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Sometimes I get a craving for eggs.
I don’t eat them habitually and that spans 40-years, but once in a while on these lazy mornings when the evil deeds of the evil world can wait:D

Pouching for 3-5 minutes in a stainless steel frying pan after the water has boiled and turned to simmer. And it’s got to be a sourdough baguette with fresh butter and avocados with a few slices of tomato. I lightly salt with a pink Himalayan salt and use fresh ground pepper! And the French-pressed coffee? Worth dying for in this evil place!

WARNING: bratty cats are prone to attacking the kitchen table when this meal is served so please use extreme caution when serving!

Sometimes I get in a nostalgic mood for the 90’s:

After brunch, there are times when a conspiracy YouTube video is fun to watch. Now, there are generally 3-kinds of people on Social Media: there are the those who created it and are willfully and intentionally manipulating humanity for money, power and what is most likely a hidden spiritual agenda–there is a religious but not spiritual mode about this first group. Non-stop endless BULL-SHIT is the mode here which is a total disregard for truth and online this looks like and is PROPAGANDA. The second group is the targeted demographic–those who are having their brains rewired and their minds molded via perception management–these are derogatorily named the sheeple by the first group. The 3rd-type and by far the smallest demographic are the gadflies, the wrenches in the wheel; they spend much time online trying to make the second group aware of what the first group is doing to their minds and offer theories about why the first group is behaving in the way that they do. Maybe it’s neurosis or in group social Darwinism?  We ‘third wavers’ even suggest alternative spiritual theories on why the first group is behaving the way they do. It should be noted that the first group is most likely linked to 10,000 – years of conflicting religious narrative on the planet which would explain their religious but not spiritual modes of behavior. This group morphed into the worldwide money machine within the last 500-years as they created a new way to control populations and now this alignment of group 1 seeks total control over human thinking via the coming technosphere.

The gazillion dollar question, then, is why are you here and which group are you serving?

Bon Appetite!

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