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This post assumes one would be familiar with Carl Jung’s ideas on the shadow; it especially is directed at the Integral Inc. community; whom, IMO, is not really grokking the most important aspect of the idea and process: HONESTY! Yes, I shall unpack that claim.

Firstly, here is the Wiki on the Integral movement. Second: this post is a response to a video linked here where Jeff Salzman is talking about Jordan Peterson with a few other commentators.

And now my most salient points: Integral is RELIGION and Integral Inc., as far as I can see, are not very forthright in conceding that fact. I might even add that it’s a somewhat dogmatic religion as those who question the tenets of faith are often shunned–a usual mode within dogmatism. Allow me to explain: the religion espoused in Integral Inc. is the eastern philosophy of non-duality. The fact of the matter is that non-duality is one among millions of spiritual philosophies within the history of humanities religious thought. It is in no way objectively demonstrable and like all religion is founded upon what’s called in philosophy metaphysical speculation. Generally, this religious idea denies an eternal personal creator who is transcendent to the material world and ultimately replaces that creator with humanity being able to attain God status. It should be noted that there is zero evidence in the history of religion of any person demonstrating God-like qualities–no human has ever been able to create life, etc… But the main point is that most integrals’ deny and are dishonest about what non-duality is: metaphysical speculation. I should note that within Vedic tradition are schools like Dvaita which theorize dualistic ideas about God which are more in line with how I see things as a Christian Gnostic.

The misrepresentation of science in the community is appalling. To my understanding, there is no science that has demonstrated any kind of God or teleology. In fact, quite the opposite, and in spite of that fact, Integral Inc., behaves (as a matter of everyday fact)– that science has proved spiritual metaphysics–nothing could be further from the truth as far as I can see. Again, the point is that Integral Inc. are dishonest about this and that is very poor shadow work indeed. An honest assessment of science today would only lead one to venture into the philosophy of science and speculate as theory (not fact) various ideas about metaphysics. String Theory does this although I don’t personally buy it as framed although that’s not relevant to this post.  Q.M. is a thorny branch of science that in no way, as far as I can tell, demonstrates spirituality; in fact, quite the opposite. But this is the most complex area of physics and beyond the scope of this post. Now, I might add, that I subscribe to panpsychism but I hold that view as a matter of speculation and not FACT. I’m also a theist (Gnostic) and think God is completely transcendent to this hell hole we live in–yes, Elvis left the building, but, again, that is sheer personal speculation on my part. Yes, God still sends its messengers into this shitshow:D

The most problematic area of obfuscation and duplicity is in the arena of politics and economics. Integral Inc. should perhaps be known more honestly as the mouthpiece for corporate neoliberalism backed and financed by the corrupt practices of the banking cartels who are directly associated with the Cabal of certain Jews, Freemasons, Jesuits, and certain Islamists intent on ushering in a corporatized mind-controlled New World Order. Interestingly enough, it seems that it’s The Philosopher Kings of Integral Inc. who will be at the top of the pyramid within this NWO. Moreover, the concatenation of heavy Jewish backing of this movement conveniently and consistently place the Jewish people at the top of this pyramid, too, and is something not altogether surprising considering the history of Jewish supremacy (whether religious or Darwinian) and is something that shouldn’t get a free pass as far as criticism and is worthy of a deconstruction in its own right about why this continually happens millennia after millennia.  I might add, as a speculation, that Integral Inc., is just as likely (given these listed obfuscations)  a Trojan Horse and longterm dialectic ushering in the long dreamed of myth of the Jewish Messiah who wants to rule nation-states with an iron rod via the Noahide Laws! YIKES! The delusion is strong here as humanity could very well see this worldwide system implemented via Integral ultimately ushering in a worldwide system premised on religious delusion.

Please allow me to offer up an honest view of the Integral worldview: we believe that spirituality framed as metaphysical speculation is an integral part of any new healthy society; we concede that that view could never be monological in nature and that spirituality within this culture would be necessarily pluralistic. We concede that science in the early 21st century still confirms the materialist worldview although there are interesting hypothesis’ and theories being explored which are attempting to prove teleology and purpose–to date these are simply ideas which have not been demonstrated. We understand that the present course of first world corporate neoliberalism is unsustainable and that major overhauls are needed within the money distribution arena; a change in the view of labor transactions consistent with a coherent understanding of The Golden Rule (non-coercive and non-exploitive) which factors in the approaching ‘delaborization’ of humanity via robotics and A.I. The recognition that all humans deserve housing as a basic need fulfillment which would make Integral the leading proponents of ‘delisting’ housing from capitalist speculation; that a new education model is needed which, as its central focus, would teach every type of sustainability, and personal financial education– commensurate with notions within the study of human potential with the focus on mastery in any given field of interest, and that all attempts at such endeavors be built around the ethics of voluntarism– that is to say there would be a multiplicity of approaches to meet these necessary goals–these ideas wouldn’t become an avenue of forced totalitarianism; that all avenues of moving forward are dependent on a human being healthy and that any part of a new education would, as a central focus, be concerned with health and diet juxtaposed to ‘delisting’ healthcare from the for-profit system as it exists today in its toxic economic structure.

