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Stealing a bit from Joe Pass in this one…

This is part of my Involuntary Van-life series. Recorded in the Pacific Northwest in the van in B.C. (bring KA$H)…


Okay, I’m just having a little fun here. The present economic model couldn’t be worse for those who live in Christendom. In fact, it’s entirely corrupt and evil from Christendom’s perspective. This means the church has failed Christians, and see my 4-part What Should Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like, as per a correction in that regard. 

I think it’s a fair question to ask who set up this economic model that is so incredibly opposed to any healthy Christian ways of living. And yes, there is only one correct answer to that, but Christendom is now cucked to its enemies and they are not allowed to speak the truth!

My song at the end is called Karma and Kum.

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My song at the end of the video is Karma and Kum…

Check out Miles Mathis’ blog on cultural critique… It’s all fake fake fake…But he’s missing what is in plain sight! IMO, of course!

HERE is a link to the documentary SEVEN!

Everyone should watch this! I was right-on (all over) the news in the fall of 2019 when the University Of Alaska released the report on building 7 correctly finding that it did not collapse via the version in the NIST report, but was brought down by some kind of co-ordinated demolishing of the entire structural elements within the building. It collapses at free-fall speed straight down in perfect symmetry SEVEN hours after the twins fell…7711 But this is not really what this blog is about…

Shortly after this UofA report hit the MSM a major on-line psy-op started via Youtube (a channel therein) forcefully suggesting that there would be a major event happen at a Seattle football game in November. This narrative went viral and was huge at the time. I called bullshit on that channel instantly and started my own ‘comment campaign’ against it although I did prepare myself for a quick escape out of Vancouver that day…Nothing happened, of course. So, my spidey-senses were right on and this was the usual distraction and misdirection by the oligarch’s alphabet agencies. I’ll give them that they are masters of their domain! As well as being evil as fcuk!

I really want to separate what I’m going to explore next from the documentary above as I don’t want to tarnish it with woo! But I’ll explore this avenue of inquiry here as my own opinion and research into the nature of reality and our existence on earth…But first, notice how an entirely honest investigation is censored on the web (and all media) by the oligarchs. It’s not on Youtube and even on Bitchute, the comments are turned off.

47 stories high, eh? Where have we heard that number before? Oh, I know, Jewish gematria! We will now veer off into Gnostic cosmology and the plan of the offspring of the Archons to fulfill Yaldabaoth’s plan of salvation it created in reaction to its perception that the pleroma was somehow flawed! So what happened in 47 BC? Cleopatra’s son with Caesar was born–the son of God! Now the Demiurges historians tell us that *Octavian murdered* Caesarion when he was 13… but we will see that for what it is: damnable lies!

But first, we will have to deal with J.C.: or, Yulius Caesar! ‘J’ didn’t exist at the time. HERE is a video that goes into this. If one wants to find the historical Ieous (Jesus) one has to go where the evidence leads. And BINGO! Everything about Caesar’s life matches the stories in the gospels (see the video). I won’t repeat it here as I want to explore something else. Yaldabaoth’s archons used royal bloodlines to implement his plan of salvation upon the earth and the major bloodline was the Pharaonic dynasty. These royals eventually merged with the Greek royals under Alexander’s conquests and gave us Kleopatra. But the key point is that the Hebrews were the Pharoah kings! By the time we get to the Roman empire, the bloodlines merged with the Roman aristocracy so we have the religious control gambit of the Torah merging with the Greeks (the Ptolemies) who wrote the New Testament and their descendants eventually forged it into the state religion of Rome via Constantine.

And who did that? Well, who was born in 47BC? The son of God! This version explains the 17 missing years of Ieous’ life as he was sent to India, by Cleopatra, to escape the wrath of Octavian. India records testify to this. It explains why Jesus comes to life at 13 and then disappears for 17-years. Likely taken to India by Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph was obviously used as the template for Joseph. So, where did Jesus’ family come from? There isn’t much there unless one uses this story as the marker. Cleopatra had 3-other siblings with Marc Antony and one was Selene who I believe became Mary Magdalene, and Cleopatra also had twins who became the brothers in the gospel story. See the gospel of Thomas.

So the young Ptolemy *did get revenge* on Octavian but it took his family and descendants a few centuries to implement. These ruling families are what I’ve come to call ‘Nephilim Archon Spooks’…The fallen rulers using the alphabet agencies to rule the world in an attempt to bring about their political Messiah. And if one understands the Freemasons then one understands that what I’m suggesting here isn’t bullshit but rather the plan of the ages!

