I think we need to first explore who it is that wants it. My view would be that there are three possibilities: God, aliens, or some type of evolutionary Darwinian in-group who have become maladaptive and pathologically problematic–a condition possibly brought on by inbreeding. The Royal families would be the first culprit and the second would be groups like the *Ashkenazi, we should also consider an alliance between various human groups who seek power and total control. I’ve previously mentioned a covert alliance between Jewish billionaires, Jesuits, and Freemasons. For now, I’d only say that I disagree with the view of Jordan Peterson who has distilled 3500 years of the J.Q. down to jealousy of success. A truly bizarre position to hold as well as blatantly dishonest, IMO. Nonetheless, any criteria for assessing today’s conditions would analyze who has the most societal power on the largest scale while also considering time scales-who has had the most influence over time.

We’ll start with God. In my opinion, only an evil God would want total control over its creation. Coincidentally, Christian Gnosticism is one religious narrative that offers a coherent theological explanation for the problem of total control. This is a God who would want total control as it’s not all-knowing and would suffer its own peculiar type of neurosis, a kind that humanity could scarcely begin to understand. And yes, I know how silly this must sound to those secular rational skeptics! Nevertheless, the Archonic structure of the cosmic order within the Gnostic worldview is entirely consistent with the notion of total control. Of course, there are other religious narratives like Zoroastrianism which could explain this, but I’ll leave it to those religionists to write their own blogs on why their God would want Total Control. I’ll get into one aspect along this train of thought in a bit and that is the lore of The Nephilim.

An extra-terrestrial entity, if it were involved in the affairs of men, could want total control especially if it was instrumental in the creation or manipulation of modern humans. Most ancient cultures share creation myths which state that the Gods came from the sky and are responsible for the creation of modern man– ‘And the Elohim created Man in its image!’ The lore of The Grey aliens, also, shouldn’t be dismissed altogether, who as A.I. do seek to enslave the human spirit via a new type of artificial intelligence. Not to mention the ubiquitous serpent symbolism which exists worldwide. This is the merging of organic humanity with machines–the dream of the Technocrats! Are they more than they seem? Was the internet a phenomenon of chance or a means to an end? And what about crypto? A ledger which is all too capable of creating the largest bureaucratic tracking system in the known universe.

The human suspect on this issue would be the Royal families with the most prominent being the bloodlines of The Pharaohs which, as far as I know, flowed into The Roman Caesars and eventually into the Kings and Queens of Europe, and to our ruling elites today. I would suggest that we shouldn’t dismiss Chinese Royal bloodlines as their culture is one of the few unbroken civilizations within human history-a culture that spans around 5000 years. Is it mere coincidence that the Chinese are on the cusp of economic world domination today? Remember the serpent symbolism? Is it possible that HBO’s Game of Thrones is telling us something about the Royals?

This has been three possible who’s of Total Control and I’ll get into the how in upcoming posts. How have they been able to manipulate total control of the earth?

Primarily in three areas: genetics, religion, and world finance, and by controlling education, media, and food production.

Coincidentally, I came across this timely post by a blogger called Perceptualflaws and I’ll link it here.

NOTE: *Ashkenazi, what I’m exploring is group influence especially as it may relate to societal pathology. Common sense dictates that there a good and bad within every group.

I’ll start this one by conceding that, yes, academia has been good at bringing us toilets and electricity with all its concomitant gadgets. I’ve no quarrel with that, but I have a list of grievances that I’ll post in point form below.

-my main point of contention is academia’s acceptance of predatory capitalism as rational. There is nothing rational about humanity acting like animals when it comes to economics; in fact, it’s a lowly evolved limbic system mode of operation. I’ve blogged on that here and here.

-academia’s dismissal of ALL spiritual hypothesis. I get that scientists wanted to be the new priest’s of modernity and they’ve certainly achieved that status technically but have failed miserably when it comes to ethics, IMO. There should have been alternatives to religious studies that focused more on empirical testing of spiritual claims and classes on alternative spiritual theories. It’s not entirely impossible that that is where the truth of existence is to be found anyway; so why would one want to close the door within that field of inquiry?

-the turning of education over to neoliberal corporate entities whose mode of operation are in fact fascistic in nature.

-the creation of debt slavery to get an education which is immoral and reprehensible by any reasonable standard but is coincidentally consistent with corporate fascism. I don’t believe in coincidence.

-the nearly complete omission of study on the pathology of fiat currencies and fractional reserve lending with their concomitant inflationary mechanisms; inflation that is unsustainable. The omission of a critique of the new way of creating currency via debt induced loans which are also creating massive inflation bubbles. The near-complete non-existence of an alternative theory of sustainable economics which factor in current conditions of scale and population juxtaposed to ecological intelligence.

-the near worldwide non-existence (as far as I can tell) of a campus that is technologically green and non-polluting in every way from toilets to lighting to transportation and food production. An ecological test campus if you will. Does it exist? No, I don’t think so…why not?

Okay, then, that’s about all but that is far too much as it is!


Our Archonic manipulators have been incredibly successful in creating distractions, false dichotomies, and dishonest arguments throughout the past few hundred years in attempts to control humanity via the financial and religious systems they set up. This endless arguing over religion and evolution couldn’t be missing the point more! And yes, I’ll explain that statement below. But these fake debates also come loaded within a casino full of bread and circuses…Perhaps this myopic focus on entertainment while aboard the Titanic isn’t the best way to get off a sinking ship, but that’s another post.

