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In this one, I experiment with a little outside sounding modes by using the Lydian on the I chord and the Lydian dominant on the dominant sus chord. it’s all experimentation at this point.

This post will explore the difference between real and false from a Christian Gnostic perspective. It will touch upon long-standing ideas like Materialism versus Idealism.

The Genesis of this discussion is that the Demiurge is very much real! Its archons and their machinations over this existence are very much real. They control the very real Matrix which is existence on this dimension. The dream is real! The dreamer? What they’ve convinced you that you think you are? Not so much! That, in the end, is a part of their construct which is indeed, quite illusionary compared to higher levels of existence. So people like Sam Harris who argue the equation Pi (as an exp.) exists whether I’m alive or dead are very much correct. But ultimately, even though this place is real, our existence is a false one! We are not who the Demiurge tells us we are!

We are not sinners! We are not monkeys! ( two of their biggest lies)…We are a spark of infinite consciousness! Yes, consciousness is primary although this particular locale is predicated on falseness. It’s an endless concatenation of lies and deception. You don’t have to be here although it’s quite possible that you volunteered to experience this place and a part of that volunteering was that your memory was wiped. Yes, there are those that occasionally come to this existence from higher dimensions who retain their memory, but they are few and far between.

I won’t speculate on whether this place is a school or not although I concede it very well may be. But I will say the slave masters here have full authority to act as they do–they just have no authority over who you really are and can only manipulate who they’ve convinced you that you think you are! This is known as the ego construct. From a Christian Gnostic perspective, it is real in that dream sense but ultimately false!

Let’s take a look for a moment at the worlds religious claims from this perspective: the big 3? False! You’re not a sinner! Hinduism? False, as your ego and its karmas, are manipulations of the archons. The archons have manipulated you on that account. Buddhism suffers the same condition although it comes very close to being correct–but the lie woven within it is very subtle. Buddhism teaches that the human mind (controlled by the archons) is the avenue for assessing ultimate and absolute reality and this couldn’t be further from the truth from the Christian Gnostic perspective. So this makes the universal claims of Buddhism false while still conceding that Buddhism very much came to understand the nature of the mind Matrix.

This leads to the question as to whether this existence is reconcilable with higher levels of existence. I don’t know the answer to that but I’ll post two quotes from the Kristos which taken from a Christian Gnostic perspective would at least make one consider whether such a thing is possible:

26, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.”

15Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not from the Father but from the world. 17The world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God remains forever.

I generally don’t like quoting scripture as it’s a control mechanism of the archons but it’s not possible to enact 100% falsity. The truth of the matter always seeps through and this may be exactly the meaning of the unveiling or revelation of the Kristos. It may be that both agents of the demiurge and higher dimensional beings are active at this point in history. The demiurge is fulfilling his prophecies while the agents of Kristos and Sofia are shining light on how false they are. Read the Torah yourself and you can’t come to any other conclusion than that the claims of the demiurge to goodness are false! Its behavior is clearly evil. The Roman Christ doesn’t fare much better here as its idea of crime and punishment is eternal damnation! Not good by any standard so we have rational evidence that the demiurge claims in that book are false! And no, The Koran fares no better!

What’s interesting to me, and I don’t know what’s true in this regard, is if there are more than two groups of agents here: the dimensional demiurge and the archons and humans, or if there are other agents/actors from this dimension/universe. Many think there are! This is the alien or E.T. hypothesis. So maybe things are extraordinarily convoluted on this planet. If it turns out to be the case, though, I still think the higher dimensional beings have more authority.

A note on the faculties of logic and reason here: I believe they are inherently transcendental although higher dimensions transcend but don’t contradict these processes. There is nothing the Kristos would have taught that would have contradicted them!. But the Archons have no such qualms: they spew endless bullshit and are indifferent to truth. Here are some of their contradictions to reason and logic:

-God divides by special choseness.

-God uses ethnicity as a means of revealing truth.

-God uses earth geography as a means of revealing the truth.

-God punishes people forever.

I should also note that not all scientific claims are honest; scientists, in general, have lied about many things in the past 500 years. That lying has been an affront to the faculties of logic and reason. My own belief, though, is the earth being flat is not a part of any scientific deception. It is hard to gauge, though, what some scientists are lying about today as it’s safe to say there are those in that field aligned with the archons.

I’ll end here on Genesis and mention that the proper word in the first verses is recreated. And it may be that this has happened many times in the past and is likely to happen again in a vicious cycle of lies and deception. Would you like out?

Realize who you really are! C Major to C Minor ii-V-i…. I use chromatic riffs on the major and minor 2-5-1.

I’d like to explore useless spirituality in this post. But only in regards to life efficacy and this post isn’t interested in metaphysics; only this world actions and their benefit or consequences.

