This link explores scientific research into new theories of mind. I’ll first start off by mentioning that this field of inquiry is laden with capitalist moneymaking New-Age woo-woo which generally asserts every manner of ridiculousness as fact. I’ll endeavor not to go there.

We should be aware that modernity has reduced the mind to brain functioning and that this reduction has also been transferred into politics and economics with more or less disastrous results, IMO… It’s no mere coincidence that the Doomsday Clock inched a minute closer to disaster this week and that not so long after the advent of leftist Marxist Dialectical Materialism or the rights Social Darwinist Capitalist Corporatocracy which reduced humanity to nothing more than objects of exploitation for the capitalist machine.

We really need to take a step back and reconsider whether materialism is in fact reality. I suggest that it’s not; but again, this shouldn’t open the door to every manner of spiritual dogmatism. What’s interesting to me about this research is that it aligns with my own idiosyncratic spiritual views which have its roots in entheogen theory and panpsychism along with speculating a multidimensional universe with mechanisms involving processes such as involution and Bohms Implicate order ( how mind has possibly functioned through the eons).

I would speculate one step further though and suggest that universal mind doesn’t interact only with the brain, but also; in some unknown way, interacts with the gut and also via nano intelligence throughout the whole body. If this were true it would be the beginnings of a coherent view of subtle energies and how they may also interact with consciousness and universal mind. Dr. Meijer’s work aligns with my intuition that the fourth dimension is not time but rather an information field and that there exists a mind void or chasm which he refers to as an event horizon of a black hole. I would speculate that this is the Buddhist void and emptiness and I’ve speculated for many years that this is not the end all and be all of mind, but in fact a boundary or delineation of mind within the cosmic mindfield.

It would be true that I personally, via metaphysical speculation, and personal spiritual hypothesis weave this into a traditional Gnostic philosophy which asserts some kind of mind Matrix. I don’t deny that, but my Gnostic leanings are always framed within agnosticism and are not dogmatic assertions about reality. These leanings are also derived from careful consideration over a lifetime of The Jewish Question and whether this phenomenon is random chance. I also seek a coherent view of this phenomenon and find Gnosticism to be more reasonable than most other religious assertions on this particular issue–albeit there are materialist attempts at explaining it and I don’t outright dismiss this either–but they don’t align with the overall spiritual theme of my assessments.

If this ends up being true then we may be living in some kind of holographic projection and there may be a computer like dimension where memory could be stored. This theory not only points to a coherent interpretation of mythological religion but could also in the future be the answer to the problems which plague micro and macro theories within science.

Haha, and just for fun: it could be possible if these dimensions exist that some of them are populated!

I’ll start off this series of posts by saying that if the Gods, for whatever reason, refuse to give an outward sign of their existence, then the only way to run a society is via a healthy secular order based on the rule of law and honest intelligent reasonable justice. Not the abortion we have today which is fake secularism and fake religion and fake media empires serving the agenda of the billionaire class: this is The Cabal(A) that rules the earth today.  It should be noted that the only empirical evidence of spiritual claims over 10,000 years is the mild efficacy of yoga and meditation, and no–another documentary would prove nothing!

This post will explore the who of who brought us to this current sad and pathetic societal state of phoniness and fakeness pretty much all based on various forms of duplicity.

Please watch this video on the Arcanum so you can adjust yourself to the context of this post. It’s well worth the time to view. Jewish mysticism gone wild! I’ll start by stating where I’m in agreement. I believe subtle energies are real and that they are something, although that something has in no way been verified by scientific knowledge; and because of this fact, we should tread very carefully with our speculations within this field of inquiry. I agree that as a spiritual hypothesis the idea of the one Monad dividing into a male/female duality is a coherent version of the tripartite idea. I believe that treating sexual union as spiritual and wholly can be a very good thing although even there-there are no guarantees of a lasting relationship. I agree that sex could be an avenue towards awakening higher spiritual potentials such as empathy and equanimity. And that’s about as good as it gets in this post! What shouldn’t be allowed to happen? To have this Cabal(A) control civilization via its religious and lowly evolved financial economic casino model all framed within dubious and unproven spiritual metaphysics. It should be noted that this documentary argues for my assertion that this Cabal is coordinated by an alignment of Jewish, Jesuit, Freemason, Saudi, and various other religious actors.

