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Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.

” to bind together as to be strength in unity”

We might ask: what is being bound together?

The word fascism is being thrown around big time in every imaginable way with the rise of Trump and Bannon. Please go to the *wiki if you want the official academic ( lame) definitions of it espoused by academia.

It should be clear by now that what is being bound together in fascist ideologies is ethnicity! In recent decades the ethnicity was white nationalism but fascism is not limited to this–it can be any type of mass identity politics! We might include here the first mass organized identity politics in antiquity: the chosen people ideology!

Here is a graph from this site based on, political

I’ll start by saying fascism today is extremism as shown by the graph. It advocates social restriction and fiscal policy which enriches the elites. One can see that centrist positions offer the most societal freedom and the possibility for fiscal fairness. We can see from the graph that the two main parties are extremists and tend towards fascist ideals–this is called The Duopoly!  It’s only The New Democrats and Green party in N.A. that are not fascist in practice.

So, how did this extremism happen? Well, it started with two oligarchs in the modern era. Rothschild and Rockefeller–money and oil and they hold a firm grasp of power in the White House today. It’s no coincidence that fascism arose with the rise of the fiat currency/fractional reserve lending Ponzi scheme–two world wars started within years of this system being implemented. Today, these two oligarchs have diverged into about 1000 oligarchs running the planet via a transnational plutocracy! Make no mistake about it: this is worldwide fascism and the means was the corporate model! So, it’s near laughable for the left to call Trump a fascist when Obama was every bit as fascist!

Now in the past 50 years, it has been The Chicago School economic neoliberalism which has enabled the entrenchment of fascist ideology in a worldwide concatenation of the totalitarian two-step. Whether South AmericaRussia after the fall; The E.U.; all of it imposing the corporate plutocracy on civilian populations and all of it funded by the bankers who are implementing a cashless society where there will, eventually, be no work or labor for humans! And they have convinced us by Wall St. and Hollywood to buy their imprisonment model via non-stop advertising 24/7 for 1oo years (  close enough)!

All this does beg the question as to how fascism evolved in the last 100 years. It’s a fascism where women have extraordinary freedoms but have offered no resistance to worldwide fascist machinations–Angela Merkel being the prime example ( it’s not good enough for women to dismiss half of the fascist agenda and solely focus on what they see as right-wing fascism). Dr. Jordan Peterson makes an excellent point here in that for the first time in history women have power societally, and he asserts, and correctly so– that the mothering instinct which is appropriate to the child then gets projected onto civilizations political economic structure which ends up being a type of neo-fascism; that is to say–the mothering instinct at the societal level becomes exceedingly problematic and encourages dysfunction and irrationality . We see this with Angela Merkel’s misplaced care for the other.

It’s a fascism where black men can be presidents and drop hundreds of thousands of bombs on Muslim nations killing millions to secure control of Muslim oil resources and also use western militia for the political aims of The Greater Israel project! Yes, once again the Jewish people find themselves right in the middle of this shit-storm! Whether in Rome 2000 years ago to overwhelmingly controlling the White-House today! It doesn’t take much investigative measure to find out that the Jewish elite used every fascist method in the book to take control of the land of Israel in the past century!  And it’s a fact they were front and center of the movements in Europe mid-century– in this case claiming victim– while initially funding this movement. The White-House today is every bit as convoluted with Bannon being completely funded by Israel yet being called a nazi by lame-stream media.

Economically, this system over the last 100 years manufactured your consent by offering about 20% of the population an exceedingly good standard of living! There is only one problem with that: most of the ways the wealth was garnered was via corrupt practices! Yes, unmerited wealth in an economic casino! Yes, folks, this is fascism! And you bought it! It should also be noted that  20% will consent to this fascist state as it will help ( but not succeed) in maintaining the status quo of ill-gotten gains.

*To be fair to wiki:  micro ethnonationalism is accurate but to not list the world-wide institution of fascism is wholly unacceptable!

A part of this site is to offer solutions! Here are three:

  1. every country has to limit fiat currency to about 20% of the currency in circulation and allow multiple distributors of this currency!
  2. every country needs as its base currency a non-debt public currency( about 80% of all currency in circulation)  within what I am calling The Global Commons Civilization.
  3. The judiciary needs to pass laws which commit to prosecuting, criminally, corporations and CEO’s, along with criminal prosecution of financial crimes ( and to pass laws making sure financial crimes are listed on the books). The CEO’s involved in the 2008 debacle should be in prison as should those involved in The Gulf Oil spill………..



