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What happens when we die? This to me is the core of religiosity and religion. It’s curious that of the millions and millions of things any person can’t and doesn’t know; the same human being will state definitively that they know what happens to someone when they die! This to me is the prime fundamental flaw in religion and with religiosity 
Let’s look at a few examples! I only know the English language. If someone writes in French I will be hard pressed to understand what the context of the text is. But, at the same time–if I’m religious I state definitively that I know what happens when I die!
Let’s say my Tesla breaks down while I’m driving through the desert; can I fix it myself? Hell no! I don’t know how to fix it! But I sure as hell know for a fact what happens when I die!
I’ve long found it bizarre that the one thing humans are in complete darkness about is the one thing they claim to know the most about! Why can’t we admit that we don’t have a God damn clue what happens when we die other than to say someone is dead and not alive anymore! There’s a certain truthful humility to conceding that compared to the hubris and arrogance of religiosity.
Now, I’m not saying there is no life after death; maybe there is, but wouldn’t it be better to phrase the issue in conjecture and not dogmatism?
Anyway, that’s my little RANT for today! For those of you who want a good read on what happens when one dies, I’d suggest, The Tibetan Book of The Dead! Very detailed……But, COMPLETE CONJECTURE!

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