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Well, well, well, the left got into power in Alberta and federally in Ottawa and all the chit chat about the environment amounts to about squat being done to change anything. Apparently, there is high unemployment there due to the oil patch crisis and it’s not occurred to anyone in power to restructure the economy away from dependence on what oil is left there after 150 years.

Haha, and in the spirit of Gomer Pyle, “is anyone really surprised?” Look, as this website continually points out: nothing is going to change until the legacy of The Rothschild/Rockefeller neo-oligarchy is addressed and abandoned as a model of governance.

Here is what the left should be doing in Alberta:

-call a Jubilee on debt! I know, I know, howls of laughter…..Hey, THEY call themselves Christians!

-Okay, then, bring back the best idea they ever had there: a public utility Social Credit non-debt currency.

-implement a minimum income tied to inflation with the Social Credit.

-use the Social Credit to institute retrofitting of every home and building in the province. That would end unemployment over night!

-the safety net would create the conditions for a new entrepreneurial green revolution! Leave the oil in the ground where it belongs and get out of the 18th century! But if Albertan’s insist on 1850 tech then maybe they should consider a revival of retro 1850 green sustainable lifestyles. Tiny Houses and organic farms for everyone! You know, get a head start on the coming Great Crash of 2030 which is being brought on by the casino-owning oligarchs and their amoral financial systems.




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