In fact, I explore these ideas in what I call A New Earth Commons which doesn’t have Jewish or Integral stamps of approval! YEAH!!!


The result of wealth accumulation usually attained via unmerited corrupt practices always ends in disaster for any given civilization. The unmerited aspect of this phenomenon isn’t something I’m going to get into within this post as it’s a complex and nuanced topic in its own right.

We know that trickle-down economics is a fallacy. This has been covered by so many economic theorists and proved false that I’m just not going to spend time linking all the debunking of this theory.

It’s true that there are very efficient panhandlers out there now; people like Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones have become the epitome of the new class of human panhandlers (the 99.9999%).

This is the inevitable outcome of what I call The Age of Usury and it’s also, in part, concomitant with the devaluation of human labor by the elites. This also is a separate upcoming post so I’m not going to cover this aspect of it here. All I’ll say for now is that from my Gnostic perspective the archons are aware that work is a curse brought about by the machinations of the demiurge so there is no particular reason our rulers would value human labor when they’re quite aware of why it exists in the first place. There is also a subtle contempt between those who now make a living with their mind and those who do physical labor for a living; the latter now, under this system, via income from their labors only, get to live on the street for retirement. This is due to inflation, usury, and taxes–the death knell for workers.

Here is an article from the Guardian exploring Ten Reasons Wealth Inequality is Soaring.

I’m going to list my own views in point form which, in my opinion, are also responsible for turning most of humanity into panhandlers:

-the rise of the corporation in the past 100-years and its associated legal status which gives the corporation immunity from psychopathic behavior. Apple is a primary example of this as its products are made via the worldwide exploitation of people for the sole purpose of profit. The home country of Apple’s origin is simply not relevant to the corporation. Just a note here that I’m not picking on Apple per se as there are now thousands of these corporate behemoths. I should note that as corporations pursue a monological pursuit of profit combined with A.I. and technology we will only see panhandling grow exponentially.

-as the money supply gets vacuumed up by the elites it puts a stranglehold on purchasing power. In late modernity, this was ‘solved’ by the issuance of enormous amounts of consumer credit. But this mechanism doesn’t really solve the core issues and is more akin to throwing fire on gasoline.

-the oligarchs of the past century have spent enormous amounts of time and energy dissociating humanity from its relationship to the earth. This, in fact, was the primary mode of operation of the early capitalists in England a few hundred years ago. Self-sufficiency has been stymied at every point since then and no more so than the Rockefeller model of education whose primary focus was to create robots for corporations–human robots that are always disposable, but that’s another topic, too.

-fiat currency and fractional reserve lending are the primary bad actors in turning humanity into panhandlers; although, if I’m correct, the fiat currency masters are trying to use crypto-currency as a method to solve the sustainability and inequality issues brought on by their earlier mechanisms. At this point, this new mechanism is the primary driver of what could be called a ‘new age of panhandling‘.

-governments purchased by corporate elites whose politicians have abandoned every metric of decency and honesty and use government as a means to satisfy their own whims and desires while fulfilling the agendas of the financial and corporate élite. This has stymied any possible attempts at redress for members of society and the contempt the political class now has for its constituents is consistent with a new culture of panhandling which they are enabling. Of course, this is very much linked to the central bank model. suggests this new mode of being has been ushered in by what I call The Unholy Trinity…

Just an end note: if a worldwide culture of panhandling is inevitable, and I believe it is under all the current trajectories, then I suggest that the primary focus should be a fair means of distributing the reward pool of the earth, its resources, and various bits of intelligence. is a step in the right direction.

Oh, where to begin? The issue of a worldwide economic system built upon the foundations of usury can never be successfully criticized as long as the central bankers can argue (correctly) that the average human today lives better than 12-century kings. These people are far from dumb! I think it’s also fair to say that those who benefit and gain the most advantage from usury are probably the last to be critical of it.

