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This post will be a brief general comparison of Gnostic Christianity and traditional Christian theology.

I’ll start with Sophia. She is the primary actor within Gnostic tradition; she birthed the demiurge. Within Christian thought along with Judaic thought we see the near complete dismissal of the existence of Sophia. In fact, the demiurge reverses the relationship and claims to be the most high god. This dismissal of Sophia carried on within Christian theology.

The Kristos of Gnosis wasn’t human but rather the first Aeon and taking human form he confronted the Rabbi’s about their distortion of spiritual truth. He didn’t die for your sins as it’s impossible for him to do so. The most important aspect of distortion though is the false claim that Jehovah is the Kristos father–not true! Oh, yes, the demiurge will bring his *Messiah and he will mimic the Kristos just as the demiurge is a mimicking of the one true God.

The Trinity of the One divided into duality as Kristos and Sofia is the true Trinity and it’s a coherent view of the tripartite idea; whereas the false Trinity of Christendom is an incoherent mess.

It’s not really possible to talk about this without talking about behavior. Christendom is littered with atrocity. It’s a virtually killing field of brutality from the dark ages to the inquisitions to imperialism and modern Christian fascism–it’s all there for anyone with eyes to see–this is a bloody and violent religion of the demiurge. As is Judaism and Islam–both are rooted in violence and coercion.

Christians today are in near complete alignment with those most negatively affected by the demiurge–the Jewish people–this does not make the Jewish people evil but it does make them deceived–the blind leading the blind is an apt description from the Gnostic view.  Todays Christian’s Idolize atheist Jews and do their bidding in the form of imperial wars against Islam for Israel. John Hagee is a prime example. Ironically, they do Israeli bidding concomitant with the destruction of their own historic cultures–that’s the way the demiurge rolls–giving Israel cultural homogeneity while turning Christian culture into Marxist cultural heterogeneity. Interesting times–almost like a *One Ring to Rule Them All scenario. Got Noahide Laws?

Let’s compare Gnostic thought and Christian hierarchy, also. In Christendom one is commanded to obey and submit to the archonic powers and principalities; nothing could be further from the truth for the Gnostics who are in a ANARCHIST relationship with these evil rulers. Christendom promoted submission to slave-masters while Gnosticism once again see’s this as being anathema–Gnostics are in no way required to submit to the slave machinations of the archons and their cult of Saturnalia. 

The Demiurge controls all the systems of finance. The one story that is literal from history is the tale of Kristos admonishing the MoneyChangers but he didn’t do this as an act of acknowledgement of Judaic law or religion–Kristos knew full well the general outcome of those who would control world finance towards the end of the age. This isn’t to say that Jewish people have total control of world finance, but they are into it quite deeply; as any cursory investigation into Rothschild history would show.

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