” when justice goes blind; the truth gets left behind”

There is a big kerfuffle in Manitoba today about politically correct language and civility and what I would call tone as related to rhetoric. Here is the truth and fact of the matter: within 100 years it may very well be that any humans left on the planet will not only be night hunting for basic survival but hunting 24/7 just to stay alive! Now how did this happen? Misplaced priorities! The political class dismissed the idea that they have allowed the mafia to set up every type of corrupt finance within our societies over the last 100 years–see many of my blog posts on this issue.  The political class and academics involved in this kerfuffle espouse political correctness on what really are ‘secondary’ issues while concomitantly dismissing notions of economic justice(a primary issue). And secondly, the political class was wholly blind to taking seriously the necessity of having society focus on creating a clean energy source to scale the present civilization; in this regard, the political class reverted to magical thinking in that they just assumed ‘progress’ would magically offer up the solution one day! History will prove these two errors as unimaginably fatal!

Another point here: the actors involved in this kerfuffle, generally speaking, come from the same demographic which colonized indigenous people over the last 500 years; they then seem to think the best way to deal with this injustice is via politically correct rhetoric! I would argue the best way to deal with injustice on these issues is to start with primary needs which are always economic in our society today. Instead of going on about political correctness correct the financial condition of first nations people ( but this needs to be done in concert with correcting financial injustice of all people) Also, end the mafia mentality which led to these crimes in the first place!

Why is this happening? Well, we know we are now ruled by a duopoly which is rule by an elite via the left and right binary within the political sphere. Given that, here is some reasonable speculation: these are all staged events by the duopoly ( in this case a conservative politician working with the left academies) implemented to distract people from the Plutocrats agendas ( the Rothschild/Roosevelt dynasties criminal money and oil) of monetary and energy control…..

Okay, this was a weird post and I get that but the point of it was to illuminate the two most important issues of our time which are not being talked about i.e. how money itself is created and distributed and the end of a finite resource–oil, and the devastating consequences of these issues. So, yes, you have long been distracted from these primary issues and that is no random accident!

“I won!”

Okay, so you are one of the winners in this corporate neoliberal hijacking of civilization which is mobster rule via casino economics! Congratulations! How did you win? Via the corrupt speculation on housing? Oh, you won big time in one of the largest manipulations of populations in human history when it comes to unmerited wealth! Or, you makes obscene amounts of money in the sports and entertainment complex! Now, why do you think that is? No chance you were hired by the mobsters to sell their corrupt system? And we won’t mention how this has created a culture of narcissism where you honestly believe you are better than the 80% of people on this planet who see through these corrupt financial machinations! Technically, this is called delusion! Or, maybe you gamble and won on the corrupt stock market system wherein corporations buy your consent to rape and pillage the earth via shares in their toxic empires? Or, maybe you did just win the lottery or won in the casino! Good for you! Or, perhaps, you won via inheritance, crony capitalism, nepotism or one of the many ways people make unmerited wealth via these types of corrupt practices? Or, perhaps you won in the new politics? The one implemented wherein politicians pass laws solely for their benefit and the benefit of those who bought their allegiance.

One thing is for sure, though, today–if you try to make an honest living you will be marginalized, poor, and victimized by financial predators.

Good job! NOT! And it’s a damn shame there is no god willing to step up to the plate and fire you! So now all we have is a long slow doom heading our way thanks to your complicity with these mobsters!

‘Whoa to you ye fucking hypocrites’

Here it is: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/01/24/nasa-climate-change_n_14365020.html

Look, it’s been around 75 years since the first industry insiders warned us about this issue. Anyone who takes this issue seriously gets it by now! It is not what is needed from the scientific community. Do you know what is NEEDED, though? A FUCKING clean energy source to scale the present civilization! And until the scientists can come up with that they may as well shut the fuck up already! Talk about massively misplaced priorities! And while I’m at it I might as well take a shot at Elon Musk; both Musk and NASA are wasting enormous amounts of time and money on the pipe dream of space travel when all that time and money should be going to solve the energy crisis on the only planet we know supports life! And don’t get me on the liberal intelligentsia in Hollywood! DiCaprio,’ yeah, once in a while I think about my pollution footprint!’ Morons! Fucking morons! And god forbid one ask any of these actors to practice what they preach; those actors being scientists and business entrepreneurs, too. And don’t get me on false fuckin’ religion which cried doom wolf for millennia and now that there is a serious natural threat to existence no one will take it seriously! Moreover, you simply cannot ask people to give up their livelihoods unless you have at least as reasonably good an offer to replace said livelihood  with; and do you really think the industry elite are just gonna stop using their product after 150 years cause scientist say,’ danger Will Robinson?’