All in?

One of the primary premises of panentheism is that god is all (pan) in (en) the material universe ( and yes, panentheism’s secondary premise is that god transcends the universe, too).

The latter is not a part of this post . This post focus’ on what the ‘all in’ would mean .

It means that natural law as investigated and elucidated by the scientific method is exactly how god is in this universe . What does that mean? It means there is no supernaturalism as espoused by mythic religion! No soul! No chakras! No spiritual teleology (as of 2017) and my bet is science will not discover what traditional spiritualists have long sought for: an overt scientific proof of god’s existence within the material universe.

Philosophically it means a natural metaphysics; a real ontology of being; a thorough but limited epistemology as far as a complete knowledge of the nature of reality; and an absolute ethic of values based on the second premise which we didn’t go into here ( so no relative nihilism).

What there may be: everything is energy in this universe and biological life-forms most certainly function via subtle forms of this energy.

It is possible, in 2017, that what has been traditionally thought of as a soul is some type of super-computer which contains records of everything about you ? In mythology this was known as, The Akashic (if this were true I don’t necessarily believe it is the soul of mythic religion) .

There may be more to say here but this covers the most salient points!

Below is a list of evolutions knowledge; what evolution can and cannot know in 2017:

from the Indiana EdU.

Biological Evolution…
1. is NOT a theory…(it is a FACT; it has been observed directly, and its extension to all life is supported by more evidence than there is for the spherical shape of the planets, and there is no evidence against it.)

2. is NOT something one should believe in…(it’s based on science, not faith).

3. Is NOT concerned with the origin of life… (it deals only with the origin of species).

4. Is NOT just concerned with the origin of humans…(no more than any other species).

5. was NOT discovered or first explained by Charles Darwin… (there were others)

6. is NOT the same thing as natural selection…(which is the how of evolution, the real “Theory of Evolution …by Natural Selection”, also deeply confirmed).

7. is NOT something that happened only in the past… (it’s still going on).

8. is NOT something that happens to individuals…(it happens to populations).

9. is NOT an accidental or random process…(there are built-in limited options and selective aspects; even mutations are influenced by environmental factors). Its complex patterns are just as natural as the randomly generated and diverse patterns of snowflakes and crystals.

10. does NOT have any evidence against it… (all observations support it).

11. was NOT contrived to undermine religion…(rather, our awareness of it grew as we tried to make sense of many observations of life that were not consistent with traditional explanations.

12. does NOT deny the existence of God…(It is neutral; God is neither required nor eliminated; for all we know, evolution could be part of God’s creation, or it might not, but science cannot determine that).

13. does NOT conflict with any religion…(It can’t, since it is only another way of trying to make sense of the natural world, based on scientific observation and critical analysis. Most religions have no problem with evolution, and those that do typically base their objections on an inaccurate view of science and evolution).

If these popular misconceptions about evolution are all wrong,
then what IS evolution?

Continue on…
EVOLUTION: What it ISBiological Evolution is essentially the process whereby new species arise from earlier species by accumulated changes. This is often referred to as “descent with modification.” At the species level, this speciation process is sometimes called microevolution.

By extension, as this process of speciation proceeds with time, increasing numbers of species appear, becoming increasingly different. The pattern of this, over time, looks like a branching tree; all the species we see today are like the growing tips of that tree, except that each tip has become somewhat different from the others (unlike a real tree). Close clusters of tips are most similar, and have most recently branched (evolved); more distant tips are more different, and can be traced to much lower (earlier) branching in the tree. What we call a “genus” would be a close cluster of tips. The “family” level of classification (which may include several genera) refers to a group of several closely branched clusters. And so on. Evolution at these “higher” levels is sometimes called macroevolution, but it should be obvious that this simply results from continuous microevolution repeated and accumulated over long periods of time.

The recognition of this pattern of change of life-forms over time was developed from many observations. It has even been directly observed in some species, and inferred in many others from clear independent evidence mainly in comparative anatomy, embryology, paleontology, geology, biogeography and molecular biology. Although there are some curious examples of evolution, there are no empirical observations of life, living or extinct, that evolution cannot explain, and there is noevidence against evolution.