That aside, this post (or series of posts) will argue that a worldwide economic system built upon usurious ideologies is unsustainable in large part because built into the usurious system is inflation which cannot be sustained within an ecology of limits or limits to growth within finite biological and physical systems.

The net result of this age is that ALL policy is geared towards one perspective: will it be good for the system of usury and those who have a monopoly on it? Let’s look at the idea called a basic income. Under a worldwide system of usurious money lending, the basic income economy could never be allowed as it would interfere with a primary concern of the money lenders: the poor masses may not have to borrow as much and that couldn’t be tolerated; in fact, it must never be allowed to happen! No, the truth is any kind of feasible minimum income scheme is anathema under the current model and that’s why it would never be implemented–period.

A brief overview of what money is and should be. Simply put money is only a means of exchange.  Under a healthy economic system, this is all it would ever be allowed to be. Under a usurious system money, itself becomes a commodity and something to be monopolized and hoarded. Built into such a system is the immediate advantage this system gives to those who have a monopoly on the control of the commodity itself–and this is exactly what’s happened in late-modernity. This was the modus operandi of worldwide neoliberalism and the backlash against it was met with a cynical reaction by the financial elite: you don’t like neoliberalism? Well, then, we give you Trump! Trying to cure the disease with the infection and we all know homeopathy is pseudo-science–or, we should know this. I’m not saying the billionaires are of one mind and undivided, but we would have never gotten this far into their schemes and machinations if they weren’t much more than less in alignment. Moreover, manufacturing WWIII wouldn’t mean they are fractured as the last century saw the Cabal manipulating most everything from behind the scenes and warfare simply camouflaged their agendas.

As this century plays out we’ll most likely see this cynical reactionism among the elites as they double-down on their usurious system and not let it die a natural and needed death. I predict that almost every metric and means (mass profiling) would target every human for what would cause them the most debt. This would also be why universal healthcare would be anathema as nothing creates the need for money more than being sick or disabled and let me assure you the moneylenders will have the lines of credit waiting for you as planned; but, of course, there will also be the meaner response: cut off all credit and wager on the desperation that will ensue on mass making the crash of ’29 look like a picnic at Central Park–the sheer pathology of such modes of behavior is nearly unfathomable and in my view cannot be reconciled with a strict naturalist Darwinian view except for under one scenario: the alien natural E.T. co-opting/colonization of the earth which would mean religions celestial metaphysics aren’t the only part of humanities circumstances.

In my New Earth Commons post, I argue similarly to Aristotle that the basic needs of humanity shouldn’t be open to unnecessary coercion and exploitation. I’ve also argued that there is a lack of creativity in doing so. I suggest four areas where capitalists have to learn to stay out of if we are to survive within this present civilization and further that this is really a boundary issue and unhealthy people have unhealthy boundaries (it’s also an ego issue as well as a potential multidimensional issue and we’ll explore those areas as this series expands). What I basically suggest here is a bifurcation of the economy into a capitalist commercial economy and a steady-state basic needs economy and I see this as a sane compromise between the divided brain (not to mention Marx and Smith)and its concomitant economic structures. I should note that this isn’t a contradiction as the brain is divided but when working optimally there is a non-pathological cohesion or holistic synthesis–this is what this model would hope to replicate.

The next post in this series will explore human labor as it directly corresponds to usurious financial systems.

Note:* anyone who denies that there are many things that capitalism is very good at isn’t dealing with reality.

I should also note here that this series isn’t an endorsement of historical religion near all of which I consider bullshit although I’m not a materialist or a Marxist.

           Yes, overwhelmingly, the earliest Vedic yogi’s were Gnostic in their spirituality.

You probably think that today’s bling and travel obsessed yogis were doing their contortion act 4000-years ago? WRONG! Modernities asana materialist yogis are just that: a product and well thought out device of those who use religion as a type of control mechanism for society. I can assure you that the earliest known yogis didn’t do much more than the lotus position and were thoroughly convinced that this place was evil through and through: the body putrid prone to weakness and decomposition; the universe hostile to life, and their practice aimed and geared towards anything that they intuited might help them overcome this ‘hostile towards humans human condition’. This is GNOSTICISM!

It is true that over time certain schools mainly via the Tantric tradition came to view our condition as somewhat less problematic; this eventually led to non-dual spiritual philosophies and they developed their own particular brand of Gnosticism similarly described in Kabbalah and a few other eastern schools such as Advaita. Although prevalent, especially since the heavily propagandized neoliberal control of religion, we must always consider dualistic Gnostic traditions such as Dvaita. which correctly speculate that God and humans are entirely distinct and of separate natures. This is also the Christian Gnostic view–this is the view I hold. 

