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Ken Wilber on BuddhaAtTheGasPump.

I have to start out by saying that I love Ken Wilber! And no, not in some faggoty way but in a spiritual sense. I’ve never met him and like most humans, I do meet, I’d probably find that I don’t like him so much:(

But, if there was such a thing as a Bodhisattva or an Avatar this guy might be it!

I ran into Wilber’s writings in 2001…22-years into my quest or search into the nature of reality. I immediately understood his genius at grokking the big picture. I spent the last decade (2001/2009) reading his complete oeuvre and spent much time on the integral-post-metaphysical site on Ning and read many of his critics on Frank Visser’s site IntegralWorld. So, that is some background.

There is so much where I agree with him but there are crucial areas of difference that are deep and profound. It’s going to be easier to tackle this from where I disagree with him:

-consciousness is NOT evolving! Hell, we know so little about consciousness that to say anything about it definitively is frankly hubris. The fact of the matter is that a 10-year old child’s consciousness probably wasn’t much difference 1000-years ago, or, 10,000, or 100,000 years ago compared to a child today! What would be different are the inputs. Today’s inputs into that 10-year old brain are screens and not robins or grass or straw huts. Technology has evolved but consciousness itself? That is sheer metaphysical speculation and it’s unfounded and untenable.

-the assertion that one can see they were the original face of the big bang is sheer religion! Nice poetry but nothing more; moreover, it’s a logical fallacy–an appeal to authority and also a popularity fallacy when he appeals to a community of the adequate as proof for his metaphysics. The fact of the matter is that any universal assertion about what we are and where we are premised solely on mind introspection can tell us nothing more than phenomenology and not much about larger ontological and metaphysical, or cosmological issues. The void or emptiness could be a chasm that ‘guards’ this dimension from higher dimensional planes. I talk about this issue in this post on the distinction between states and dimensions.

-Wilber, by and large, has chosen two schools of eastern philosophy to interpret his experiences: Vedic Advaita Vedanta and Mahayana Buddhism (or, maybe Vajrayana) I don’t have a problem with either per se, but there are dualist schools like Dvaita Vedanta and Theravada Buddhism which argue for different conclusions about macro cosmological issues. THIS IS A CRUCIAL POINT AND GOES TO CHERRY PICKING CERTAIN SCHOOLS OF RELIGIOUS THOUGHT TO BACK UP A PRECONCEIVED AGENDA! The point is that all of this is speculative within a multiplicity of hundreds of thousands if not millions of spiritual assertions which span the millennia of human history. In light of that fact, anyone’s assertions about greater macro cosmologies are entirely speculative and should be framed as such. It’s here that Wilber transitions into a subtle dogmatism.

-Integral theory as espoused by Wilber has been co-opted by political elites who have implemented what is known as a third way politic. This is the NEOLIBERALISM of Blair, Bush., etc., and it’s disastrous! Now, I’m not necessarily blaming Wilber for this but it’s a sad state of affairs when obvious sociopaths and psychopaths can use the Integral brand to wreck their particular form of economics on the planet. It’s also a type of cultural hubris and it isn’t solving anything but is rather making things much worse, IMO. Any speculation on how this political-economic branch of capitalism used spirituality? As a means of making KA$H…HINT: The Neoliberal School of Spiritual Propaganda! And yes, this transitions into…

-sadly, this issue does involve the J.Q. and I’d rather not bring this into it but it needs to be mentioned especially from my dual gnostic point of view. Judaic control of Buddhism is no small issue and Wilber certainly has his share of Jewish vetting when it comes to his cosmological assertions. There is even a lawsuit involved when it comes to interpretation of Buddhist canon so not everyone is thrilled with his position ( the lawsuit doesn’t involve the J.Q.) but in general, Jewish vetting of religion is an issue! Ask any dualist gnostic if they are at the wrong end of Jewish vetting when it comes to spiritual claims–I can assure you that we are and it’s not a pleasant experience. But this gets into the issue of ALL religion being a machination of the demiurge. Wilber ain’t going there!

Waking up, cleaning up and growing up? I pretty much agree with him on this but it comes down to definitions. I don’t find the possibility of higher dimensional planes of existence childish. If the claim from Wilber’s camp is that these possibilities are childish then it’s another place I part ways with him. Moreover, if anyone’s dualist metaphysical beliefs are treated as silly shadow issues then it’s Integral Inc. that has the problem and the shadow, IMO.