The first major contention and disagreement with the God claim in this documentary is the claim of ecumenicalism. To my thinking, this condition is analogous to battered wife syndrome! If this great love made it so the only way it could play out in our dimensions is within the brutal murderous killing fields of historic religion then that husband (God) can very well be likened to a husband that beats his wife! Is this really a grand theatre of love or a grand theatre of brutal murderous deception? I would argue based on all the evidence that the latter is the case. Let’s not dismiss the fact that religion couldn’t be more contradictory with its claims as evidenced when comparing traditions like Mahayana Buddhism to exoteric literal Roman Catholicism. Not to mention the contradictions of its main actors: Gabriel lying and contradicting himself to Mary, the supposed mother of Jesus and then lying to Mohamed. Dude, that is one confused angel!

Cabala is science? BULL-SHIT! Please link all the journal citations where scientists have studied and verified empirically the claims of this mysticism! Oh, that’s right, there aren’t any! Yet, through the most amazing sleight of hand in human history the people who believe this nonsense have taken control of civilization! The Cabal(A) who control most all religion and finance (not to mention Hollywood and the media). Abusive archons to a battered and bruised humanity, IMO.

GNOSIS? Spiritual gnosis is hermeneutic! Period…And anyone claiming anything else is lying and practicing duplicity! This documentary isn’t offering up speculation; it’s propaganda asserting one spiritual view as fact. There are alternative versions of spiritual Gnosis and one of them states that this Yahweh is a poser entity. The murderous and bloody record of its behavior throughout history is evidence enough of this assertion, IMO.

SEX: if I were to create a condition for my children wherein I made the best part of their experience the most pleasurable part and have scientific study prove without a doubt the healthy efficacy of said experience and then turn around and tell my children, NOPE, don’t do this and also ask them to deny all empirical studies; then, man, I tell ya,  I am some whack-job parent! (No pun intended). Now, in saying this, I am in no way denying the possible efficacy of a select few Tantric traditions but I’d be highly skeptical today of the claims being sold within spiritual cabalistic neoliberal capitalism on this issue (Cabal(A) spirituality). I don’t even know where to begin with the spiritual sex aspect of this video! So Adam and Eve are symbolic but had spiritual sex in another dimension wherein it is said there is no need for sex! Damn! Now I’m more confused than ever! Immaculate conception? It’s funny how the Gods refuse to offer any empirical evidence of this yet insist on complete control of civilization premised on these dubious speculations.

YIKES! Here’s the rub: Jewish mysticism has always wanted complete control of these dimensions via its political Messiah proclivities… This aim, goal, and endgame has always been a part of this tradition and modernity has in no way lessened this desire. All the various machinations of the Cabal(A) today are setting up the conditions for world rule via the Messiah ruling the nations with an Iron Rod–he will do this via the implementation of the Noahide Laws, IMO ( which are, coincidentally, congruent with the claims made by this Cabal in this doc.)….And all this based on invisible allegories as there is next to zero evidence of Noah or any of the other stories in this tradition being real or historically accurate.

There has been much vexation and gnashing of teeth lately that science has also been a deception: Flat Earth theory, the claim that archeology has hidden the truth of giants, etc.. I think it’s true that capitalism can and has corrupted some fields within the domains of science but I highly doubt that the methods of science itself can be called into dispute or that the faculties of reason and logic can be over-ridden by unproven esoteric claims. Please note that the claims in dispute all aim at arguing for the truth of Jewish mythology. At any rate, I’d say, all things being corrupt as they are here, that it’s this Cabal that is doing the deceiving on these issues!

As a Gnostic, I offer up a different view of all these shenanigans and that is that some aspect of reality has been obscured, but we don’t really know what that is. It could very well be that this Cabal(A) wiped out the information as to any alternative explanation for what humanity is experiencing on this planet. I’d also mention that in 2018 an Extraterrestrial hypothesis makes more rational sense of this mess than a solely spiritual one, although personally, I believe humanity is dealing with both. But I’m an Agnostic Gnostic and can only speak the truth via speculation without the desire to control others or exploit and coerce them by force to live under my corrupt systems of finance.  Something the Cabal(A)ists are quite lousy at–they seem to love forced coercion and unnecessary exploitation! Any sensible person should reject their corrupt modus operandi!