I’ll define spirituality as what can be honest and true as far as it can be in the year 2017 on earth. This goes to our knowledge and how it can be applied practically as a guide to sound ethical behavior with the aim or goal of giving as many people a healthy environmentally/ecologically sustainable life as is possible at this time.

Spirituality that I find useless in this regard:

-ones that aren’t consistently critical of the corrupt fiat currency system and its unsustainable economic model. There might have been an argument for its efficacy in 1917 but it’s a death sentence to us now.

-ones that aren’t critical of the force and coercion being used upon the poor by governments throughout the earth. At a minimum, there should be a 24,000 tax exemption for the poor and working poor using today’s U.S. dollar as a metric. Along with this tax exemption would be laws limiting predatory lending to the poor. You couldn’t have an efficacy of intended outcome without both.

-ones that aren’t critical of corporate malfeasance and its associated partners in crime within the Wall St. casino.

-ones that aren’t critical of the attacks on freedom of expression and free speech brought to us by the Unholy Trinity of governments, corporations and banking cartels.

-ones that aren’t critical of the MSM controlling the narrative agenda. From subtle manipulations to outright lying on the tell-lie-vision.

-ones that aren’t critical about the culture of celebrity and it’s associated culture of narcissism which promotes decadence and debauchery of the human spirit. But yes, most of it should be legal but not promoted to mainstream status. AKA..normalization.

-ones that don’t have a healthy skepticism towards modernities turning humanity into objects of financial exploitation for the capitalist machine.

-ones that deny our best environmental scientific knowledge (and scientific knowledge in general if the science itself is honest).

-ones that aren’t critical of nepotism, cronyism, and all the ways the casino owners have rigged the system to their advantage.

-ones which justify crap ethics based on unproven metaphysical claims.

-ones that teach that white is black and black is white– the inversion of truth spirituality–or, Orwellian Doublespeak.

-ones that aren’t critical of the military-industrial complex and its especially new tactic of using private mercenary armies to avoid criticism of unjust behavior from the public. Yes, also a big part of why they got rid of the draft.

-ones that aren’t critical of the privatization of the commons under Chicago School Neoliberal policy with its associated unsustainable inflation policies.

-ones which place the blame on human frailty solely on the individual while giving a free pass to structural crime, inefficiency, and ineptitude.

-ones where only actors with hidden agendas get public voices.

-ones that teach that only academics and their social class partners can have voice and legitimacy within the political sphere…Bring back the Drawing of Lots!

This last one is the toughest because I may have to bring metaphysics into it otherwise it’s near unexplainable. A Cabal of Jews, Jesuits, and Freemasons running the show on this planet in a strictly atheist Darwinian universe: USELESS!

Here’s the qualifying issue on this one: there is only one way this wouldn’t be useless and that is if indeed we are dealing with aliens and angels or both. But it’s only in a strict monotheism where God is committing this evil for a purpose that this wouldn’t be useless; either that or some kind of NON-DUAL Ascending Master type situation, or even, possibly, they are us time-traveling. These are the only scenarios where I can think that they are not useless and as I’ve explained elsewhere, their evil behavior, under this scenario, is more about the complexities of the cosmic situation on this planet. But I remain highly skeptical of this scenario.

Hi, I wanted to do a post on free will and determinism, or free will, chance, and necessity and came across a video by Roger Waters as I was thinking about these ideas. And go figure…I might add that this is one of the most complex topics in philosophy, science and religion and a blog post by a high school drop-out will hardly do the topic justice; nevertheless, I will argue the veracity of my points with the caveat that all metaphysics described herein are speculations and I assert nothing as dogmatic fact.

This is a video of Waters talking Israel. Waters is assuredly correct in his analysis of the situation surrounding Israel and the Palestinians–he couldn’t be more right! It’s an intolerable situation from any logical and rational analysis. But that isn’t what this post is about….

I don’t necessarily like to pigeonhole people but I think it’s probably accurate to describe Waters as a leftist materialist, no? Please correct me if I’m presumptuous and wrong here but the rest of this post will be premised on this assessment.

There are two issues here and I’ll cover the first one briefly. The first is a pragmatist ethics of how societies should behave, act, and function. The most advanced society would be premised on secular ideals with the rule of law enacted by the very best interpretations of human reason and logic. If such a society were to exist it would lay a safe foundation with ground rules which would work towards a society wherein human beings could realize their full potential and explore safely the ultimate concern of being human: what is the nature of reality? So far so good…

Upon reflection it may be worth comparing the society we have to the one just mentioned: Go shopping! While billionaires hire private armies to commit heinous acts of murder all around the earth and please make it a priority to be entertained by celebrities and athletes while all your dignities are slowly stripped away by these archons.

