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1-million words over 2000 pages! The only book of thousands I’ve read on spirituality which claims non-human authorship and written by angels who autograph each chapter. Ahem…

The winter of ’93-’94. The toughest winter of my life to date. I moved back into my apartment on Main St. that I had sub-letted out to friends. Jorge had left the book in one of the rooms. It turns out that Hendrix and Stevie-Ray always traveled with it. I passed it on to an archonic ‘friend’ when I was done with it.

By ’93 I was 14 years into this quest and I’d read thousands of books on the nature of reality. And I guess I’d classify this one as one of the humdingers! I started reading it in November and finished it in March. So, what’s this planet called? You guessed it! URANTIA! Well…most likely not!

We are in one of the seven super-universes called Orvonton–one which travels around the great central universe of origin. And those 2000 pages go into pretty well most everything you can imagine. Anton and Fonta–the first real humans; it describes all the angels which administer life here; The Lucifer rebellion; Adam and Eve; and yes, the man himself! There is so many of him! JESUS! Will the real shady boy please stand up! 

It turns out reincarnation isn’t true! Ahem…

I’m a four with a five wing in The Enneagram so I investigate everything in my own unique way–at least as far as I’m able. Although I’d be throwing darts blindfolded at a South American map as far as finding a vacation spot:D

Anyway, once done with this book beast I had to deconstruct it–so off to the library I went. It turns out Martin Gardner was so impressed with the book that he investigated it, too! Thank the Gods! It turns out it was channeled by Wilfred Kellogg (Cornflakes) over 30 years with the help of a handful of others. See the Road To Wellville for some insight into The Kellogg’s and their Seventh Day Adventism. It turns out that the cosmology espoused therein has many similarities to Adventist doctrine–really no surprise there. A fact on the Adventists so no one can accuse me of bashing them: their diet has made some of the healthiest longest living people in N.A. A diet I’ve practiced for most of my life although not strictly the S.D.A. version specifically.

By the time you get passed a few hundred of these channeled writing one will notice same patterns and the main one is all channeled material is contradictory! The Gods couldn’t be more confused which explains a lot! Ahem…

Look, this is an impressive book by any standard and something humanity should respect and esteem as a work of art and literature…but not much more, in my opinion. Has it helped millions? You bet! But it doesn’t mean this book is true. If God doesn’t exist then it’s one of the greatest religious imaginings in human history.

My opinion today: just another psy-op of our fave cult of 33… That’s my Gnostic perspective on it. There’s so many of them isn’t there Mr. Anderson?

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