In the coming few posts I’ll tackle how they took total control of civilization.

Okay, there is no fcukin’ way I should be attempting to sing this! I doubt that even the scotch would help! Maybe Frank would have liked some of my guitar playing?

Imagine you’re flat! Completely and absolutely flat! And not only that, everyone one you know is flat and everything that you exist in is flat! I think it might be fair to say you live in Flatland! Now imagine that there were rumors of this substance called Tallomite and if you ingest it you would quite shortly after experience something extraordinary: tallness! Imagine that, eh? Now, the most important part of this to understand is that you wouldn’t become tall via ingesting Tallomite, but you would for a brief moment experience some myth known as tallness!

One of the other most important aspects of Tallomite is that it didn’t really prove anything about tallness and moreover there were those in Flatland who thought the idea ridiculous and did everything possible to ridicule the very idea of tallness! They went as far as banning the use and production of Tallomite and making its use illegal; the worst of the haters intentionally created ridiculous stories about tallness that made absolutely no sense but they enforced these fairy tales by force and law. They spread stories that one day when your flat little life ended you would be magically taken to Tallville! They repeated these falsenesses over and over for millennia and brainwashed their young about magical tales of tallness; of course, none of it was true and all of it manipulating perception so they could hide the truth about the very real experiences with being tall by the use of Tallomite!

The most extraordinary and difficult part about Tallomite is that Tallness was a very real place! Although invisible its existence is completely intertwined with Flatland and the kicker about Tallville is that the place was populated by very real tall people! These tall folks preceded Flatland and a rare few of them are able to access Flatland via various mechanisms. The liars and manipulators within Flatland had occasionally run into these tall folk over the millennia and because the elite Flatlanders felt their control was threatened they did everything possible to deny and ridicule the few tall folk who came to Flatland to talk about tallness! The controllers divided themselves into two groups: the ones who told fairy tales and a group that insisted by every means that tallness was impossible! These two groups were very cunning, indeed! But here’s what they never understood: Tallness was inevitable! 

It was known though that the best most likely way to experience tallness was to have free societies where all the fake and false Tallness stories were kept to a minimum. However, there were those who didn’t want this so they ended up creating scenarios in Flatland that turned the Flatlanders into prisoners and these manipulators doubled down with their false fairytale myths about Tallville! It was not a good situation as most of the Flatlanders could only choose between fairytales or the untruth of eternal flatness!

Another of the most incredible things about Flatland was that it was very much affected by 1-dimensional entities who were also quite real and were in collusion with the elite Flatlanders! These 1-dimensional entities also preceded Flatland and in fact very much owned the parameters of the Flatland experience. Their main message to Flatlanders is that there is no Tallness and there will never be hope whatsoever of ever being tall!


Life eats life to survive! This is the sad fact of existence. What got us here seems to be blind chance and non-intelligent impersonal evolutionary processes. Please note that from this materialist non-theistic perspective that a Dog Eat Dog universe was brought into existence by non-thinking processes! 

I won’t spend much time on the possibility that this bizarre universal condition was brought into existence by thinking consciousness. I’ll only say that it would seem to me, if this were true, that the mind who created a universe could hardly be called good in juxtaposition to a condition of life eating life to survive. In fact, this would be the position of the Christian Gnostic perspective–that this universal condition (it may be local) is not good!

Be that as it may, what we will consider in this post is if a financial system predicated on the same (unthinking) processes could be called intelligent? I would argue, no! If we got to Dog Eat Dog by unthinking processes and have created a worldwide financial system upon Dog Eat Dog processes then it could hardly be called different or in any way more developed or evolved than blind chance unthinking Dog Eat Dog!

What’s unique about our condition here is that there has developed such a thing as a Top Dog! And that this Top Dog wants to treat everyone else as his bitches! This again is hardly a thinking sustainable model of existence let alone any way to run a civilization! Please remember that Top Dog is simply an extension of blind chance mechanisms and at its roots, it functions on the same blind process of dog eating dog to survive.

