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In my last post called, Pre and Postmodern Christianity, I added a video by, Ann Pettifor. Positive takes on Pettifor in this link, but I do think the quibbles are definitely ‘quibbling’ in the proper direction:) Next is an excerpt from the article:

So once again, the suggestion that our proposals would contract the economy imply either a huge misunderstanding on Ann Pettifor’s part, or that she hasn’t actually read them. Our proposals are about making sure that money is used for something productive, for the public benefit, rather than to inflate property bubbles and flood financial markets. Tackling climate change definitely counts as something in the public benefit. Our proposals would mean that when new money is created, it would be the government rather than the banks that decides how to spend it. Newly created money would get added to the taxes we pay, to be spent into the real economy. Our Sovereign Money paper explains how using this power to create money to build sustainable homes and retrofit existing homes to make them more energy efficient would have been more than 30 times more effective than Quantitative Easing in stimulating the economy.

I’m thrilled that there are other people tackling this issue as it hi-lights some of my personal grievances ( the earth has been turned into a financial casino) about the present financial system on the earth; which, I believe, is leading us to ruin and needs to change….

I add this pic because this system is, indeed, playing an exceedingly foolish game of Roulette with the environment.
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