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Michael Corleone, ” We will and are going to go legit, Dammit!”

This is a difficult post, but I believe it’s true whether humanity exists in a Godless meaningless universe or whether humanity is the ‘apple of some God’s eye.’

Arguably, the second half of the 20th Century gave humanity some of the greatest art, music, writing, and acting in human history! I will list a few of my favorites below. The tragic truth is, though, that the mafia used the entertainment industry over those years to manufacture consent to your imprisonment into their mafia run economic casino; this process is called ‘normalization.’ Some are calling this technocratic shamanism and a very large part of this ‘hypnosis’ was the Wall St. advertising agencies working hand in hand with various mafia interests. But this post isn’t about that particular aspect of it which can be viewed in the documentary, The Century of The Self, By Adam Curtis.

This post will assume the years 1900 to 1950 as years used to set-up a quite possibly longterm agenda for humans on this planet. An excellent show that alludes to what happened is Boardwalk Empire. The years between 1950 and 2000 were used to formalize this ‘great work’ and Sept. 11, 2001, was the day they let us know they had complete control over civilization. It should be noted that November 22nd, 1963 was the day ‘they’ tested the utility and efficacy of their burgeoning media empires–an unqualified success from the mafias perspective. October, 1st, 2017 was the day they really let us know who they are: The Mafia driven Las Vegas casino owners. Obviously, they own Hollywood and Wall St., too.

One of the things needed to carry out this agenda was to break down the moral codes of earlier religious systems of control although these religions would be reinvoked as a tool of manipulation in the post 911 world. It should be noted that this phenomenon alludes to the long-term control of religion and this concatenation by these mafia elites points straight back to Egypt… The Vegas shooting was blatant in its symbolism.   Nevertheless, the casino owners needed a culture of amorality to set up their system and they also needed the consent of the religious. The sixties was used as a method of social engineering and one would have to research The Tavistock agency to get the details on how they did this. To a lesser degree, they used academics to spread Marxist postmodernism to create the conditions for moral relativism. But it should be noted that postmodernism wasn’t entirely wrong or evil; it was simply used as one tool in a greater agenda. The co-opting of the religious is a complex and nuanced subject and too great an area to get into here other than to say that they were able to normalize Idolatry over this time. Hollywood became the center and apex of this idolatry. The effects of this on the spiritual animal called human are incalculable, but suffice it to say it is not good for us. The point is, though, that religion largely accepted this idolatry.

The other avenue of attack and manipulation here was to reduce The Enlightenment of the 1600’s to materialism, reductionism, and the turning of humanity into nothing more than objects of exploitation (Social Darwinism) This has been likened to the machine! That is to say, humanity has been co-opted by the technocrats. One would need to watch James Corbett’s documentaries Why Big Oil Conquered the World, and What is Sustainable Development? These documentaries detail the materialist mindset of the casino owners and their long-term agenda for humanity: a new neo-feudalism wherein every detail of our lives are tracked and scored. This is being done under the rubric of environmental concern! Laughable, really.

Who are they? Well, difficult to answer, really, and the answer does depend on what the nature of reality turns out to be. For this post, we would say they were overwhelmingly white Christian and European ‘businessmen’ joined by an incredible influence of Jewish thought and actors; this website distills it to the term The Rockefeller/Rothschild legacy. We live in their dream-theatre. Their Matrix. I’ve gone into great detail on to try and suss out who these people really are and what their intentions are. I find it incredibly difficult to concede that they are good no matter their insistence that they are in some way good. The best I can do in that regard is a type of monotheism wherein God performs both good and evil acts. Jesus IS responsible for both good and evil and it’s Jesus’ Alter-ego–Lucifer responsible for acting out evil. A kind of evil with a purpose ontology.  But I hold this view as the least likely of about a half-dozen cosmologies I still consider possible in 2017. Do your own due diligence. Use my website as an information guide if it helps.

it’s going to be one hell of a ride to 2050!

I do have one last thought here, though: would a grand civilization of art and culture be possible without being run by the mafia ethos?

Kind of Blue, By Miles Davis and John Coltrane:

The Dark Side of The Moon, by Pink Floyd:

Sleuth, with Michael Caine:

The GodFather:

Andy Warhol:

SALVADOR DALÍ, and surrealism:

The Catcher in The Rye, by J.D. Salinger:

The Old Man and The Sea, By Ernest Hemingway:

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