Here is a link which goes over the timelines of the yogic tradition and that it was only within the past millennia that yoga as we know it today existed.

Here is a link which goes into the details of modern yogic materialism wrapped in the guise of nationalism and corporatism.

This also is interesting from Wiki as it relates to the ‘cult of 33’ whom I believe controls civilization.

Though a large number of names for devas occur in the Rigveda, only 33 devas are counted, eleven each of earth, space, and heaven.[50] The Vedic pantheon knows two classes, Devas, and Asuras. The Devas (Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman, Bhaga, Amsa, etc.) are deities of cosmic and social order, from the universe and kingdoms down to the individual. The Rigveda is a collection of hymns to various deities, most notably heroic Indra, Agni the sacrificial fire and messenger of the gods, and Soma, the deified sacred drink of the Indo-Iranians.[51] Also prominent is Varuna (often paired with Mitra) and the group of “All-gods”, the Vishvadevas.[52]

And here is one version of the Vedic creation myth taken from the Gaia site:


“The universal eons consist of two branches, without beginning or end, which spring from one root — the invisible power and the unknowable silence.”

~ Gnostic Mystic Simon the Magus

Shiva was the original “one,” according to Tantric myth. He existed in a dream state of formless, infinite consciousness. But as the great singularity, he was lonely, and without living form, he was simply the eternal dreamer, unable to turn vision into substance. Shiva was incomplete.

He brought forth Shakti, the wild, divine feminine energy with the power and potency to give form and life to Shiva and his dreams. If he joined with Shakti, her creative power would manifest his visions — even his vision of himself. But she had to agree. He pitched the idea to the radically uncontained Shakti.

She listened and understood that by giving him her immeasurable, life-giving power, she could bring life to Shiva’s dream of a multidimensional cosmos. But she also knew that her energy would be captured in conscious form — utterly contrary to her untamed nature. “Tell it to the judge,” she said.

Shiva decided to up his game. He showed her visions of what they could create if they joined in cosmic marriage; beings and worlds and things in numbers beyond imagining, unless of course, you’re Shiva the dreamer. “No dice. Don’t fence me in,” she said, still unwilling to be domesticated.

But Shiva didn’t give up. Because there was no time, he had all the time in the world to find a way to convince her. He pondered her resistance, then dreamed a new chip to lay on the table. Interrupting her unrestrained performance again, he said, “Imagine this. Every single thing we create will be distinct from all other things. Every single thing will be utterly unique. And anything our creation produces will be different from all other things. No two things will ever be the same.”

Shakti was captivated, inspired by the creative possibilities. And though he was formless, Shiva was starting to look good. She decided it was worth the price of admission to see the show. And she comforted herself with the knowledge that he couldn’t do it without her. It was a hard choice — she almost bolted at the last minute like a runaway bride — but at last she surrendered. And when the two joined, their embrace was so powerful they became one.


Shiva/Shakti commenced the cosmic dance without end, calling forth universes and everything in them; sound and vibration, light and dark, all the elements, oceans and rivers; mountains, gods and goddesses, humans and devas, demons and nagas, animals, fish, birds, celestial events, moons, suns, stars, and worlds.

Within all, from the most to the least, was Shakti’s divine spark and Shiva’s singular consciousness. Because time was a byproduct of creation, there was impermanence, and all that was born would die.

Because the dance was eternal, new worlds and things appeared while others ripened and dispersed. Within and without, betwixt and between, flowed the mysterious materia prima; the mighty gravitational force of love, ever-present and inexhaustible, the deepest essence of their joining. No two things, from galaxies to motes of dust, were the same.

The story is scalable;  as above, so below. Just as we are born with a unique DNA blueprint determining our physicality, so do we carry a singular blueprint of our spiritual potential. The dormant seed of an independent subtle body carries the possibility of qualities and expression unlike any other because of Shiva’s promise to Shakti.

And how about a little speculation on this Steemites:D???

Let’s say for the sake of this illustration that the myth isn’t human anthropocentrism and that it accurately illustrates in myth what actually happened at the ‘beginning’…

Now let’s say that event far predated this universe and the Shakti spirit therein is the Gnostic Sophia who did what she should not have done. Well, then, our present universe and condition would be a rather new phenomenon and the demiurge that Sophia created would really think this was it. Hence, YHWH and Yeshua and their coming gambit over humanity.

                                 More fun than anyone should be allowed to have!