It may be worth considering that these blind chance processes seem to continually wipe out various forms of life in a type of brutal hammering of the living conditions on this planet and that maybe it might be time to consciously reconsider such a mode of operation. I would argue that in recent history there were developmental processes of logic and reason within the human mind and that for the first time in human history the universe could actually contemplate this Dog Eat Dog condition!

Now, this should have been remarkable but it hasn’t turned out that way as the financial system which was implemented within modernity via The Age of Reason was predicated on the lowly evolved non-thinking Dog Eat Dog ethos! This goes by different names but would most accurately be described as Social Darwinism implemented via various predatory financial mechanisms, and the point is that it’s a misnomer to call this mode highly developed as it’s clearly an extension of a blind unthinking template. At the very least, it could hardly be argued that the present situation within civilization is in anyway much of an advancement in spite of concomitant technical achievements.

In fact, there are thinking beings within this civilization who are pointing out and arguing that this present mode of doing business is about to collapse in on itself as well as cause unpredictable and costly damage to the earth’s life systems and that  it’s not exactly blind chance doing it this time–it’s us, supposedly rational thinking beings! I would argue, NOT!

Is there any way out of this present predicament? Probably not! Mainly for two reasons: the present engineers of this system can be likened to drunks steering a locomotive fully loaded at top speed and the train is running out of track…Not good! The second reason goes to a misdia- (gnosis) of the present condition on this planet. On that issue, this post will only deal with one aspect that any alternative explanation for the Dog Eat Dog condition we find ourselves in and that is it has to align and cannot contradict the processes of logic and reason as far as explaining our present predicament.

Here is a list of mythical age religion which contradicts the processes of logic and reason and in fact continued and embedded the ongoing lowly evolved lizard limbic system predatory mindset of a universe driven by chance and necessity.

-the Chosen People doctrine (Top Dog).

-accepting Jesus as one’s personal Savior (Top Dog).

-surrendering to Mohammedan religion (Top Dog).

-setting up caste systems based on a myth (Top Dog).

So we see that a return to irrational and illogical religion is the last place we are going to find solutions to our current predicaments. It does beg the question as to whether there is such a thing as rational and logical spiritual narratives? Yes, there are a few and the one I subscribe to is Christian Gnosticism–it’s a narrative which not only explains the J.Q. (The Jewish Question) but could also explain the A.Q. (The Alien Question)…

And I’ll be exploring these issues in coming weeks.
















Who wants it and why? I’ll start by saying I’m sympathetic to the Darwinian view of ethnic-nationalist arguments. It’s a fact that immigration and cultural Marxism will make whites minorities in their home countries by the end of this century. I should mention that humanity has far larger problems than this facing them in the coming century and I write a lot on those issues, but in this post, I’m addressing ethnonationalism. The two other primary critiques and concerns are the related issues of mixing differing I.Q. populations and the consequences of doing this within the social welfare state. They are reasonably valid concerns, IMO.

It’s the political left that most wanted and benefitted from the Marxist Multicultural experiment. California is the primary example of this as it’s near impossible for any right-leaning candidate to get elected there. Liberalism in places like Canada has also made immigration a core focus as the vast majority of immigrants vote for the Liberal establishment–it’s a self-reinforcing circle jerk!

The economics of fiat currency is playing a huge role here. This models template is patterned on unlimited growth and unlimited exploitation and it will and is consuming everything and everyone within its insatiable lusts–it’s also a completely amoral economic system in that the economic model has no moral considerations.

The corporate beast which needs endless consumers to satisfy its profit motives and this beast has no concern about who consumes its products and where they are from. It should be noted, from the perspective of www.andrewmarkmusic.com, that these groups responsible for this particular condition are the same as what I call The Unholy Trinity.

Well, that was the easy part–now it gets controversial because I have to say the one word no one can talk about–Jew. Zionism was Jewish reaction to modernity–the atheists within this movement shifted from Messianic religious themes within Judaism to protection of Jewish interest within a modern secular ethnic-nationalist nation-state; and this is exactly what they accomplished, and if it had ended there it might not have been so bad, but Israeli machination reaches much further than the borders of Israel.

