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This post is about Canada’s new expenditure on the military. This post goes into the details of the military and its enormous pollution footprint. Once again the Canadian government proves its duplicity and hypocrisy on the climate issue. Nevermind that Canada has become a 100-year-old experiment in corporate plutocracy using Inverted Totalitarianism as a cultural modus operandi; that is to say, humans are nothing more than objects of financial exploitation in this system and have absolutely zero say when it comes to policy–we are dictated to and usually in the most smirking condescending manner.

It’s amazing to me that the refrain from these elites when it comes to anything positive and altruistic towards humans is, ‘where will the money come from?’; but when it’s something they want there seems to be plenty of money. So there is no money for social education, health-care, ending homelessness (an enormous blight which should be a guaranteed human right), a guaranteed right to quality food, etc. To me, these issues all fall within primary needs in which Maslow expounded. Always broke on these issues, or so it seems in Canada……

Please explore for a solution to these issues…Unfortunately, though, the political class is vetted in Canada, and no one who advocates for these new ideas is allowed a voice!

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