Encoded into the 911 event was all the numerology needed to testify about who did this. Anyone can and should seek out Mark Passio’s detailed videos on 911 in this regard. In fact, astrotheology, and numerology, are the modus operandi of our archon rulers, and they care not for science when it comes to rule. What’s certain is that the Apostles come from astrotheology but I can’t get a handle on the anglo names used in the New Testament. My best guess? Cleopatra’s descendants eventually made their way to England and finished up the narratives there. And that makes academic scholars what? Full of shit?

But these shenanigans are everywhere. They want to pass Medici off as Italian when he’s obviously Jewish. And those Patricians in the Roman senate probably were not what we are told. Look to America today for hints in that regard, as they are ripping from the same playbook! They even sent a neo-Ceasar into office in 2016 saying he was for the common people (yeah right) fighting the evil Patricians in the senate! Who are what? Jewish! Just a note, also, that in light of the work of Miles Mathis it’s entirely possible that this supposed *enmity with Octavian* was as fake as any enmity between Trump and Biden or Bernie…They’re all on the same team! Note the name: OCT…Eights all the way to the bank!

Were these, then, the only Jesus type characters alive at the time? NO…but they are the ones that matter today. There may have even been other itinerant Jewish messiah types in that era who bought into a false history but they are long gone with the wind and sands of time. I’d even suggest that the Living Aeon Christ put in an appearance or two during that time period–search Docetism. …But I do not believe The Living Aeon Christ was Caesarion as he was a machination of Yaldabaoth’s archons. One would have to understand Gnostic cosmology to come to understand why I hold the position that I do on this issue. I’ll link detail HERE but Sophia showed her son Yaldabaoth a vision of the Living Aeon Christ in cosmological antiquity and Yaldabaoth is simply creating his own version or replicant as it rejected the Pleroma…

BTW: if you knew history was fake at about the time of an emerging worldwide computer system that would reveal incredible amounts of knowledge then the one thing you would most absolutely want to implement is TOP-DOWN CONTROL of society on an unprecedented scale…If you’re thinking Sept. 11, 2001, then you just hit BINGO! And DIVOC-91 is simply more of the same.

It was diabolically brilliant to turn Sophia into the Christian devil while making a political church that would come to rule the world via worship of the dead God Yaldabaoth! (yet to come)…

The Christian story of Satan is taken from the gnostic Fall Of Sophia myths (as far as I can tell)…I’ll link other posts where I prove the official story of the RCC in regards to Satan is nonsense (nonsensical). It doesn’t even get correct the Judaic version of Satan– yet it claims the O.T. was its inheritance and that Yahweh is the Father Of Christ–not so! It’s one thing if the RCC had created a version of the Judaic ‘Sargeant Satan’ that somehow stopped doing Yahweh’s dirty work and turned against him; but, no…they created a version of Satan completely out of context with the Torah. Linked here. A modern Marcionite view HERE.

Satan in Judaism means Adversary of Man and not the adversary of God…FWIW: the traditional symbol of Yaldabaoth is the Lion Headed Serpent which fuses the Lion of Judaism (Yahweh) with Satan...”I The Lord Create Good And Evil”…We will start our analysis here! From this, we see that Judaism is right in the sense that it was Yaldabaoth who sent the serpent adversary to Adam and Eve–so the Kabbalist notion that the serpent was Sophia is demonstrably false. In my next blog titled SEVEN, I will argue that the Freemasons are using this false narrative to implement what they think is true about this myth. Bad idea!

It’s fairly obvious where the RCC archons got their version of this story: they took the fall of Sopha and turned her into *Lucifer! This is an inversion of the truth but consistent with Yaldabaoth’s lies! In other words, they demonized Yaldabaoth’s mother! And that fits like a glove and I’d guess that Jordan Peterson and his ilk could milk the psychology of that endlessly as it pertains to mother and son dynamics on this earth!

When I first read Genesis I thought to myself God doesn’t have much to say about the creation of its universe and I found that extraordinarily strange! And it wasn’t only the creation myth that fell short in this regard. Thankfully, I’m a tenacious researcher, and I found all the ‘fan-fiction’ books (secondary writings before the internet) that go into detail about things prior to the creation of this universe as well as riffing on Genesis 6: the great fictional work of The Book Of Enoch! 

