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This link talks about my Christian Gnostic interpretation of season 1…

And without further ado here is my take on season 2…

While I was watching season 1 it didn’t come to me who the 2 main adult characters represent but it came to me quite early in season 2: the cop is the Kristos and Will’s mother (W.Ryder) is Sofia. We saw these representations in The Matrix, also, where Neo is the Kristos and the Oracle represented Sofia. We see the inversion of relationships in both The Matrix and Stranger Things whereby the Judaic God is put at the pinnacle–this is the reverse of the truth according to Christian Gnostic cosmology.

The Elohim(11) this season expand and 11’s sister is introduced: Kali. This represents the two primary branches of religious control on this planet by the archons (Elohim). Western theism and eastern philosophy. Now true, there are a few other spiritual paths throughout history but these two cover an enormous amount of turf when it comes to religious philosophy–in fact, most of it!

We see that the primary role of W. Ryder’s character is concern and care for Will (human consciousness) which has been hijacked by the Demogorgon (demiurge), to the point, sometimes, that there are even those it can possess to a certain degree. We see the role of the Sheriff as that of general concern of law and order within the greater community. The great inversion in this season is premised on Judaic Gnosticism ( not Christian Gnosticism) wherein the Sheriff befriends 11( The Elohim/Demiurge)…This is the Judaic Yahweh/Yeshua relationship that the Jews believe in and they will usher in their Messiah in the coming years. We see since the coming of the nation-state of Israel the quite remarkable dismantling of previous Christian notions of who Jesus was supposed to be and that history is being replaced with this Judaic Jesus/Yeshua.

I think the Demodogs represent the Reptilian beings within Gnostic lore wherein popular culture asserts that they live underground: see David Icke and many like him.

Once again, the great inversion in this show is making 11 (The Elohim) the star and victor fighting the Demiurge (alongside Kristos). This is complete fiction according to Christian Gnostic theology where the Demiurge and its Archons (The Elohim) have humanities consciousness trapped in some kind of Amnesia Matrix.

Well, I guess we can say that Hollywood is consistent, anyway. Over my lifetime, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that paints the Hebrew God as anything other than good. Please send me links to any films that portray otherwise. Thank-you! And that about does it for my review of StrangerThings from a Christian Gnostic perspective.


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