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This pic shows Machu Picchu when you turn it on its side:

One of the most interesting parts of this documentary is :

The Gigantic Atlantean Statues of the Toltecs

Long before official HIStory says Europeans came to The America’s these statues were built, carved and somehow taken to the top of the pyramid. Here is the kicker: they depict every people on earth!


Here is a skeptic link on the claims that the Bosnian pyramid is what the documentarian says it is.

This controversy aside, I think there is overwhelming evidence in this documentary that the past is not as accurate as official current historical narratives. I found both the maker and people like Hawass to be less than stellar as far as possible personal financial motivations.

Overall, though, my bucks on the side that history isn’t what it seems!

Graham Hancock is also stellar in this field. He has backed off the UFO thing, though, although I can hardly blame him for that as it’s a wacky field to be sure. I’m on the archon side of that fence but I don’t rule it out.

This short video shows how the great pyramid of Giza rests at the geographical center of the earth’s land mass:


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