The mechanism for how evolution happens has been largely explained by natural selection. In 1859, Charles Darwin published his best known book (out of some 25 books he wrote): On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. In it, he presented the results of some 20 years of work pulling together massive amounts of evidence showing how natural selection must be the primary working mechanism for evolution. Natural selection is observed constantly, and its role as the main driving force of evolution has been observed, tested and challenged many times and in many ways, and has survived fully intact. There are also many independent lines of evidence that are consistent with natural selection as the main mechanism of evolution. There is NO observed evidence against this as a working mechanism for evolution. Efforts by some to point out “evidence against evolution” always turn out, under critical examination, to be totally without merit. The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection (or, more precisely, the Theory of Natural Selection), therefore, holds the high status of near certainty: it is a scientific theory.

In short, evolution as a real phenomenon is scientifically solid; it is a scientifically demonstrated fact; and the scientific theory for how evolution happens is so well documented by the evidence that this explanation is as close to a scientific fact as any explanation can be. Remember: scientific facts refer to observed or demonstrated natural phenomena, e.g., evolution; scientific theories are the best explanations we have for how those phenomena occur, e.g., the theory of natural selection.



A libertarian is a person who holds liberty ( absence of coercion ) as the supreme value and the principle of non-aggression as the most important interpersonal political rule.

Anarchy means: an=no arch=rulers or archon is a ruler; so ‘no rulers’ which is distinct from no rules…

Natural laws are rules which must be respected.

A libertarian anarchist* does not use coercion or unnecessary exploitation in their daily dealings as far as their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. We can also see that this is consistent with a proper understanding of The Golden Rule.

We can see– according to this definition– that government as it exists today is antithetical to these highest of human values. Moreover, the governments of the world are in collusion with the bankers in creating a system of theft of savings (stored value of an individual’s labor) via fractional reserve lending–with it’s built in inflation which is another tax on the masses.  Moreover, as I’ve pointed out in other blogs, this unmerited wealth is now in the hands of around 1000 oligarchs who now form a transnational plutocracy via their corporate model.

*A note: my proclivity to these ideas is spiritual in nature. Until humanity develops into high degrees of personal behavior they will always need to be governed.


“rust never sleeps”

I’d highly recommend Adam Curtis’s documentaries as a guide to understanding how we got to where we are today.The Century of The Self, and, Hyper-Normalization being two of his better ones.

This vlog post will deal with the corrosive aspect of lies within civilizations political culture. In, Hyper-Normalization, Curtis documents how the people in the USSR— towards its end in the 80’s– knew that everything they were hearing from state media was a lie–complete surrealism, really! Curtis coined the term hyper normalization to describe this phenomenon.

It’s this non-stop lying that is one of the main drivers of today’s civilizational malaise . All politicians, now, routinely lie to gain power and the lying has been normalized! And make no mistake–it’s corrosive to civil society and led to a situation where liberals practice Illiberalism and conservatives abandoned conservation!

What’s worse still, is the fact that the media not only lies continually but mocks anyone who would suggest the status-quo of lying is unhealthy to civilization! We are called naive! And of course, much worse! How such blatant disregard for honesty happened is a long and difficult inquiry and beyond the scope of this vlog; but make no mistake about it: duplicity on almost every important issue facing humanity today is the primary mode of operation!

I think what I’ll do here is log over time the lies and duplicity of our age!

Here is the first one:

That political leftism is somehow more benign than political ‘rightism’.

We know it’s fact that left wing ideologies committed more ‘democide‘ in the last 100 years than right political pathology ( although neocon’s in the post 911 world are doing everything possible to balance those stats- at least in Muslim lands).

Anyway, we are seeing violent leftist’s raise its ugly tentacles again at U.C. Berkley today along with the SJW movement in general. We see the Canadian Prime Minister today enforce the lie that words are the problem! No, sir! Your lies and duplicity are the problems!

2) Trump and the media are at war? Please, fact check who ‘owns’ Trump and the media and you will find that they are one and the same! So, the Jewish owned media is not at war with their new star player! Every narrative which involves Trump in the media is some type of population manipulation….

Politicians within any party and the mainstream media refuse to talk about the end of oil and currency monopoly on money creation via the debt system of fiat currency and fractional reserve lending . These are, arguably, the two most important issues of our time! But, nada! Not a peep! Political and media silence! Unbelievable!

“As long as The Matrix exists, the human race will never be free.”