We’ll first deal with the leftist Marxist influence. This basically brought Marxism without the good parts to all western nations. Its influence has overtaken academic institutions and cemented leftist positions within the general population. Most of the positions surrounding this worldview are atheistic and left on the political spectrum and at their worst incite violent reactionist behavior; it’s of no small consequence that Marxist thought, in general, in the past 100 years is a violent genocidal killing field with 100’s of millions left dead in its wake.

We’ll now have to get controversial! Revenge! Raw tribal revenge! Understandable but lowly evolved nevertheless! And who is this revenge targeted towards? Christendom (and Islam).This covert war has co-opted Christian thought by first creating Christian Zionism whose sole purpose these days seems to be the killing of Muslims for Israel. Nevermind that their very own books say that Jehovah has a covenant with the house of Ismael

So we have the dismantling of every Christian moral so that morality, in general, ends of reflecting Jewish moral concerns. The Century of The Self, by Adam Curtis is one documentary that explores how Zionists on Wall St. reworked morality to suit their particular ends. Now, to be sure, wealthy Christian’s were every bit as culpable in making this happen as they are today–so this issue isn’t entirely Jewish. I maintain that there is a Cabal association of rich Jewish interests aligned with the interest of Jesuits aligned with the interests of Freemasons which explains far more than scapegoating one particular tribe. It should be noted that one particular branch of this Cabal–The Tavistock Institute–was responsible for reworking western civilization via various 1960’s manipulations. It was the Central Banking Casino Economic model that benefitted most from this reshaping of society.

Which leads us to religion, spirituality, and the nature of reality. Let’s not fool ourselves–Jewish Messianic fervor is as relevant as its ever been. Within this view is the idea that the Jewish Messiah will rule the nations with an Iron Rod–are you starting to see the picture? Nevermind that Leviticus councils you to eat your children as punishment for crime or to kill pigeons as atonement for masturbation! No, no, no, we shall have Jehovah and Yeshua nevertheless! I will link the Noahide Laws as a reference for what humanity has to look forward to thanks to this religious alliance of wealthy Jews, Jesuits, and Freemasons! This is also tightly woven with the notion of Tikkun Olam whose primary goal is to correct humanity but the foundational premise is that the Jews have a right to do this.

So, one can see why the tides of ethnonationalism are rising! One can also see that the whole situation is a convoluted mess which really quite resembles differing factions of conflicting thought within a meme of what might be considered the Jewish mind. As a Christian Gnostic, I see much of this as a type of insanity and I’m only ‘witnessing’ these happenings and events ( and documenting them in my own idiosyncratic way). My religious view of these events sees non-human highly intelligent actors as being the core drivers of all these events and that any humans involved in these machinations are more or less victims of archonic deceit.

I’ll finish up with some wild speculation on the how of reimplementing the ethnic-nationalist worldview. I’ll start by saying it may not be as difficult as one might imagine as it’s primarily only White Christian nations that have been targeted for open borders by all the previously mentioned bad actors; this leaves the overwhelming majority of nations on earth today as ethnically homogenous. Which begs the question of how the actors involved in the coming Jewish Messiah will enact; once again, a worldwide ethnonational earth? Well, we have DNA capabilities now! Trump back to Germany! The Windsor’s back to Germany! Sadiq Kahn back to India! The Lucky Charms Leprechaun back to Ireland!  What the hell! This is what I propose to help bring this cosmic drama to an end: let’s use the year 1666 as a reference and test every human for DNA ancestry and then pass laws to send everyone back to where their lineages were in 1666! I should think aboriginal people might quite like my idea! I know, my genius is unqualifiable:D

Anyway, I’m not above having a wee bit of fun when it comes to what I consider insane behavior. I’ll finish by pointing out that the machinations of crazy people can still come to pass even in a Godless materialist universe. I’ve recently suggested that sane adults call a TIMEOUT when their children are OUT OF CONTROL! My Golden Rule Global Commons Civilization offers such a timeout!

But also within that crazy book called the Bible is one exceedingly good idea in complete alignment with The Golden Rule as I understand it: THE JUBILEE!