We see within the above context the beginnings of a replicant Living Aeon Christ story. It is said that Yaldabaoth’s mother showed her ‘son’ a vision of the Aeon Christ which predates his existence in kosmological terms. So Yaldabaoth became aware of the TRUTH early on and simply dismissed it and became the father of kosmological lies! The living Aeon Christ said he was a liar from the beginning which aligns with this version of the devil and not the RCC version. In this video, they talk about Yaldabaoth’s perception that the Pleroma was flawed so he birthed his salvation plan within what would come to be known as Judaism. I commented that if what they were saying is true, then, in my opinion, the only version of Christ that makes sense is Docetism as there is no way the Aeon Christ was a human Jew–not from this cosmology. 

So who is the real Satan, then? Well, exactly as Yahweh describes in his book of deception: an archon it created to be the adversary of man! Lucifer? The light-bringer and ‘sun’ of the morning likely borrowed from Venus in Astrotheology. Taken further, by the Archons, and turned into the story of Sophia in The Garden Of Eden represented by a serpent. But I question this narrative and suggest that she was also a tree in The Garden Of Eden much like the Aeon Christ was symbolized as the Tree Of Life. So we have two replicants and false versions of the Aeons as this story percolated up through time within civilization. Please take note that there is little chance that Yaldabaoth would fake a Christ and leave his mother out of this…No, no, no…it messed big time with Sophia, too…

So, what are ole Yaldy-Baldy’s descendants up to today? Well, they’re going to bring the replicant Christ to the throne via what I call the ‘Nephilim Archon Spook’ machine which means Cleopatras son’s heir will fulfill the Masonic-rights and ascend to Jerusalem likely via the Vatican! The timing of this all has to do with precession and the movement of the stars and I was right about the 72-years from Israel’s modern inception in 1948, as that is also 1-degree of precession, and this is how the archons function–DIVOC-91 was right on schedule in 2020. And Mary Magdalene’s Masonic descendants are simply another gambit of Yaldabaoth’s plan to mimic the Aeon Christ and Sofia!

NOTE*: if this particular version of Sophia was true then I’d admit it makes sense to call her the ‘light-bringer’…But I question this narrative. 

And what if atheism is true? I’ve said time and time again that it doesn’t matter if people are going to ACT OUT their religious convictions within society via politics and economics–and this is precisely what is happening– which makes today’s atheists both blind and dumb! Denying that this Kabal exists is their absolute worst move, IMO…And because nearly all atheists are in denial of this it makes one logically wonder if they are a trojan horse…Certainly, Jewish atheists are. 

Someone asked me if I think DIVOC-91 was a scam? If my little caption at the beginning is true then they are asking the wrong question! The right question to ask is if the archons control enough of the world’s infrastructure to pull off such a scam? And, in my opinion. the answer is YES! Yes, they do…

I pointed out another coincidence of the virus name HERE and it was 19-years from 2001 to 2020 and 91-years from 2020 to the ‘Great Wall St. Crash’ of 1929…

Okay, just for the record, I did get brain freeze on this wash! I will do a complete video of hair washing, at some point, but I want to wait until there is lots of snow! And, yes…the hair feels like silk afterward!

I’m out here in response to the terrible nation-state policies surrounding the ‘economic fascism’ of DIVOC-91 which among other things is creating more mass homelessness! All I’m attempting to do is make the most out of bad government policy which is premised on economic predation.


I was going to go into some detail on crypto this year but I’ve decided to cough-up some views on ONLY FANS instead. But first, crypto is doing what it usually does this time of year as those who control it seek to withdraw their gains ahead of tax deadline time–yes, digital pennies are still thrown to the starving masses, too! In general, the blockchain now offers a near unlimited platform for self-delusion! I say that within the context of the original claims of the crypto-kings–which were the usual bullshit!

Before I get to Stok EL y I should talk about the true meaning of voluntarism. Let’s say I own a shoestore and I’m looking for an employee. If Bill Gates answers my ad I can be reasonably assured that his application for the job is truly voluntary and comes without any kind of structural coercion; on the other hand, if I get hundreds of applications from desperate people who’ve no other avenues of earning a living then they ARE under coercion and are being exploited by the system–especially if they would say that selling shoes was something they would rather not do if they had other reasonable choices. This brings us to Stok EL y.

The Nephilim Archon Spooks control the earth now and their names and occupations always let one know who they are but not necessarily what they are. Miles Mathis has correctly pointed out how beautiful many of them are and I’ve had visions of the ‘angels’ and can testify to their beautiful nature and that hasn’t been lost in their transition to the earth. What has changed is how corrupt they are! And they control technology! We see the usual peerage bloodline banker trope once again with these porn kings. Stok EL y had the audacity to say that his paywalled platform was voluntary! Let’s see, decimate the worldwide economy via usury and a pandemic and then declare the economic victims of these policies as free from coercion and exploitation! I’ve heard of bluebloods but it takes blueballs to say something this disingenuous. But they are so deluded it might be he believes his own bullshit! I say these things knowing I am not some kind of moral prude–that would be a total misunderstanding of my views. That women think this is something better than traditional conservative family structures only goes to how lost humanity has become.


