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I’d like to explore useless spirituality in this post. But only in regards to life efficacy and this post isn’t interested in metaphysics; only this world actions and their benefit or consequences.

I’ll define spirituality as what can be honest and true as far as it can be in the year 2017 on earth. This goes to our knowledge and how it can be applied practically as a guide to sound ethical behavior with the aim or goal of giving as many people a healthy environmentally/ecologically sustainable life as is possible at this time.

Spirituality that I find useless in this regard:

-ones that aren’t consistently critical of the corrupt fiat currency system and its unsustainable economic model. There might have been an argument for its efficacy in 1917 but it’s a death sentence to us now.

-ones that aren’t critical of the force and coercion being used upon the poor by governments throughout the earth. At a minimum, there should be a 24,000 tax exemption for the poor and working poor using today’s U.S. dollar as a metric. Along with this tax exemption would be laws limiting predatory lending to the poor. You couldn’t have an efficacy of intended outcome without both.

-ones that aren’t critical of corporate malfeasance and its associated partners in crime within the Wall St. casino.

-ones that aren’t critical of the attacks on freedom of expression and free speech brought to us by the Unholy Trinity of governments, corporations and banking cartels.

-ones that aren’t critical of the MSM controlling the narrative agenda. From subtle manipulations to outright lying on the tell-lie-vision.

-ones that aren’t critical about the culture of celebrity and it’s associated culture of narcissism which promotes decadence and debauchery of the human spirit. But yes, most of it should be legal but not promoted to mainstream status. AKA..normalization.

-ones that don’t have a healthy skepticism towards modernities turning humanity into objects of financial exploitation for the capitalist machine.

-ones that deny our best environmental scientific knowledge (and scientific knowledge in general if the science itself is honest).

-ones that aren’t critical of nepotism, cronyism, and all the ways the casino owners have rigged the system to their advantage.

-ones which justify crap ethics based on unproven metaphysical claims.

-ones that teach that white is black and black is white– the inversion of truth spirituality–or, Orwellian Doublespeak.

-ones that aren’t critical of the military-industrial complex and its especially new tactic of using private mercenary armies to avoid criticism of unjust behavior from the public. Yes, also a big part of why they got rid of the draft.

-ones that aren’t critical of the privatization of the commons under Chicago School Neoliberal policy with its associated unsustainable inflation policies.

-ones which place the blame on human frailty solely on the individual while giving a free pass to structural crime, inefficiency, and ineptitude.

-ones where only actors with hidden agendas get public voices.

-ones that teach that only academics and their social class partners can have voice and legitimacy within the political sphere…Bring back the Drawing of Lots!

This last one is the toughest because I may have to bring metaphysics into it otherwise it’s near unexplainable. A Cabal of Jews, Jesuits, and Freemasons running the show on this planet in a strictly atheist Darwinian universe: USELESS!

Here’s the qualifying issue on this one: there is only one way this wouldn’t be useless and that is if indeed we are dealing with aliens and angels or both. But it’s only in a strict monotheism where God is committing this evil for a purpose that this wouldn’t be useless; either that or some kind of NON-DUAL Ascending Master type situation, or even, possibly, they are us time-traveling. These are the only scenarios where I can think that they are not useless and as I’ve explained elsewhere, their evil behavior, under this scenario, is more about the complexities of the cosmic situation on this planet. But I remain highly skeptical of this scenario.

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