Look, Wilber’s work and project is so vast that it’s incredibly difficult to assess. Much of what he teaches on smaller scale issues is right on the money and anyone would be the better for understanding these issues and becoming a fuller and deeper person because of them. Most of Wilber’s critics come from the skeptical atheist community and I find much of the critique balanced and useful. Whether this is societal manipulation via dialectic is hard to say but it’s consistent with the divide and conquer strategies of the El-ites. It would be nice if I was wrong about this but I’m not so sure that I am.

I’ve had a close friend of mine tell me that certain sects of Buddhism are the workings of extraterrestrial archons and that it’s not for the betterment of humankind. I’m not going there as my experience and beliefs are predicated on celestial manipulations and not extraterrestrial, but I don’t dismiss it outright.

Okay, then, that’s all, for now, Kenny:D


Sometimes I get a craving for eggs.
I don’t eat them habitually and that spans 40-years, but once in a while on these lazy mornings when the evil deeds of the evil world can wait:D

Pouching for 3-5 minutes in a stainless steel frying pan after the water has boiled and turned to simmer. And it’s got to be a sourdough baguette with fresh butter and avocados with a few slices of tomato. I lightly salt with a pink Himalayan salt and use fresh ground pepper! And the French-pressed coffee? Worth dying for in this evil place!

WARNING: bratty cats are prone to attacking the kitchen table when this meal is served so please use extreme caution when serving!

Sometimes I get in a nostalgic mood for the 90’s:

After brunch, there are times when a conspiracy YouTube video is fun to watch. Now, there are generally 3-kinds of people on Social Media: there are the those who created it and are willfully and intentionally manipulating humanity for money, power and what is most likely a hidden spiritual agenda–there is a religious but not spiritual mode about this first group. Non-stop endless BULL-SHIT is the mode here which is a total disregard for truth and online this looks like and is PROPAGANDA. The second group is the targeted demographic–those who are having their brains rewired and their minds molded via perception management–these are derogatorily named the sheeple by the first group. The 3rd-type and by far the smallest demographic are the gadflies, the wrenches in the wheel; they spend much time online trying to make the second group aware of what the first group is doing to their minds and offer theories about why the first group is behaving in the way that they do. Maybe it’s neurosis or in group social Darwinism?  We ‘third wavers’ even suggest alternative spiritual theories on why the first group is behaving the way they do. It should be noted that the first group is most likely linked to 10,000 – years of conflicting religious narrative on the planet which would explain their religious but not spiritual modes of behavior. This group morphed into the worldwide money machine within the last 500-years as they created a new way to control populations and now this alignment of group 1 seeks total control over human thinking via the coming technosphere.

The gazillion dollar question, then, is why are you here and which group are you serving?

Bon Appetite!

WooHoo! Here’s another video that I can offer up commentary on. My first note: the fact that Joseph doesn’t believe in Casper (invisible things like God) doesn’t mean Casper doesn’t exist! Now, I spend much time arguing that public policy shouldn’t be predicated on a belief in Casper but this doesn’t mean that Casper doesn’t exist or is not having an enormous influence on conditions on this planet–and truly evil conditions at that.

For anyone not familiar with P.J. he became famous putting out a conspiracy documentary called, Zeitgeist around 2008 which asserted that Christianity, 911, and The Federal Reserve were and are conspiracies. He describes it now as an ART piece and as far as I can tell distances himself from commenting on the content in public these days. I’ll amusingly suggest that he became famous via conspiracy theory and now denies conspiracy theory:D I’ll come back to this later but I think what is going to happen here is this post will kind of end up looking Yin/Yang as I agree with him and disagree with him on different issues. Where I am in complete agreement with him is that he clearly groks the issue of scale facing civilization and correctly states that our politics are going to kill us via their outmoded socialism capitalism antagonisms which were always at loggerheads but now could lead to ruin. He’s 100% correct that any meaningful change has to be structural and not premised on individual ‘lone recycler’ ethics–ethics which are also needed but not sufficient to solve the issue of scale.

A note on Daniel Pinchbeck: this post won’t talk about him as much as he’s the interviewer but Daniel became famous for his explorations into ENTHEOGEN theory and created the website Reality Sandwich which explores spirituality. He’s also a writer and is also another who is well versed in Integral Theory.

