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This is a complex subject but I’ll try to distil it so it makes sense. Pre-modern Christians are those who take the Bible literally and live within premodern codes of behavior. The Amish would be a good example of this. This group is relatively rare in this day and age. Modern Christian’s still take the bible literally but embrace most of the advances of modernity; such as modern psychological concepts, technology, evolution, and empiricism, etc.–Francis Collins would be a good example of this (this is a very large group of people). Post-modern Christian’s no longer take the Bible literally– they’ve correctly understood modernities deconstruction of the Christian faith and have come to understand, also, The Myth of the Given: that is reality isn’t as obvious as we thought it was in premodernity. They understand most archeological evidence proves the historical narrative of Scripture to be near entirely false, or Jewish mythology. Dr. Jordan Peterson is an example of this type of Christian so I find his assault on the postmodernist full of an annoying rich irony. I suspect he’s also overly fond of NeoLiberalism, but that’s another post.

This concept is applicable to all religion and especially Islam. Islam, in general, has far more people living literal premodern modes of existence. This group is generally not a large threat to modern society although they do have some reach. The most serious demographic are modernist Islamicist’s who have embraced modernity but still take the Koran literally. There can be stresses put on this group which makes them prone to societal pathologies such as terrorism. So this group has access to modern technology and weaponry and when combined with literalism and grievance we see that the results can be quite destructive. This demographic is near impossible to ‘police’ as the numbers involved are staggering; so the Alt-Right does have a point here in that the simplest solution would be ethno-nationalist nation states–that is to say Islam should be kept to Muslim countries only. The problem with that view is this: post-modern Islamist’s understand The Koran to be tribal mythology and no longer take the narrative as fact; this group is no danger at all to civilization. This group and healthy literal modernists should not be the target of persecution!

Now I would add that the postmodern view doesn’t necessarily mean God doesn’t exist;  its healthiest enactment would mean that we couldn’t be certain about what God is should it somehow exist. I would caution, though, that this isn’t an excuse to believe any old thing when it comes to the nature of reality; metaphysical postulates within these  modes cannot be blatantly offensive to the faculties of reason and logic, although the best postmodernist’s ( post-post modern?) understand that there are limits as to what reason and logic can know.

I might add here another ‘tool’ which works well within these parameters is Fowler’s stages of faith. I might add, also, that I’m not a big fan of the stage model of evolution but rather prefer the ‘mode’ idea as far as these concepts go. We see that the highest’ octaves’ in Fowler’s model coincide nicely with the best of postmodern thought.

Okay, well, that’s all or now……….

” the house always wins.”

Well, I wish I could go to sleep a millionaire and wake up a billionaire!

This post won’t touch on psychopathy and the percentage of sociopaths and psychopaths among us, but I believe the numbers are roughly two in ten people prone to these disorders, which wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if they didn’t consistently rise to the top of the cultural pond.

However, the fact is they do consistently rise to the top of the cultural pyramid and it seems they’ve rigged themselves one hell of a casino! So much so that they insist everyone on the planet play by their corrupt rules and game; and yes, that includes Islam who are none too happy about it, but that’s another post in itself.

So where do we start in the modern era? Well, to be sure interbreeding bloodlines from antiquity would still play a part in this malice, but the power now resides and is instantiated within the institutions and ‘game centers’ in which they’ve set up. The first recent game was the pyramid scheme central bank/fiat currency/fractional reserve system! The mother of unmerited wealth. Then we would get to things like inheritance; nepotism; crony capitalism; lobbying; insider information; usury defined as excessive charging of interest; financial speculation (financial gambling); real-estate speculation; well, pretty well all the ways the oligarchy makes money today without working or creating anything of true value.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why you’re consistently in debt, always scrambling to make ends meet, and why eight out of ten of us will very likely live ‘paycheck to paycheck!’ for the rest of our lives; which will most likely only get more difficult as the casino owners continue to suck up most of the wealth on the planet.  Of course, what they will tell you is that you don’t work hard enough and that you’re lazy which decoded means you better work for their corporations so that the oligarchs can get a cut of your wages and usually always through coercion; their cut means your labour wage won’t be enough to survive on so you will have to mortgage your paychecks in advance to the loan sharks leaving you inevitably bankrupt; moreover, inflation will most likely leave most of us destitute in our elder years ( got Fentanyl?)

So whistle while you work dear laborer but know that your tune is a funeral dirge for the earth brought on by the casino oligarchy!

A very good video explaining the fallacies of the casino owners and the lies of our political class. Her last point is something I talk about all the time on this site and that is economic growth is directly tied to oil production and when the oil runs out so does the economy that grew with it. The consequences of this are staggering::

No, this isn’t about New Age Woo-woo…It’s about a pragmatic shift that civilization has to make if we are to survive as a civilization. I didn’t mention that the education system in the N.E.C. economy would teach humans about their potential as people in a meaningful universe; rather than exploited and coerced cogs in a capitalist machine…It could be a highly advanced culture of art, philosophy, music, theater, writing, sports, etc…The infrastructure already exists so would make this doable.