Bad, bad, bad! But material spiritualism is good, good, good! Do you know what the difference is? I shall try to flesh this out. The neoliberal department of spiritual propaganda has instituted spiritual materialism throughout every culture they have their tentacles in. In general, these sects and cults instituted by these propagandists offer up traditional mythologies as spiritual fact and they are always wrapped up in capitalist dogma. This is severe manipulation of populations!

Now material spiritualism in distinction understands religion is a myth and that god, as understood in mythology, is false. But what it does do and add is the understanding that spirituality is a foundational value of human experience and it seeks to integrate healthy spiritual values into the modern societal sphere. There is no New-age woo-woo here; no false religious claims, just the understanding that spirituality can and should be a healthy part of the human experience. I think Sam Harris* has this understanding; I think Wilber, did, to a degree, too, but he blew it when insisting his preferred spiritual path was the absolute path to truth. He also misrepresents science. I think Jordan Peterson might fall into this group, too.

So, empathy, equanimity, compassion, loving-kindness, humility, long-suffering, patience, etc., these are all the best qualities of our religious mythologies and it’s these that humanity dismisses at its peril.

As for me: I sit somewhere in this spectrum: agnostic theism to material spiritualist. I think these are valid positions in 2016. I think gnostic atheism and gnostic theism are overreaches.

I think politically and economically these ideas are in desperate need of being embraced. These would be Golden Rule type economies and politics; or, Human Decency politics and economics; or, what I am calling The New Earth Commons Economy. All based on spiritual values which don’t unnecessarily exploit or coerce people, animals, and resources.

NOTE* When it comes to 911 Mr. Harris is either our right lying practicing a code of silence or he’s being woefully ignorant. Some of the strongest buildings ever made do not turn to dust in 10 seconds! But by no means was Israel in this alone! Neocons and Saudi’s were also involved…..

To the woman, he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor, you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

That’s mean ole Jehovah speaking, ladies! But ya know, I hope y’all are great lovers of irony as you were out protesting against the main lobbyist’s for how you gained your freedom in modernity; that is the fossil fuel elite who are firmly back in the driver’s seat ( were they ever out of it?). These fossil fuel elites know full well that the freedoms you now have can only be guaranteed at the moment by their products and efforts! There is no alternative energy to scale the civilization in which you now live! Nowhere! Naughta! It does not exist! And do you know what happens when this energy source is depleted and gone? Yes, that’s right! Back to feudalism where might has always been right! Now, this particular blog post is not about the other half of this issue: Climate Change, but this issue will won’t be without consequence for you either!

I’m not prone to telling anyone what to do but it might be a time to reflect on the reality of the situation here and not solely on one’s identity within modernity. I’m sorry, but there are far larger issues on the horizon and I’m not seeing women anywhere take this issue seriously; at least not so much that there are any women addressing the changes needed so that you and all people can continue to live with the privileges which fossil fuels have provided.

This blog is in no way an apology for the fossil fueler’s who are in charge of civilization; but they certainly are aware of this issue, which is one hell of a lot more than I can say about the female demographic who seem to be wholly blind to the complexities of the age as they relate to energy supplies needed  to scale civilization!

On the Capitalist dragon: the dragon is a hoarder of wealth and will never give that up. The dragon is also motivated by lizard instincts and can’t reason its way out of its nature it is lowly developed and its faculties of reason are diminished by its greed). Once upon the dragon one will find that you can only go where the dragon wills; it will not be steered. The dragon is neoliberal global corporate capitalism. Let’s take some examples: on homelessness, the very parameters of this dragon’s flight make it impossible to end homelessness under this system. The best that can be achieved from its basic ideology is to give blankets and at its worst a feral hatred of these people. Environment: this system externalized all cost to future generations so that it can hoard its wealth for today. And to those who attempt to hinder the dragon’s flight from below? A fierce retribution from everything the dragon can throw at it. It might also come to be known that this particular dragon is blind and ever the more dangerous for it.

