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” Party on Garth!”

The leading up to the great crash of 2030 will be a repeat performance of the roaring 20’s.

This is why they are ending the prohibition on pot. It’s the same tactic used when the end of prohibition on alcohol was ended which led to the roaring 20’s….Okay, apologies for getting the historical dates wrong……There may be an impulsive drive to repeat past pathology, though, and that, I think, is the point of this post….

This documentary expounds on all the issues I talk about on this website . I posted on The Crash of 2030 here.

Nafeez Ahmed narrates this. Bravo! Well done!

By the way: speculations about the incarnate form of the left hand of god in a binary duality are completely consistent with science, genetics, and the coming out of Africa of Eve. Of course, this particular lineage is no monkey; although this post in no way implies that there were not apes evolving. Also, E.T. didn’t leave anything but the structures: no garbage, no tech, nothing! God wouldn’t need tech:

This pic shows Machu Picchu when you turn it on its side:

One of the most interesting parts of this documentary is :

The Gigantic Atlantean Statues of the Toltecs

Long before official HIStory says Europeans came to The America’s these statues were built, carved and somehow taken to the top of the pyramid. Here is the kicker: they depict every people on earth!


Here is a skeptic link on the claims that the Bosnian pyramid is what the documentarian says it is.

This controversy aside, I think there is overwhelming evidence in this documentary that the past is not as accurate as official current historical narratives. I found both the maker and people like Hawass to be less than stellar as far as possible personal financial motivations.

Overall, though, my bucks on the side that history isn’t what it seems!

Graham Hancock is also stellar in this field. He has backed off the UFO thing, though, although I can hardly blame him for that as it’s a wacky field to be sure. I’m on the archon side of that fence but I don’t rule it out.

This short video shows how the great pyramid of Giza rests at the geographical center of the earth’s land mass:


“This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of ev’rything that stands
The end” Jim Morrison


It’s a difficult question to answer, but I would say this– IMO, there is never an end as there was never a beginning. It simply always, ‘IS”! But, in the cosmology espoused on this blog–a quasi-gnostic perspective–there may be clues to this ‘local’ end of things on this planet/plane/hologram or whatever this place is.

The pyramids in Egypt and all the phenomenal megalithic architecture all around the earth– laser hewed 1000 ton blocks–situated strategically in precise astronomical alignments do give us clues about our origin: in this case the work of what I call archons.

Alternate history would call them The Lemurian’s and The Anunnaki. They are humanities creators and they are imprisoned here via some type of prison matrix/grid. They made us. They view us as slaves. They are very close to achieving a long-term goal of having the technology to blow up the prison matrix/grid. They are not allowed to do this but have every universal right to exist and be evil.

They won’t be allowed to go where they are forbidden: past the prison matrix/grid which constrains them and us. They are 100% obsessed with wanting to break free. What people traditionally called god on this planet will be forced to act for the betterment of all healthy life which exists outside this prison matrix/grid. The time might be much closer than anyone can imagine. And yes, our perception of reality is obscured because of this unique situation.

What will happen to me? I don’t know what will happen to you. The only thing I would offer is– do not break The Golden Rule! This has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism per se or any other religion which are riddled with falsity. Stop exploiting humans for unnecessary personal gain and profit; if you own more than one property then sell it and seek to do good with the proceeds; run your business’s to the letter and spirit of The Golden Rule. Prey to the ‘truth of all existence’ that you be not trapped also in the prison matrix/grid; but are rather set free to the higher dimensions as this cosmic drama unfolds.

Could I be wrong about these speculations?  Yes, although I surely believe I Am not. Do not send me money on this particular issue. No one’s sure of the timeline so be prudent and honest in your business dealings but make necessary changes immediately. Even if I am wrong the current economic model will doom most of us anyway because of fiat currency and its ‘obscene’ inflation.

BTW: this is not about traditional religious morality! This is about you and your future and your heart and your mind and how it relates to existence. There is very little ‘wiggle’ room here. You have a very limited set of options. This is in no way associated with the falsity of New Age religion.

You are a spark of the infinite………




I’m not really sure what The Canadian Government is up to here but my prediction is it will not become legal and that they are lying through their teeth! I know, I know, you don’t believe that governments lie to their citizens………

That being said, should neoliberal fascism ( the economic system we live under) be the economic model for the marketing of this plant? My answer is a resounding, no!

Ask any shaman worth their salt if they think it’s a good idea to buy and sell this plant within the framework of neoliberal fascism and I bet dollars to donuts they will all say no. Here’s the rub, though, these atheist neoliberal fascists have convinced humanity that there is no consequence for wrong action. Let me assure you: they couldn’t be more wrong about that.

I’m going to link a Soundcloud clip, here, from the Friedrich Engels Institute,  and the two gentlemen discuss WHY neoliberal corporate fascism is wrong. This talk verifies one of the foundational premises of this website: that The Golden Rule is not a myth and that it applies to economics. That statement of fact is in no way an endorsement of any of the world’s religious books as read literally.

This blog  primarily focuses on two groups of people ; their influences, and why things are the way they are today: fascist. Rothschild/Rockefeller alliance.

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