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Who wants it and why? I’ll start by saying I’m sympathetic to the Darwinian view of ethnic-nationalist arguments. It’s a fact that immigration and cultural Marxism will make whites minorities in their home countries by the end of this century. I should mention that humanity has far larger problems than this facing them in the coming century and I write a lot on those issues, but in this post, I’m addressing ethno-nationalism. The two other primary critiques and concerns are the related issues of mixing differing I.Q. populations and the consequences of doing this within the social welfare state. They are reasonably valid concerns, IMO.

It’s the political left that most wanted and benefitted from the Marxist Multicultural experiment. California is the primary example of this as it’s near impossible for any right-leaning candidate to get elected there. Liberalism in places like Canada has also made immigration a core focus as the vast majority of immigrants vote for the Liberal establishment–it’s a self-reinforcing circle jerk!

The economics of fiat currency is playing a huge role here. This models template works via unlimited growth and unlimited exploitation and it will and is consuming everything and everyone within its insatiable lusts–it’s also a completely amoral economic system in that the economic model has no moral considerations.

The corporate beast which needs endless consumers to satisfy its profit motives and this beast has no concern about who consumes its products and where they are from. Please note, from the perspective of, that these groups responsible for this particular condition are the same as what I call The Unholy Trinity.

Well, that was the easy part–now it gets controversial because I have to say the one word no one can talk about–Jew. Zionism was Jewish reaction to modernity–the atheists within this movement shifted from Messianic religious themes within Judaism to protection of Jewish interest within a modern secular ethnic-nationalist nation-state; and this is exactly what they accomplished, and if it had ended there it might not have been so bad, but Israeli machination reaches further than the borders of Israel.

We’ll first deal with the leftist Marxist influence. This basically brought Marxism without the good parts to all western nations. Its influence has overtaken academic institutions and cemented leftist positions within the general population. Most of the positions surrounding this worldview are atheistic and left on the political spectrum and at their worst incite violent reactionist behavior; it’s of no small consequence that Marxist thought, in general, in the past 100 years is a violent genocidal killing field with 100’s of millions left dead in its wake.

We’ll now have to get controversial! Revenge! Raw tribal revenge! Understandable but lowly evolved nevertheless! And who is this revenge targeted towards? Christendom (and Islam).This covert war has co-opted Christian thought by first creating Christian Zionism whose sole purpose these days seems to be the killing of Muslims for Israel. Nevermind that their very own books say that Jehovah made a covenant with the house of Ismael

So we have the dismantling of every Christian moral so that morality, in general, ends up reflecting Jewish moral concerns. The Century of The Self, by Adam Curtis is one documentary that explores how Zionists on Wall St. reworked morality to suit their particular ends. Now, sure, wealthy Christian’s were every bit as culpable in making this happen as they are today–so this issue isn’t entirely Jewish. I maintain that there is a Cabal association of rich Jewish interests aligned with the interest of Jesuits aligned with the interests of Freemasons which explains far more than scapegoating one particular tribe. Note that one particular branch of this Cabal–The Tavistock Institute–was responsible for reworking western civilization via various 1960’s manipulations. It was the Central Banking Casino Economic model that benefitted most from this reshaping of society.

Which leads us to religion, spirituality, and the nature of reality. Let’s not fool ourselves–Jewish Messianic fervor is as relevant as its ever been. Within this view is the idea that the Jewish Messiah will rule the nations with an Iron Rod–are you starting to see the picture? Nevermind that Leviticus councils you to eat your children as punishment for crime or to kill pigeons as atonement for masturbation! No, no, no, we shall have Jehovah and Yeshua nevertheless! I will link the Noahide Laws as a reference for what humanity has to look forward to thanks to this religious alliance of wealthy Jews, Jesuits, and Freemasons! This is also tightly woven with the notion of Tikkun Olam whose primary goal is to correct humanity but the foundational premise is that the Jews have a right to do this.

So, one can see why the tides of ethnonationalism are rising! One can also see that the situation is a convoluted mess which really quite resembles differing factions of conflicting thought within a meme of what might be considered the Jewish mind. As a Christian Gnostic, I see much of this as a type of insanity and I’m only ‘witnessing’ these happenings and events ( and documenting them in my own idiosyncratic way). My religious view of these events sees non-human highly intelligent actors as being the core drivers of all these events and that any humans involved in these machinations are more or less victims of archonic deceit.

I’ll finish up with some wild speculation on the how of implementing the ethnic-nationalist worldview. I’ll start by saying it isn’t as difficult as one might imagine as it’s primarily only White Christian nations that have been targeted for open borders by all the previously mentioned bad actors; this leaves the overwhelming majority of nations on earth today as ethnically homogenous. Which begs the question of how the actors involved in the coming Jewish Messiah will enact; once again, a worldwide ethno-national earth? Well, we have DNA capabilities now! Trump back to Germany! The Windsor’s back to Germany! Sadiq Kahn back to India! The Lucky Charms Leprechaun back to Ireland!  What the hell! This is what I propose to help bring this cosmic drama to an end: let’s use the year 1666 as a reference and test every human for DNA ancestry and then pass laws to send everyone back to where their lineages were in 1666! I should think aboriginal people might like my idea! I know, my genius is unqualifiable:D

Anyway, I’m not above having a wee bit of fun when it comes to what I consider insane behavior. I’ll finish by pointing out that the machinations of crazy people can still come to pass even in a Godless materialist universe. I’ve recently suggested that sane adults call a TIMEOUT when their children are OUT OF CONTROL! My New Earth Commons ideas offer such a timeout!

But also within that crazy book called the Bible is one exceedingly good idea in complete alignment with The Golden Rule as I understand it: THE JUBILEE!


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