this earth. I do concede, though, it’s not the only possibility. And, yes, the higher dimensions of reality within the Gnostic worldview are speculative.

1-million words over 2000 pages! The only book of thousands I’ve read on spirituality which claims non-human authorship and written by angels who autograph each chapter. Ahem…

The winter of ’93-’94. The toughest winter of my life to date. I moved back into my apartment on Main St. that I had sub-letted out to friends. Jorge had left the book in one of the rooms. It turns out that Hendrix and Stevie-Ray always traveled with it. I passed it on to an archonic ‘friend’ when I was done with it.

By ’93 I was 14 years into this quest and I’d read thousands of books on the nature of reality. And I guess I’d classify this one as one of the humdingers! I started reading it in November and finished it in March. So, what’s this planet called? You guessed it! URANTIA! Well…most likely not!

We are in one of the seven super-universes called Orvonton–one which travels around the great central universe of origin. And those 2000 pages go into pretty well most everything you can imagine. Anton and Fonta–the first real humans; it describes all the angels which administer life here; The Lucifer rebellion; Adam and Eve; and yes, the man himself! There is so many of him! JESUS! Will the real shady boy please stand up! 

It turns out reincarnation isn’t true! Ahem…

I’m a four with a five wing in The Enneagram so I investigate everything in my own unique way–at least as far as I’m able. Although I’d be throwing darts blindfolded at a South American map as far as finding a vacation spot:D

Anyway, once done with this book beast I had to deconstruct it–so off to the library I went. It turns out Martin Gardner was so impressed with the book that he investigated it, too! Thank the Gods! It turns out it was channeled by Wilfred Kellogg (Cornflakes) over 30 years with the help of a handful of others. See the Road To Wellville for some insight into The Kellogg’s and their Seventh Day Adventism. It turns out that the cosmology espoused therein has many similarities to Adventist doctrine–really no surprise there. A fact on the Adventists so no one can accuse me of bashing them: their diet has made some of the healthiest longest living people in N.A. A diet I’ve practiced for most of my life although not strictly the S.D.A. version specifically.

By the time you get passed a few hundred of these channeled writing one will notice same patterns and the main one is all channeled material is contradictory! The Gods couldn’t be more confused which explains a lot! Ahem…

Look, this is an impressive book by any standard and something humanity should respect and esteem as a work of art and literature…but not much more, in my opinion. Has it helped millions? You bet! But it doesn’t mean this book is true. If God doesn’t exist then it’s one of the greatest religious imaginings in human history.

My opinion today: just another psy-op of our fave cult of 33… That’s my Gnostic perspective on it. There’s so many of them isn’t there Mr. Anderson?