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Egypt seems like the most likely origin of the Gnostic tradition. It appears a remnant of the pharaohs priestly caste coalesced in Alexandria and that a mixture of Greek thought from Alexander’s conquests led to the origin of Coptic Gnostics who interacted with Jewish influences.

I can see why literalist exoterically minded Christians get all bent out of shape today as economic and political power centers all have Egyptian symbolism; with the added fact that Gnostic tradition was rather elitist, and we see it’s the elites enacting Egyptian symbolism and rites. But this would be a false equivalency from the view I look out on.

Firstly, these Christians take The Torah as literal history and the evidence doesn’t seem to warrant such faith and when combined with the possibility that the Jews were the pharaohs; well, then, everything gets far more muddied and obscure.

But that looks like what has happened. The Jewish ‘pharaohs’ rule today; they control the money supply; they use much Egyptian symbolism, and they have their own gnostic narrative which will usher in their chosen messiah in the land of IS-RA-EL…I know, I know, this implies that the eternal victim narrative was a ploy over time. One hell of a gambit!

I suspect, too, if this were correct, that the Roman Church and Islam are a part of a very long-term strategy. It would make sense out of the first thing Trump did as president: to meet with Islam, Judaism, and The Pope. And this all seems tied into the Technocracy that James Corbett is documenting which is pointing to a sophisticated high-tech prison system for consciousness.

So, what the hell is Christian Gnosticism if it isn’t these elitist practices? I don’t really have the answer to that other than to say that I don’t personally believe the Kristos and Sophia are aligned with these archons; although I’ve conceded before that there could be some Non-dual version of this story. I know, I’m not a very helpful Gnostic but I do believe meditation and yoga could, possibly, lead to a spiritual enlightenment, and trigger kindling type processes. But I’m a skeptic, too, and I think it just as likely that ALL of this is a mythic delusion.

And at that point, I would point anyone in the direction of Jean Gebser and Integral Theory along with the quite problematic Ken Wilber. 

Ken is still very much worth investigating, though, as his work is vast and deep. It’s simply not without controversy.

One last point here as we are on the topic of Egypt: the modern alien hypothesis is all over this one! The pyramids were not built by the Pharaohs, IMO, and history doesn’t seem accurate, but that’s the work of Graham Hancock and people like him.

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