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The powers that be want us to believe that there are only two choices when it comes to the nature of reality: literal interpretations of archaic religious books or scientism premised on atheism. I would argue it’s another false dichotomy designed as a divide and conquer strategy.

You know, besides the probability that we may not know what this is; I think it unwise to invest in certainty in either mythic contradictory religious books, or scientific knowledge spanning 200 years in a 15 billion-year-old universe. Either one smacks of either ignorance or arrogance to me.

And no, Mr.Wilber, this isn’t a choice between exoteric and esoteric; it’s about being honest and conceding that which we do not know and most likely cannot know, at least in my opinion. A little humility all around here certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Okay, then, that’s about all…..


” I’ve seen my original face prior to the big bang!”

I call Bull-Shit! A statement like that is pure poetic baloney. I doubt the Buddha would have said anything like it. Here’s my take on meditation from a Christian-Gnostic perspective: the human mind is insane! Just look at the world:( Got proof? Even the bloody exoteric religionists understood the devil controlled the airwaves. Yet here we are thinking the rational mind can solve our problems! But, no, that is not a call to every manner of irrationality! It simply means we are fools to think a human mind is a place of any clear thought or sanity.

So, yes, when one meditates and becomes aware of the above and has bypassed all the visual imagery of the mind one will find a tiny place of no thought; and one can rest there, and even expand the phenomenon; experience expansiveness or states of flow. But what we can’t do is then use that experience to extrapolate about the nature of reality or the cosmos! Complete over-reach! What we know about meditation and some of the good it does doesn’t warrant sweeping grand narratives about the nature of reality. That my friend is religion and all religion is faith based! All religion could be earth centric.

You see if we ARE somehow fallen or in an amnesia matrix; or surrounded by a prison grid then we are by de facto cut off from the true nature of things. This is The Christian understanding and definitely The Gnostic take on things, too; Gnosticism has simply understood scripture to be inaccurate as pertaining to the historical record; not to mention a few wee issues on irrational dogma. Something else is going on here……

This one is a difficult one to delineate and definitely needs some unpacking. The first thing I would say is that the atheists could be right and that ALL of this is man’s mythological inheritance; or man’s mythological structure of consciousness. i.e. man’s cognitive attempt at making meaning in an otherwise brutal universe.

Gnostic means, to know; and in this context–to know something about god and the nature of reality.

There were Jewish gnostics in the first centuries after Jesus’ death. Whether they would be Christian gnostics is something that isn’t immediately clear but it makes sense to me that they were just that.This is rather important in light of modern Frankish and Sabbatean gnostic movements which seek an earthly messianic kingdom upon the earth. It’s not obvious that the early gnostics held this view; I know I certainly don’t when it comes to my gnostic leanings; although I do consider an alternative preterist Christian view to be somewhat more compatible to Frankish and Sabbatean eschatology–in the sense that redemption and salvation are strictly earthly affairs; that is to say, everything about ‘heaven’ is really all happening here on earth. And this is why the Frankish and Sabbatean gnostics are ‘manipulating’ civilization for the direct purpose of perfecting humanity on earth via the resurrection of The Nation of Israel and the preparations for the coming of the earthly political Messiah.

I don’t hold this view and I consider it Judaic Gnosticism which is completely distinguishable from Christian Gnosticism–at least the views I hold on the subject.

In my view, Christian Gnosticism isn’t seeking to redeem a fallen and perhaps even irreparable universe. The Christian Gnostic is seeking ascension or transfiguration out of the prison amnesia matrix. Indeed, in this view, this universe is too far gone and ultimately the ‘legal property’ of its maker: the demiurge.

In contrast, the Judaic Gnostics are exceedingly busy manufacturing an earthly salvation via the political and economic institutions of civilization. To a Christian Gnostic, this is folly. And by the way, there are those who say there is no such thing as Christian Gnosticism. This is silly or duplicitous or both! Clearly, Jesus, from the gnostic perspective is the savior in a specific sense in that he is The Aeon of Sophia! The one who came and taught humanity about the horrible condition they find themselves in: trapped by evil!

Now, The Judaic Gnostics are busy buying and selling and practicing empire via their fiat currency systems; judicial systems and by manipulating the political institutions of the earth’s nations. These are the modern Pharisees(The Chicago School Neoliberals) and Sadducees ( The Frankfurt School Marxist’s)of the god KA$H–or so I’ve argued. We can see that their methods have one thing in common: the breaking of The Golden Rule especially as it applies to economics and the trading of goods and services. It’s obvious also that a foundational assumption of these Judaic Gnostics is the ownership of the earth via private property. To me, it is not a coincidence that the capitalist system they’ve helped install over the last 400 years breaks two foundational premises of The Golden Rule: not to exploit and coerce, unnecessarily,  other human beings and life forms for personal gain and profit and not to assume the earth is yours to buy and sell! But these are indeed, the two fundamental premises of this religious view.