So my first criticism of P.J. will start where he started: religion in Zeitgeist. The modern powerbrokers use Egyptian symbolism everywhere! The word Ra-bbi comes from the sun; Is-Ra-El is Egyptian gods and goddesses; obelisks stand at every power institution on the planet. So we have this sun-worshipping religion which controls pretty well everything now and P.J. just accounts this to superstition! At this point, I need to apply Occam’s Razor to the question of Theodicy and God. Isn’t the simplest explanation for the evil that exists on this planet the speculation that if there is a God it’s flawed and evil in nature? I can understand and agree with the deconstruction of religion but that’s a separate issue as to the existence of God and what kind of God exists if one were to exist and I don’t see how the rightful deconstruction of religion necessarily solves or leads to the definitive position that P.J. seems to hold on this issue: that everything along this line of inquiry is superstition. A possible and even plausible explanation for evil and the human condition and the cosmic condition sits right in front of us and I see no good reason to dismiss it outright as superstition.

Just a note as they finish up the first section prior to moving onto the issue of spirituality, religion, and God. They end the first section by P.J. denying any collusion among the billionaire elites. Unfortunately, this is laughable considering he made the doc. Zeitgeist… 911 is proof enough to anyone with common sense and critical thinking skills that collusion and conspiracy are happening at unheard of levels. There is no moving forward until everything surrounding that day comes to light. I believe history will bear the truth of this statement and everything he’s trying to do will more or less be moot unless we get to the truth of this issue which is inextricably tied into the J.Q.

They next talk about spirituality and I have no problem with his atheist position per se and I don’t know stance on the issue and I completely agree with his Secular Humanist framing of spirituality. I also agree with his stance on root causes of pathology and their interconnectedness with being and culture.

Moving onto solutions and he’s arguing for rapid advancement of the technosphere. Dr. Frankenstein? A.I. juxtaposed to work loss, etc. He’s entirely correct though that the slave culture of work and its associated exploitations, coercion, and antagonisms are in fact; the fallen nature which is being manipulated by the archons. Yes, the work ethic is NOT spiritual from the western theistic tradition but factually a curse brought about by ‘spiritual entropy’. Whether or not the coming Smart City Techno Grid with it’s likely associated Mark of The Beast surveillance app sets humanity free is obviously something I’m skeptical about. Go back and deal with the 911 and see the light of day there and I’d feel a little better about the technosphere.

Next: there is no going back on the macro scale to hunter-gatherer type ways of living. The only way that is going to happen is via a worldwide apocalypse and the horror of that is something we all need hope doesn’t happen. This isn’t to say that one of the many solutions shouldn’t be neo-homesteading–intelligent well thought out and enacted return to minimalist living on the land. But, this, IMO., could only be done orderly via private property rights so the trick there would be to pass anti-land-hoarding laws and make land affordable and accessible again. I propose 1-house per person policies as a sustainable way forward.

I completely agree about localization and that globalization has led to reductionist homogeny.

Open-source, decentralization, and crypto: this utopian idea that the technosphere is going to usher in some type of egalitarian economy is wishful thinking. Again, though, I’d like to see something happening NOW as far as that goes which would make me feel a whole lot better about this assertion. Right now the plutocracy is squeezing every dime out of everyone so they can have the society THEY want. Can rape really be turned into love? I don’t think so and if we can’t change human behavior now for the better why should anyone believe that it’s magically going to happen in the future? Zero marginal cost is bull-shit of the capitalists who don’t care about anything but their power and control.

GOVERNMENT: it comes down to this: somehow taking control back from billionaire oligarchs! Until this happens assertions about the future are useless. Localization, localization, localization with some type of overarching earth council who are made up of retirees who have given up their wealth and are committed to the good of the earth and its people. Local governments would be bound to their overarching decisions. Perhaps a council of 24? 12 men and 12 women?

One thing I want to take issue with here is when Daniel Pinchbeck cavalierly suggested to ‘tear down the house’, so to speak. I find this suggestion reckless whether coming from him or Steve Bannon or any other number of thoughtless actors on the world stage (not that D.P. is thoughtless in general) Look, as they correctly point out at the beginning–this isn’t 1850 anymore and the scale of destruction today would be incalculable and to say that anything or anyone would survive to build ANY kind of society isn’t a given. Here is the truth as far as I understand it: there are FOUR areas where the present system HAS to make an adjustment if we are to survive in any sane way in the future: HOUSING, FOOD, EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE. I call these The Four Pillars of A NEW EARTH COMMONS. This post is too short to argue why ending private property is a delusion so I’ll argue, then, that the solution is to guarantee that everyone by birth has access to a small piece of private property and that the speculation on real-estate end and that houses be turned into homes again and not speculative venture. I’ll link a post which fleshes these ideas out more but the solutions to sustainability and legitimate spiritual concerns can be addressed by this model. I consider it an intelligent pragmatic rational compromise to the Marxist/Capitalist Psyop…