In casino algorithms the vast majority of players lose; most break-even, a small group gets lucky and wins, and an even smaller group wins big; such is our condition under 20/21 Century normalized mafia casino economics that has taken over the earth. Most of us will never win under this corrupt system– nor can we. This post will look at 3-primary groups of winners in the past 100 years for the expressed purpose of exploring those who have the most to lose in the coming century(this is, admittedly, a truncated group).

The Jewish people have made huge gains in the past century and they surely have much to lose if this casino model crashes. I’m not going to explore this group further here but will include them because of its relevance to this entire series. My Christian Gnostic view on the Jewish people is that they are no more evil in and of themselves than any other group, but were used by the demiurge as a means to an end: the demiurge controls the flow of history within The Matrix (deceptive construct) it created.

Women have the most to lose if this century ends up looking like a bell curve compared to the gains of the last century. The casino model has been good to them because it isn’t predicated on might. I’ll add here that one arm of the Unholy Trinity has been quite good for women and that is the bureaucracy of the State: it has employed millions of women! The speculation on real-estate has also empowered women as the gains there don’t depend on might either (it’s also turned them into rent-seekers). The Wall St casino, too, and all powered by The Rockefeller legacy of fossil fuels which have enabled these gains and we’d all best hope these fuels don’t run out–or, that a replacement to scale is found–something that is by no means a given.

The Gay community and I’ll use this truncated form to briefly touch on the gains made here. The casino model has definitely helped this community free itself from earlier machinations of the archons. I have zero issues with the gains made within the casino by this group and only look to point out that they have much to lose if the casino model crashes and I’m a firm believer that it will this century– for all the reasons I’ve pointed out in this series of posts(all posts are linked below). My point here is that the long-term abandonment of Golden Rule economics may not bode well for them either.

Crypto may end up being the largest ironic reversal in financial history! Does anyone remember the scene in Jupiter Rising where  Mila Kunis’ character has to get her passports? The bureaucracy was shocking! And this, my crypto friends, will be the likely outcome of crypto: the largest bureaucracy to have ever been created! Transaction after transaction after transaction accounted for by millions upon millions of accountants and tax lawyers within an oversight structure the likes as never seen before by homo economicus. Needless to say, if this turns out to be the case(and I believe it will) the anarchists among us will have looked like naïve dreamers! (Well, they did start practicing bureaucracy in Babylon)!) And at this point, I’d quote Puzo,’ never underestimate your enemies’…

I’ll finish up this series by imagining what civilization would look like if everyone had a home that wasn’t acquired by unnecessary exploitation and coercion; if everyone had a connection to the earth by being taught to grow a significant part of their food and that food and water production, in general, be put under the rubric of a non-debt, non-usurous means of exchange via funding by a Public Banking system or a currency like wherein the means of exchange was distributed evenly at creation and not the present system which favours those at the top of the present pyramid; where the education system is geared towards the fulfillment of human potential embedded within a positive culture of personal mastery; wherein healthcare would be premised on a healthy system of living and trading goods and services alleviating the huge percentage of the present cost of maintaining a sick society.

And why won’t this vision come to pass? Because it’s not how the demiurge rolls! It’s not even possible as one can never undo one’s true nature.

I’ll finish up here by linking a post that explores the possibilities that the archons are somehow benevolent within a complex convoluted universe. I won’t repeat it now but one can read it here: The Nephilim Didn’t Fool Me…

I’m not a subscriber to any of those views but any one of them is possible.

I’m going to finish this series where I started: the materialist atheist worldview. I would argue that my Golden Rule New Earth Commons Civilization would still be one of the few sane choices moving forward into this century although my prediction is that the CASINO OWNERS WILL CONTINUE THEIR GAME OF RUSSIAN ROULETTE with civilization and life on this planet. What should sane adults do? When sane adults see disaster in front of them they call a timeout emergency! This is what humanity SHOULD do! Put away for a century 5000 years of tribal retribution and put away a skewered toxic interpretation of Darwinism. In doing this humanity could not only survive but thrive. And why don’t we do this? Because the demiurge and the archons are real!

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