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This article by, Jonathon Van Maren, discusses the rise of The Alt-Right and its paragon–D.Trump.

I don’t really have a problem with his analysis but will focus on what the article omits. Firstly, these alt-righters are simply ripping a page out of Zionism–the first modern ethnonational state–a state predicated on the significance of a people unto themselves wherein all policy is geared towards what is best for a particular group–in this case Jews. It should be noted that Israel was birthed and maintained in violence. This was Judaism’s response to modernity; that is, a post-Judaic State premised on identity. So, again, ‘Post-Christian White’s’ are simply implementing the same ethos.

The article omits academia’s role in creating this situation. All these institutions are predicated on neoliberal economics which is neofascism– something I’ve arguably proved on this site. Here is a link to someone who agrees, and here, and this expounds the coercive nature of neoliberalism, which, on this site, breaks the only meaningful truth in ALL religion: The Golden Rule as it applies to economics. Now, concomitant with the neoliberal economic model was postmodernism’s relativism combined with The Frankfurt School’s Marxist-Multiculturalism’s forced integration of western nations. This is Marxism without Marx’s economics which has been replaced by neoliberalism. This was done by the neoliberal  fascists for the sole benefit of enriching their corporations; propping up their fiat currency system; and garnering voters for the corporate Democrats, Illiberals, and  neocons (financial gain even if they do not benefit at the polls) who  took over N.A. and the E.U.; although the E.U. does have its own particularities.

In a sense, one can look at this situation as a group of people implementing the worst elements of right-wing economic thought combined with the worst elements of historical leftism. The result is a strange faux inverted version of The Millennial Reign–a reign arguably enforced by sociopaths and psychopaths. I’ve argued that this is in conjunction with a neo-Christianity modeled on the God Kash–the new world religion of money.

Furthermore, it’s not lost on these white alt-righters that it’s primarily only white Christian nations being forced to integrate. Most of the other nations on earth from Japan to Mexico are maintaining historically homogenous ethnic states; even if there’s diversity among themselves i.e. a multiplicity of Chinese ethnicities. It’s fair to ask who wants this situation and why? Anyway here is a definition of Cultural Marxism.

And neoliberal economy. Here, I use neoliberalism as synonymous with economic fascism; which in the end, is what it’s turned out to be!

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