What the hell am I talking about? Well, I shall try and explain:) You see, if we start with an exegesis of western theism and its scriptures we would come to understand that Darwinism IS the fallen condition! That it is not good! That there is a real problem when life has to feed off life to survive! Western theism shouldn’t have normalized this. I should think this would be indisputable from a theistic perspective but it’s something that the controlling elite was able to near totally omit from their manipulations of society in recent history; in fact, they have been able to engineer the fallen state as normal and healthy when it comes to how to run a society. I call this a type of Voodoo or Shamanism; indeed it’s very strange that they could convince the religious masses that this lowly evolved and ‘fallen’ state was the best that humanity could do when it comes to running a civilization! I should note that they were not able to convince every western theist to operate like this: The Amish are one example of a group who resisted this Voodoo, or what might also be called Technological Shamanism! And of course, I’m especially talking about natural selection being transferred into the field of economic thinking. I believe, especially from the tradition of western theism, that this shouldn’t have happened and wasn’t inevitable, that it was deliberate and conscious manipulation by the controlling archons. It should be noted that this manipulation is leading to dire ecological consequences for the planet; that, and quite possibly humanities imprisonment within  Technocratic mega-city-states wherein every thought and action of humanity will be controlled by these archonic elites.

I should touch on Hinduism and Buddhism here for a moment. Although theologically and cosmically different they do both, however, share the same basic idea although in a different way. They both teach that the material universe is some kind of lesser manifestation from the apex of reality (if I may phrase it like that) and that the natural condition here is not something to blindly embrace. The point being that most of Hindu and Buddhist people have accepted the machination of the archons and embraced Social Economic Darwinism when there is no good theological reason for them to do so.

I have to once again unpack the true meaning of religions Golden Rule to make sense of this and to better argue for my position on these matters. The Golden Rule of all spiritual teaching should always have been premised on one basic idea, an idea that transcends our fallen condition: that humanity does not unnecessarily exploit other humans or other life forms via coercion (especially by force) so as to attain personal gain and profit. This is the very thing that these technological shamanists have convinced traditional religionists to ignore, dismiss, and break ideological covenant with (again if I can frame it like that).

Is there any way back from this disastrous condition? No, I doubt there is and that these ‘drunkin’ engineers’ are driving this economic casino locomotive straight into oblivion!  Why? Most of these controlling archons are denying that their policies are doing ecological damage; the ones who are aware of the damage being done think they can control it via technological city-states, either way, the core issues are being denied and dismissed. It does beg the question of who these controlling elite are and why they’re manipulating humanity in the way they are. As for oblivion? The Hebrew word for create in the Bible means recreated and it could very well be that we are living in a re-creation! A re-creation that has happened many times over in the ancient past…

I’ll be exploring this idea of recurrence as well as total control in 2018.

Apparently, in antiquity there were no words in any alphabet or language that would help God teach humanity about the shape of the earth; certainly, no words existed which would teach us in an unequivocal way so there could be no room for possible argument or interpretation! This is a FACT given the incredibly depressing ongoing argument about the shape of the earth in 2018, not to mention centuries of dispute about the shape of the earth throughout the past few millennia. It’s hard to fathom how the concepts of marble and pancake would be so incredibly difficult for an all-knowing God to explain, and I mean explain so there would be no possible room for misunderstanding flat or round at anywhere or anytime!

I would like to offer up some help to God! You see, God, round is spherical like a ball, and flat is like a pancake–these two objects should be able to show any human the conceptual difference between round and flat regardless of tribe or time circumstance! It’s hard for me to fathom that there were no words in antiquity that could teach humans the difference as far as these two concepts go, but that appears to be the case! It’s a fact that round things and flat things existed in antiquity so humans must have been able to conceptualize the difference; if a human held a rock in one hand 3000 years ago and a leaf in the other I’m sure there would have been a clear and unequivocal difference to the human holding these two objects and that words may have developed to explain the difference! But, apparently, this was too much to ask for!

I wonder if we could do an experiment and see if we can get a parent with about 120 IQ to see if they can explain the conceptual difference between flat and round to their five-year-olds. My money would be on the parent being able to explain the difference; and rather easily, which of course begs the question of why an adult human with limited 120 IQ can teach five-year-old children these concepts but an all-knowing God can’t teach adult humans about these two concepts in a way that would be unequivocal with absolutely no way to argue about this in any time or place.

Clearly, this should have been a no-brainer if any God of traditional religion existed! What can we deduce from this? The God of traditional religion doesn’t exist! Now interestingly enough, from a Gnostic perspective, this condition of absolute confusion on such a simple issue spanning millennia is evidence enough of a deceptive God existing! And to boot this God from the Gnostic perspective is responsible for the life eating life brutal existential condition that humanity finds itself in. Coincidentally, this organic condition has now been transferred into the field of human economics! Now if this were true and the demiurge had archons which policed this place then the mode of operation for the archons would be BULLSHIT! Non-stop endless contradictory BULLSHIT about pretty well everything! And this so humanity would be in a constant state of confusion and conflict! And lo and behold, guess what? That is the condition we find ourselves in on this planet! Oops, PLANE! Oops, no one bloody well knows! And that’s just fine with the demiurge!

Of course, it does beg the question of who created the demiurge and why doesn’t that God clear up the confusion? Well, from what I can tell the true God either wants nothing to do with this cursed creation or the confusion surrounding these issues isn’t of much concern to it. I kind of waiver on this one. If Kristos was the Gnostic Aeon coming to confront an irredeemable physical dimension then it wouldn’t have been his concern–how to get out of this prison would have been what he taught. If Kristos and Sophia are able to salvage this corrupted universe then I suspect they would have avenues of dealing with this confusion; although so far this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Okay, okay, modern science has answered this question definitely and religion is just for retards! Well, sure, but science hasn’t been able to solve our most brutal existential dilemmas and I have many personal doubts that it will be able to do so.

That’s all for now while I muse on TOTAL CONTROL! Who wanted it and why?