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A political economic system whereby everyone’s basic needs of shelter and food were met; a system wherein the earth, its lifeforms and resources were not exploited in such a manner as to cause unnecessary destruction.

As civilization fueled by oil slowly collapses over the next century because of depletion and if I were sitting around a camp fire among the ruins of those times this is what I would be thinking: I could forgive the governments, banks, and corporations because they simply functioned on hubris and greed–easily understandable! But who I won’t forgive is the academics and universities who failed to call for emergency action! Who didn’t shift all of their resources into trying to find a solution to these most basic needs ( too busy with pronoun debates). They didn’t turn their campuses into Eco niche’s or pool all their resources into solving pollution and creating the cleanest energy supplies possible.
I curse them as I sit by this fire!


Making sense out of The Golden Rule: 1) don’t exploit other humans, unnecessarily , for personal gain and profit. 2) don’t exploit the earth’s resources and life forms, unnecessarily , for personal gain and profit . We can see that much of what is happening economically on earth today is deplorable by this measure . Non-coercion being the key.


The left is synonymous with tax and the right is synonymous with privatization and fees and like the Grinch they dance together in glee:



Atheism is simply a lack of belief in God/s. I agree with atheists that it’s not in their job description to argue, ‘burden of proof’.

The burden of proof does lie with the one(theist) making the claim.

At a minimum, as a theist, I do believe the basic assumption of some kind of grand creator is not in and of itself irrational . I believe there is such a thing as rational theism as rare as that might be!