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I’m not really sure what The Canadian Government is up to here but my prediction is it will not become legal and that they are lying through their teeth! I know, I know, you don’t believe that governments lie to their citizens………

That being said, should neoliberal fascism ( the economic system we live under) be the economic model for the marketing of this plant? My answer is a resounding, no!

Ask any shaman worth their salt if they think it’s a good idea to buy and sell this plant within the framework of neoliberal fascism and I bet dollars to donuts they will all say no. Here’s the rub, though, these atheist neoliberal fascists have convinced humanity that there is no consequence for wrong action. Let me assure you: they couldn’t be more wrong about that.

I’m going to link a Soundcloud clip, here, from the Friedrich Engels Institute,  and the two gentlemen discuss WHY neoliberal corporate fascism is wrong. This talk verifies one of the foundational premises of this website: that The Golden Rule is not a myth and that it applies to economics. That statement of fact is in no way an endorsement of any of the world’s religious books as read literally.

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