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A political economic system whereby everyone’s basic needs of shelter and food were met; a system wherein the earth, its lifeforms and resources were not exploited in such a manner as to cause unnecessary destruction.

As civilization fueled by oil slowly collapses over the next century because of depletion and if I were sitting around a camp fire among the ruins of those times this is what I would be thinking: I could forgive the governments, banks, and corporations because they simply functioned on hubris and greed–easily understandable! But who I won’t forgive is the academics and universities who failed to call for emergency action! Who didn’t shift all of their resources into trying to find a solution to these most basic needs ( too busy with pronoun debates). They didn’t turn their campuses into Eco niche’s or pool all their resources into solving pollution and creating the cleanest energy supplies possible.
I curse them as I sit by this fire!


Making sense out of The Golden Rule:

1) don’t exploit other humans, unnecessarily, for personal gain and profit.

2) don’t exploit the earth’s resources and life forms, unnecessarily, for personal gain and profit.

We can see that much of what is happening economically on earth today is deplorable by this measure.

A little bit about who I am:

Life long musician and guitarist! I have a saying about musicians: “can’t live ’em; shouldn’t shoot ’em” Well, at least if you’re CIA sleeper MKULTRA agents! Here I’ll try to distill much of the falsity and manipulation of populations by our less than sane rulers! It’s divide and conquer all the way to The Bankster.

My oldest possession:


Who’s profiling the profilers?

What I’m suggesting here is that an all-knowing and all-loving God doesn’t need technology to spy on you, but a lesser god does and this is consistent with the demiurgic view of god…

I think I’m also suggesting that if spy technology was brought about by nefarious actors then it’s logically consistent to think the Akashic is also used for the same nefarious purposes. No GOOD god would wipe your memory of past lives 100% so this argues for malevolent actors controlling the Bardos…


The left is synonymous with tax and the right is synonymous with privatization and fees and like the Grinch they dance together in glee:



Atheism is simply a lack of belief in God/s. I agree with atheists that it’s not in their job description to argue, ‘burden of proof’.

The burden of proof does lay with the one (theist) making the claim.

At a minimum, as a theist, I do believe the basic assumption of some kind of grand creator is not in and of itself irrational. I believe there is such a thing as rational theism as rare as that might be!