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What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander!

The early 1900’s saw the implementation of their education system which intended to turn citizens into compliant workers for the burgeoning corporate model.
By the 1980’s the corporation outsourced its workers and the education system was reworked as a method of lifetime debt peonage. This also happened:

1-the universities were turned into schools of political correctness as an avenue for ending free speech!
2-the universities ended any proclivity to solve economic issues which in fact cemented the failed system of the usurious worldwide casino model of the economy which has perpetrated wealth inequality to unprecedented levels.
3-the universities pretty much gave up on solving the most important issue of our time–clean energy to scale civilization, and turned their attention to number 1 on this list.

When it comes to The Nephilim Theory I would have to say that bullshit baffles brains!
Now, I have a unique take on this mythology: what if the Nephilim bullshitted and continue to bullshit about pretty much everything? Bullshit defined as an indifference to how things really are as it relates to the truth!

Well, in that case, you’ve been fooled again! And by the way: the theory itself morphed into the idea that the Nephilim had mutated into the Pharaohs and Caesars and Kings and Queens by the time of Jesus’s arrival on the planet! If that were true their progeny would be firmly embedded within most all the power structures among the earth’s civilizations today.

Anyway, this is one of my pet fields of inquiry over a very long-span of my life. I don’t hold a firm view on it other than to say I think it’s fact that all religious books are of man-made origin; and perhaps, according to my unique take–explains why every religious book is contradictory and incoherent within themselves and when comparatively studied.
This pic is here because the essence of the story is about DNA, IMO.

Now we’ll flip the coin over on this one: let us say that modern cosmology is correct about the universe and timelines (that the universe is ancient) and that humans have evolved from primates. This would obviously create extreme confusion over the nature of reality. The process from an archaic man to magic man, to mythological man to rational man, is fraught with chaos and uncertainty on almost every level.
Now let’s throw this into the mix: modern cosmology isn’t entirely correct when it comes to its hypothesis’s and indeed we are not alone on this planet! That there are beings involved here who could be either:
1) Us! That is to say highly advanced evolutionary humans:
2) Emissaries of a divine creator spirit who oversee evolutionary processes:
3) Some types of extraterrestrial involvement concerned with overarching evolutionary themes on this planet.

The main point here is that the natural condition of man is one of chaos and confusion and metaphysical involvement by advanced beings is one of benevolent guidance aimed towards the eventual overcoming of our evolutionary inheritance.

I call this somewhat interesting metaphysical speculation:) I do lean towards the more negative view though:P

Here is more on this theme.


From the sublime to the ridiculous, eh? That pretty well sums up the Hindu tradition!

The sublimity of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to the ridiculousness of The Book of Manu–Which isn’t much different from the ridiculousness of The Book of Leviticus in The Torah. Does anyone want to eat their children for lunch as a punishment for transgression?

Well, maybe you get the point?

Are the Demiurge and his minions about to offer up the earth and its people’s the mother of all hissy fits?

One religion which was continually wiped off the planet espoused a cosmology wherein the God of this earth was a fake God–a Poser! This God created a situation wherein one group of people would be evidence for this cosmology: a deal struck with ancient Hebrews. This deal now pervades most religious thought on this planet via Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and according to this cosmology, they are all machinations of this false God!

Good to know, though, that I am a modernist through and through and think claims of privileged access or chosen-ness are types of ethnocentric inflation and geographical hubris! At the same time, however, I don’t believe modernity has proven the non-existence of God. And if this construct is inherently deceptive then we couldn’t know the real truth about things anyway…