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The Liberal elite and intelligensia found it acceptable to ignore and dismiss  the basic needs of the majority of their citizenry! They ignored Maslow’s hierarchy of needs! Moreover,  they allowed their friends to set up vast systems of usury to profit from peoples basic needs via predatory systems of finance!

The result of liberalism is one is either a pimp or a whore! And this was the best they could do!

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2 Responses to Why Liberalism is dying!

  • There are al least two healthy solutions to this plight:
    1) bring back homestead laws combined with a 1 time grant to set up a sound environmentally friendly homestead. In other words, reverse the tactic of Capitalism which removed the people from their historic connection to the land .
    2)bring in a Guaranteed Basic Income that is sufficient to supply the basic needs of every citizen. In Canada today that would be about 2000.00 a month . This would also need to be indexed to inflation with no penalty clauses for earning extra income!

    Another study is not needed as it will only help usher in the complete collapse of liberal society! Don’t say you were not warned! I know, I am dismissed!

  • Hey Andrew, what will replace Liberalism? Oh, thats easy–Fascism!

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