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I should start by saying that I’m a 20-year layman meditator as well as a 40-year contemplative and I do home yoga of various types (thank-you YouTube)…

So this isn’t an attack; it’s an inquiry premised on my Gnostic leanings in which I Intuit that almost everything in religion, spirituality, and finance is the bull-shit of the Archons!

My question goes to honesty. In my opinion, the assertion that kundalini is science is blatantly and shamelessly dishonest and deceptive. Given that fact, why should we believe the supernatural claims of the kundalini yogis?

Please consider also (especially from the Gnostic view) that the kundalini serpent of ultimate enlightenment is western theisms devil! What kind of fuckery is this? How does this happen unless it’s done intentionally (by the archons)…Could things be more contradictory?

Here is what I think reasonable people would need to consider kundalini science. But first I should say kundalini could be real and true but if it’s not demonstrable via empiricism and replication then it’s not science–it’s religion.

We would need some kind of impartial non-biased university to study this in an objective way. If the Siddhi claims of the Yogi’s are real then they should be demonstrable under controlled conditions.

The foundation of this yoga is the idea of chakra energy running up and down the spine. There is the mythology of this going back to as much as 10,000 years! The idea is inextricably linked to the idea of souls and reincarnation, purpose, panpsychism, and the primacy of consciousness. But we’ll not address those associated issues in this post.

What I think reasonable to suggest is that if there is an energy source that runs up and down the physical body then this energy must be in some way physically verifiable and measurable. To all my knowledge this has nowhere at any time been demonstrated to be real. And this goes to my Gnostic leanings which tell me the archons bullshit about EVERYTHING! They just make shit up! Read the Urantia Book for an audacious example of make-up-believe!

Now if religious B.S. wasn’t enough we have modernities new religion of KA$H where the central bankers make shit up at unprecedented levels! The printing of fiat out of nothing is as audacious as it comes! And crypto has more in common with fiat than it has differences and it’s pretty well a fact now that Wall St. controls the crypto market so any hopes of it usurping the finance machine are dead and gone. At best all that will happen with crypto is that it will be integrated into the ‘archonic finance machine’ which I’ve described as endless bull-shit!  The Archons created an earth casino!

An associated problem here which I rant about quite often is the linking of kundalini yoga and the philosophy of nonduality. I see people like Wilber misrepresenting science dishonestly in much the same way the yogis are being dishonest about kundalini being science! This is a major problem for the Gnostic who if genuine only seeks universal truth (if there were such a thing)…

For me, this issue is also linked to free will and I become more and more suspicious of the notion as every day passes. If there is a transcendent Gnostic God then only it can get you out of this prison!

And BTW., if there were anything to what I was saying then the J.Q. is embedded within a whole host of unsavory players from every culture and religion–they are all inkahoots and complicit! So scapegoating any one tribe is way off the mark!  I’ve said that the modern money machine could have only been put in place by an alliance of Jews, Jesuits, Freemasons, and houses within Islam, and I’ll add two of the primary fronts are the Rockefeller and Rothschild’s dynasties.


This is a very rare video where a prof. (I’m not sure of his name) talks explicitly about the Gnostic view as compared to Platonist Nonduality. Very much worth the viewing time. I would only say that the first part of the expose on nonduality is spiritual speculation when viewed from a modern materialist perspective. And it’s here I make my only crucial point: there is really no way to know or demonstrate this metaphysics in any empirical or objective way! Hence, I would argue that it’s speculative metaphysics. In my opinion, this leaves the door open for a neo-gnostic interpretation of reality framed within the limits of logic and reason–this is my spiritual endeavor.

Which leads me to the YouTube channel 0ThouArtThat0…

I first ran across Matt on the site Zaadz around 2006 and always found him to be an excellent thinker. In this video, he simplifies what modernity is and what post-modernity is (the philosophy of the subject) and offers up an Integral view of where humanity needs to go next. I share his panpsychist view and am sympathetic to his panentheistic nonduality and process philosophy. But, and it’s an important but, this view is very much spiritual speculation.


In this video, I flesh out issues I have with some atheists while at the same time touching on some of the tenets of my spiritual beliefs which aren’t​ completely incompatible with atheism depending on which spiritual possibility or position I’m musing on.