Here’s the rub though, and yes, it affects all of us! Mr. Waters is a slave to his ego! And guess what? His ego has convinced him that he has free will! And this is the root cause of all the mayhem on this planet.  No! Not Roger’s ego, dumbass! OUR egos! Now, will leftist materialist’s ever consider and accept this truism? Probably not! But that doesn’t change reality which is ultimately transcendental compared to this illusionary construct. Well now, the hornet’s nest has been poked and I guess this will need some unpacking…

Leftist materialists have reduced life to what Wilber calls ‘frisky dirt’–or, Flatland. It’s here that the human ego achieved its most convoluted imprisonment. But really, it had help in that premodern religion was inculcated with every manner of irrationality, illogic, and superstition. This problem, of course, was elucidated by Enlightenment thinkers applying logic and reason to the earth’s religious traditions claims and what they found was that it annihilates most of them, but crucially, and this is the most important aspect of Flatland –it doesn’t annihilate all spiritual claims…

The truth of the matter is that everything here is determined and your free will is an illusion that doesn’t exist in reality. In fact, you’ve likely been trapped in this construct for a very long time and the fruits of this imprisonment have become rotten. And this rot is being played out on the world stage.

I’m not going to get into the ultimate metaphysical reality because Siddhartha was correct when he counseled not to go into this arena, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t exist! I’ll only say that it’s my belief that we live a multi-dimensional existence and that, IMO, we don’t have souls–but rather, are living souls! But what’s a fact is that the human ego is separated from its source and there is no free will that can ever put Humpty Dumpty back together again. This truism makes Judaism wrong, Christianity wrong, Islam wrong, Hinduism’s caste system wrong, and Buddhism as its played out over the centuries hasn’t fared much better. From this perspective, the most foolish doctrine on the planet is the idea that God will ‘calcify’ your ego forever…

These religious machinations over time are the work of the Archons who control this illusionary construct. Western theism is their masterpiece and they’ve sewn falsity into the eastern traditions and obscured the truth about the human ego and its relationship to ultimate reality. They’ve even convinced you by manipulation to return to their prison camp over and over again. But you’re not here because of freewill ego choices and their associated karmas–you’re here because you’ve been duped into believing their bullshit! And modernity hasn’t freed us from their B.S.!

Here’s the truth: you want illusion to be reified; you want the impossible! You want proof! But the only thing you’ll get in that regard is the White Rabbit–you should follow it! The veil is being lifted and the revelation of the Kristo’s is at hand.

Here are some questions you might ask: what are the latest scientific understandings on free will? It’s an illusion! Oh, yes, you have the ability to choose a ham sandwich or oatmeal for breakfast but these are inconsequential to your relationship to ultimate reality. And it’s here the Archons wove their mischief into the eastern traditions.

Was there a religious narrative in the past that assessed reality correctly? Yes, Christian Gnosticism knew that free will was an illusion; that Kristos didn’t die for your sins; that you are imprisoned in a false construct; that you have the ability to fully realize these truths if you truly seek wisdom.

And like the Ouroboros this post circles back to its beginnings and Israel. The Demiurge will have its day but no one is obligated to play its game. Seek truth tenaciously and life’s illusions will vanish! Follow logic and reason as far as they will take you but know the truth transcends but is not contradicted by these frail human faculties! Above all escape the bondage of the human ego with its associated dramas, sufferings, attachments, and delusions.

Will leftist materialist’s consider what’s written in this post? Most likely not–which puts them in direct confrontation with reality.

I’ll end with asking Mr. Waters a question: what does he think Israel will give the world for its seventieth birthday?

I’ll leave you with this to ponder:

Bhagavad Gita
5.8-9: A person in the divine consciousness, although engaged in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, moving about, sleeping and breathing,
always knows within himself
that he actually does nothing at all.
Because while speaking, evacuating, receiving, or opening or closing his eyes,
he always knows that
only the material senses are engaged with their objects and that
he is aloof from them.



Riff-Vlog on Sargon of Asshat’s Anarcho-Communism. My solution to the problems of modernity and environmentalism are contained within The Four Pillars of a Global Commons Civilization. Capitalism would still exist in a stripped down commercial version but the lowly evolved mode of coercion and exploitation of humanities basic needs would end. Capitalists would have to become more creative under this system when it comes to how they generate profit.  The best way to implement this is via the distribution of currency. End the debt/fiat system and usher in either public currency, social-credit,, or a basic income dividend. A new education system would be needed, too.

The first minute is spent on cap/com in his video. I’ll link below. The 2nd minute gets into the an-com model and I compare it to my Global Commons Civilization. He ends up commenting on gender A.I. and space exploration @4:24. I do have issues with some of these ideas but overall I think he gets more right than wrong, but his biggest wrong is that his framing will make the ideas impossible–my G.C.C. at least has a small chance of being implemented which is better than none at all.

I didn’t mention in the video that it’s the economics of fiat currency itself that is a nightmare for the planet and for many people to come. Inflation is killing us and the model needs about 10-more earth’s to be sustainable. Capitalism, in some form, might be sustainable, but not the economics of fiat currency.

A non-debt, non-inflationary means of exchange is needed. At least for the majority.