In modernity this has played out in the creation of the nation-state of Israel; the implementation of vast fiat currency systems modeled on usury; and the ubiquitous selling of the earth for profit. Wrapped up in all these machinations is the idea that the Jewish people doing most of this are the chosen purveyors and chosen actors in the quest to perfect humanity! This seems rather odd to me!

Finally, and I think this may be the most important point of distinction: Christian Gnosticism doesn’t take scripture to be literal history and modern studies confirm this truth; whereas Judaic Gnostics are very much caught up in literal history; a history which has been proven erroneous.

Wouldn’t perfection rather be instituted via honesty and ethics?


I’ve been arguing and outlining in the past few weeks what I believe to be the integration of the absolute worst ideas of traditional political-economic thought from both spectrums of political science; that is, The Chicago Schools Neoliberalism combined with very specific ideas set out in The Frankfurt School–Marxist Multiculturalism. 

The result of this is what I’ve come to call economic fascism combined with the forced integration of the earth’s nations into primarily traditional white Christian nations. The forced integration has not been out of a deep concern for humanity and the human condition; but rather for the benefit of the oligarchs, their corporations; with their overarching plutocracy. The end result of this is that we are all wallets serving the mafia ethos.

This is a post on Chris Hedges’ essay, A Nation of the Walking Dead:

Hedges is right in his analysis here; that the oligarchs have patterned this society on the casino/mafia ethos. He missed one point, though, which I touched upon in my recent blog called, Opiates: that they are a second waveform of alleviating welfare costs; the first was the bull-dozers of gentrification.

I’ve also pointed out that marijuana is being legalized, in part, to help set up The Roaring 20’s ethos and that that will lead to The Crash of 2030.

On Hedge’s bleakness: I’ve been arguing on my website that The Chicago School and The Frankfurt School aligned to bring us the worst of right and left political thinking and ideology. What, then, would be the BEST integration of left and right political thought? And please don’t say, Wilber! Not even close on that one Kenny!

I’m going to head over to my site and make a new post called, The Best of Left and Right? I’ll copy any replies here and y’all can live on in infamy on my site:)

So post away all you poets and painters and panzies and pontificators; you Commies and curmudgeons; musicians and dancers; post-post away in a creative maelstrom of getting things right! And Left!

Or not……..

It may be that no one bites for various reasons not the least of which is a stubborn attachment to one’s ideologies predicated, in part, in my opinion, on the lack of integration of the brain’s hemispheres.

“what one omits can be more significant than what one includes.” AMM…

This article by, Jonathon Van Maren, discusses the rise of The Alt-Right and its paragon–D.Trump.

I don’t really have a problem with his analysis but will focus on what the article omits. Firstly, these alt-righters are simply ripping a page out of Zionism–the first modern ethnonational state–a state predicated on the significance of a people unto themselves wherein all policy is geared towards what is best for a particular group–in this case Jews. It should be noted that Israel was birthed and maintained in violence. This was Judaism’s response to modernity; that is, a post-Judaic State premised on identity. So, again, ‘Post-Christian White’s’ are simply implementing the same ethos.

The article omits academia’s role in creating this situation. All these institutions are predicated on neoliberal economics which is neofascism– something I’ve arguably proved on this site. Here is a link to someone who agrees, and here, and this expounds the coercive nature of neoliberalism, which, on this site, breaks the only meaningful truth in ALL religion: The Golden Rule as it applies to economics. Now, concomitant with the neoliberal economic model was postmodernism’s relativism combined with The Frankfurt School’s Marxist-Multiculturalism’s forced integration of western nations. This is Marxism without Marx’s economics which has been replaced by neoliberalism. This was done by the neoliberal  fascists for the sole benefit of enriching their corporations; propping up their fiat currency system; and garnering voters for the corporate Democrats, Illiberals, and  neocons (financial gain even if they do not benefit at the polls) who  took over N.A. and the E.U.; although the E.U. does have its own particularities.

In a sense, one can look at this situation as a group of people implementing the worst elements of right-wing economic thought combined with the worst elements of historical leftism. The result is a strange faux inverted version of The Millennial Reign–a reign arguably enforced by sociopaths and psychopaths. I’ve argued that this is in conjunction with a neo-Christianity modeled on the God Kash–the new world religion of money.

Furthermore, it’s not lost on these white alt-righters that it’s primarily only white Christian nations being forced to integrate. Most of the other nations on earth from Japan to Mexico are maintaining historically homogenous ethnic states; even if there’s diversity among themselves i.e. a multiplicity of Chinese ethnicities. It’s fair to ask who wants this situation and why? Anyway here is a definition of Cultural Marxism.

And neoliberal economy. Here, I use neoliberalism as synonymous with economic fascism; which in the end, is what it’s turned out to be!