At best, Trump and Co. might be likened to Merry and Pippin in LOTR’s who were always being admonished by Gandolf for their naiveté and downright clumsiness in thinking they can take on the dragon. They cannot! In fact, they are more Golem in their relationship to truth– corrupted by power. Trump represents the Joker card in the mafia-run casino economy which always plays the unpredictable wildcard when needed. Trump also represents the idea of the return to Adam Smith’s laissez-faire (Libertarian) economy espoused in 1850 in one of the bibles of the economy, The Wealth of Nations—a book that was completely acceptable at a time when there was only a billion people on the planet and seemingly unlimited resources. Certainly, our circumstances have changed and there will be 10 billion between 2050 and 2100. For those who love irony, Smith was quite concerned about the business class taking over government (what I call the global commons), government for the people by the people; or once known as Republicanism.

The populist uprising by Bernie Sanders on the left is the same reactionary principle. Bernie thinks the solution is to go back to Socialized Capitalism brought in by Roosevelt with his New Deal by mid-century (around the 1940’s), this was in reaction to the first Adam Smith system which resulted in the ‘casinoization’ of the economy and caused the market crash in the early part of the century. As a remedy,  John Keynes’s economic ideas were enacted: basically, he posited that the business class needed legislating into behaving ethically (which worked to a degree until the Reagan era) which was another attempt to get back to Adam Smith. Of course, all Reagan did was embed the corporate state even further and the corporate state now owns the political system which has become a theater of propaganda for them. This is the duopoly and it functions via the vast corporate media squid! This whole election cycle is manipulation.

Both parties are backed by the deep state ( The ‘Israelization’ of the western world) and the main mechanism of control which has been the Fiat Currency Fractional Reserve System of banking (a global Ponzi scheme). The Rothschild’s dynasty is one of historical fact so this observation in itself is in no way anti-semitic. This system of currency arose along with a system of energy that is non-renewable and extremely polluting: fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industries attempt at managing their complicity in today’s toxic state of affairs is to paint bicycles (greenwashing) on the roads while at the same time advertising the sales of automobiles 24/7. It’s a very effective yet extremely cynical tactic by these propagandists and corporate masters. The obsession with driverless cars using the same 1850 polluting fuel is also very instructive to the mindset of these corporations!

Is there any way forward? No, I suspect not. We will see the continued non-stop warfare against the earth and its people’s by these corporate lunatics resulting in a century of chaos and destruction. The war against Islam is, in part, the continued imperialism of The Corporation, against a group of people who have built-in tribal codes which  war against the corporate capitalist’s (this is a continued  war that was waged against all aboriginal people.) This is in no way an endorsement of the collectivist nightmare which is Islam which should have been allowed to develop on its own into modernity without being assaulted by the capitalist dragon.  Of course, a part of this is also, in the Middle East,  is the Greater Israel Project, along with control of the fossil fuel resources for the corporate state.

All anyone can do, IMO, is to get the hell out of the way by removing themselves from all these systems of control (a near impossible task). But sure, if one won the lottery within this system then life couldn’t be better. 

“if a man does not keep pace with his companions it’s perhaps because he marches to the beat of a different drummer” Thoreau…

We need to build what I call a New Earth Commons Society which uses a non-inflationary Commons-Non-Debt means of exchange; this culture could live ‘side by side’ to a scaled-back capitalist system– one where the focus was commercial and industrial/technical.

The merit of my idea is that it would allow as many people as much choice as possible as to which system they want to live under. The present worldwide financial monoculture is reaching all natural limits and cannot be sustained– 2 billion practitioners is the likely limit. In all likeliness, this system reached its limits in and around 1950. I think the postmodernists grokked this and is in part what they were getting at.

So this new emerging New Earth Commons culture would have to have a guaranteed dividend for all its people. There are boundaries that would be legislated into the present system: Real-estate would be limited to a one home per person initiative and the present speculation on personal real-estate would end ( it would be allowed commercially in a stripped down capitalist system ). Health-care, education, ecology would all be traded in the N.E.C system with the stable mode of a new commons currency. I figure that by 2100 the two economies might divide into 2 billion participating in the reformed capitalist economy and about 8 billion partaking in the N.E.C. economy. A large part of the N.E.C.economy would be using the current recreation infrastructure; also the voluntary aspect of the N.E.C. would mean most people in that economy would commit to living simple ‘green’ environmentally sustainable lifestyles.  A very large part of the culture would be having the infrastructure and education aimed towards mastery in any given interest. I concede the mindset of misanthropy would need to replaced with true philanthropy and not the phony kind the billionaire oligarchs reap today.

A new emerging N.E.C.civilization needs to have four pillars that are off-limits to capitalist exploitation:


2-housing: with a one house per person initiative put in place ( end the casino speculation on homes). Everyone is allowed one piece of private property. And yes, you can own as big a house as honest merit allows; but you only get to own one!



