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there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” Robert Plant.

It seems to me that the aristocracy became fully aware that God, as laid out in myth, was non-existent; that whatever reluctance to doing anything one wanted with no threat of punishment was thoroughly eviscerated with the advent of The Enlightenment; modernity and the scientific method.

One could argue that the elite has chosen debauchery and decadence as the path most suitable to walk on with this new-found knowledge. It appears they’ve even convinced about 10% of the earth’s population that this is the best way forward in a godless universe; that corruption, the will to do anything without regard to consequences is the proper way to proceed in this Renaissance reduced to dirt!

But wait a minute! Is this really the only way forward in a Godless universe? I would argue, NO!

*Buddhism, for the most part, has always been non-theistic and there have been times throughout that culture where another choice was possible! The choice of living in humble sympathetic resonance with the earth, its life forms, and other humans always has been and still is possible!

I understand the claims of original Buddhism: that Gautama was teaching ancient brahmacharya and was NOT teaching atheism. But that doesn’t change the fact that historical Buddhism is more or less non-theistic.

Blaming the erosion of cilvil liberties and civil society on liberalism is like blaming food for someone being hungry in a grocery store! That is to say it makes no sense at all! It’s a really poor  example of false equivalency.

Here is a definition of liberalism. It’s neoconservative and neoliberal economic policy which have eroded liberal values ( civil liberties and cilvil society) in the post 911 era! So I’m gonna scream if I hear the alt-right blame our current woes on liberalism one more time! Another antagonist here are the radical cultural marxists who it appears are just playing seriously demented head games  with society. One has to wonder what kind of hidden agendas are at play, right Mr.Soros?

Of course the people I blame the most are the liberal politicians who sold out liberal values to neoliberal corporate hacks and neoconservative war hawks.  Now it’s no wonder you’ve been fired in the U.S. and  are  soon to be fired  again in Canada as the regressive right exploits these false narratives for their own regressive ends .



” give a man a fish, a rod, and teach him how to fish!”

On the Universal Basic Income:

It need not be universal but minimum.

A UBI will be a waste of time if inflation isn’t factored in. Also, just giving people money is useless. The UBI needs to be implemented alongside wealth creation initiatives; and today those initiatives need to be green; it needs to be implemented with laws banning predatory usury against those making less than $24,000 U.S.; it needs to be co-ordinated with tax laws which exempt those under $24,000; it needs to reward and not punish the earning of merited income; these are minimum requirements for this idea not to be a complete and utter failure ! I would add, also, that the mindset of the wealthy would need to change, too; as it pertains to those less fortunate ! So the UBI ( or something like it) juxtaposed to green education and living practices alongside education about humanities human potential . Anything less than this is a waste of time!

“what evil is this that lurks in the heart of men?”

If humanity cannot figure out truth via the processes of logic and reason then we are forever doomed. Anything could be true but we would have no way to know if something were true. Here are three basic principles that have helped me in discerning metaphysical truth when it comes to theism: 

1) spiritual punishment, if there were such a thing, would always have to be just based on human standards of reason and logic. Reincarnation is less irrational than one strike and your out doctrines. Out of the two reincarnation would be more likely to be true. I am not saying reincarnation is true; but rather making a point. 

2) universal truth would never be premised on world geography. Claims that God would use such methods fail reasonable and logical analysis. We can reject narratives like The Promised Land of Israel and call it what it is: geographic hubris. Hinduism and a few other religions are also susceptible to this fallacy.

3) we can reject ethnocentricity as a guide for universal truth. No good human parent would divide their offspring and scapegoat one sibling against another. This is ethnocentric inflation which is the number one cause of the problem of evil when it comes to religiosity.