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Consider this post a theological musing and one, I might add, where I’m thankful for secularism which allows me to explore these ideas without being impaled although I’m quite sure these days under secularism are coming to an end and religious inquisition in the form of The Noahide Laws are in our not too distant future. I’ll explain…

*If a man were married to a lyin’ ass’d bitch I would suggest that makes him a cuck or a masochist assuming that he knows she is one and doesn’t do anything about it.

It’s here where we should question flat earth theory, too, as it creates a whole other problem (a humongous one at that) about why God isn’t able to stop ‘the lying ass’d bitches’ when it comes to the greatest lie ever told. Yes, I shall endeavor to unpack this… Sure, I guess god could be a cuck or a masochist but it’s not a very appealing answer to this theological quandary.

In The Lost Books of The Bible, there is The Story of Adam and Eve. And I’ll just note here that the first time I read the Bible in my early twenties I was kind of shocked and annoyed that this incredulous story only had about 12 verses dedicated to it! Think about that: arguably one of the most significant events in universal history and there’s next to nothing to say about it. Thank the Gods I’m an investigator as within 10-years of my first reading it I was able to search out and find these other books.

They tell the story of the complete and utter devastation of these two beings and the 1000-years of torture and turmoil they go through as Satan destroys their life over and over. Now the most significant part of this story as it relates to this blog is that Adam and Eve couldn’t tell the difference between Jesus and Satan until very near the end of these 1000 years. Think about that–I mean really think about it. If these two couldn’t tell the difference over 1000-years then what the hell makes YOU think you can tell the difference, you– a mere 100-year old life spanned mortal? I suggest you can’t and it’s only your ego which would make you think you can.

This now leads us to the idea of the right and left-hand of God. Jesus was known as the right and full of truth and Satan the left and full of deception. One has a male principle and one has a female principle as they play out in this particular duality. This is a type of old monotheism which I consider possible but inadequate as an explanation for this phenomenon. It’s only when we delve into Gnostic thought that any of this starts to make any sense–or, at least to me. So allow me to pursue this further dear reader.

In the Gnostic tradition, the demiurge is considered to be the aforementioned–that is to say, the demiurge exists as Yeshua and Satan enacting a type of simulacrum of the Aeons Kristos and Sophia. If this were true it would be damn near impossible for mortals to distinguish between the GODS as half of them are deceptive. This would make the monotheistic Yeshua also an imposter and it will be this entity which will rule as The Messiah during the reign of The Noahide Laws–laws given to someone who arguably didn’t exist. Do you see the problem? This history woven by the demiurge can’t be anything but false from the Gnostic perspective because the demiurge is a mimicry of reality representing falseness within an incredibly advanced matrix or simulation.

One of the most important aspects of this is that the demiurge might always exist as it may have a ‘right’ to exist because of the way it was brought into being. If this is true then it may very well be that we’ve all been through this before in a type of eternal recurrence. That is to say that this drama unfolds over and over as the demiurge and its archons play out the script of trying to escape from their reality–something that isn’t possible–and it may very well be that this place is destroyed over and over as the archons get close to the technological prowess needed to escape the matrix.

I mentioned that Sophia and Kristos are not able to ‘resolve’ this condition here because of the way this was all brought into being. I don’t necessarily see that that makes them masochistic–certainly not in the same way the demiurge and its archons are who willingly and knowingly misrepresent reality and are inherently deceptive.

Under this Gnostic view, there is a dualistic split between this place and eternal Godhead. That is to say that the true God and reality is far removed from this place and the only association it has here are the workings of the Aeons Kristos and Sophia who are limited in what they can do. I do get that there is also a certain unsatisfactoriness to this speculation, too, but things are what they are here and that can’t change. If we compare this rather bleak Gnostic view to material atheism we would rightly conclude that there is good spiritual news!

This, if it were true, would leave humanity at the mercy of reincarnation templates in which I believe the archons also control and where humans are not bound to the manipulations on these levels of reality. It’s here where humans can free themselves!


NOTE*: this is why I’m a spiritual anarchist.



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