Implied in the new Four Pillars is the end of usury; especially usury as a tool of economic predatory behavior.

These four areas need to be the foundation of a New Earth Commons Non-Debt Currency Civilization.

I see this idea as a compromise in the long, bitter, futile war between Marx and the capitalists. But again, my prediction is ruin brought on by the capitalists. Here is why:

1)The Global Capitalist’s are continuing 500 years of imperialism. Islam is the new threat to their hegemony, so Islam needs to be tamed just like the aboriginals, or anyone one else that has gotten in the way of this beast. A large part of globalism today is the security of the oligarchy and its energy infrastructures.

2) This form of Global Capitalism is powered by the biggest Ponzi scheme in history: fiat currency and fractional reserve lending. It is that aspect of the Globalist’s system which has created the massive, unnecessary, bureaucracy. Get rid of that system and you get rid of the unnecessary bureaucracies.

3) Are we really going to talk about this without mentioning any Zionist agenda?And could we please talk about any Zionist agenda without debasing ourselves with anti-semitic rhetoric?

4) The free trading of goods and services now has to be juxtaposed with a non-necessary exploitation of the earth and its life-forms. The present exploitative systems of capital were fine in 1850 but are unsustainable in the near future. Can we please agree that pollution has deadly consequences for humans and other life-forms. Can we please educate ourselves on the laws of thermodynamics and come to understand that there are real natural boundaries on a finite planet with finite resources.

A non-debt New Earth Commons currency juxtaposed to a living dividend paid out to all people is a necessary need for a sustainable future. This dividend would be received along with education on ecology and commerce ( teach people that humanity cannot do whatever it wants when it wants ). We need to end the literal WELFARE of a system which takes care of the top 10% first ( The WELFARE for the elite) while at the same time promoting austerity for 90% of the planet ( the fighting for the left-over crumbs).

On the Western Welfare States: it was never going to be healthy or of much efficacy to give someone a few hundred bucks every month and tell them they are on their own. What any sane system would do is put in place an infrastructure of basic living needs being met juxtaposed to mandatory education on how to reach higher potentialities. The truth is the current social safety net is all about supporting the intermediary bureaucrats and not about the effective utility of helping people meet their potential as human beings. I suspect the system, as it is, has been put in place by cynical misanthropes.

The New Earth Commons Civilization is the antidote!

Occasionally I get into some creative writing:

The year: 1670

Location: the throne of the Lord of Karma situated beyond an immeasurable vast void that separates the material universe from spiritual godhead.

The Lord of Karma, ” The cries of the souls of the merchants, artists, and actors, musicians, and common people  are reaching unto thee, my Lord.” ” The Brahman priests and warriors have abused their authority for 10,000 years upon the Earth and the consequence of their indulgence has come unto thee.”

The Spirit of Godhead, ” I sanction thee to allow a re-balancing of the karma’s and see that the merchants, artists,  and actors, musicians, and the common people of the earth re-address the inequities of the priests and their warriors. ” ” See to it that the next 300 years on earth gives rise to equality of the merchants, artists,  and actors, and musicians, and common people. ”

The Lord of Karma, ‘ Your will be done, Sri!”

The year 1970:

The Lord of Karma, ” Your will has been implemented upon the earth, Sri; the merchants, artists,  and actors, musicians, and the common people have affected an amazing culture upon the earth; but the warriors and priests are planning a rebellion against your will and are plotting a plan that will start in 2001; this will give the balance of power back to the warriors and the priests upon the Earth.”

The Spirit of Godhead, “It is how it should be, oh, Lord of Karma, as all things must attain balance, equilibrium, and flow within the material universe’s according to natural law.” ” Oh, Lord of Karma, see to it in the next 100 years that all the castes upon the Earth fulfill their rightful and just balance upon the Earth; that they learn that there is an interconnectedness to all things within their life systems that strives for balance, equilibrium, and justice!”

The Lord of Karma, ” Your will be done, Sri!”

“One billion gagillion fafillion shabadabalo shabadamillion shabaling shabalomillion yen” Dr. Evil

Should civilization cap income to help prevent the oligarch class from becoming all powerful?

Is $100,000,000 dollars enough for one lifetime for one family? That’s a million bucks a year for a 100 year life. ! Can one family live  comfortably on that? I would answer, yes! Civilization has to start thinking about capping income and funnelling excess back into The Global Commons ( and not through corrupt charitable foundations.)