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I’d be hard-pressed to find another spiritual theory that has been promoted and propagandized more than nonduality in the past 30-or so years. I’ve blogged on this issue before and here is the link.

Let’s restate my grievance clearly: nonduality is a religious claim or faith and it’s one religion or faith among thousands and thousands of religious claims and faiths that have circulated throughout civilization over the past 10,000 years.

Could it be true? Yes! But at this point, any reference to this religious assertion has to be framed as metaphysical speculation as any other framing is mired in hubris and dishonesty–not to mention insulated dogmatism. And do you really think that that is NOT a problem? Really? You think dishonesty in spiritual discourse is acceptable behavior?

Let’s not deny that dishonest framing is often accompanied by every manner of dubious behavior from the gurus who promote it. This is of no small consequence…

When I shop at the spiritual Integral Whole Foods (oops, Amazon), what religious philosophy is promoted? In the check-out–the magazines; on the billboards, within any groups being advertised, and I’d speculate also in the boardrooms and specifically when management addresses the lowly workers–it’s nonduality all the way to the bank.

And who are the jet set spiritualists flying around the world promoting this religion while surrounded by opulence? Oh, you know who they are and I don’t want to give them energy by naming them. It’s enough that their religion is a blame the victim economics, and in this regard, it’s of no small coincidence that the nondual economics of this religion aligns so perfectly well with our billionaire oligarch rulers! Got mansion? Or, Thrive…which has been thoroughly debunked, here.

The western philosophical tradition proposes The Philosopher King who will rule society. It seems like a good idea on the surface but when power gets distilled to money as the only metric and means premised on unprovable assertions about Casper...well, humanities structures would then look exceedingly similar to neoliberal capitalism with its cozy relationship to spiritual nonduality. I’ve pointed out that this seems more like crap ethics to me and not the paragon of universal spirituality! Yikes! The next thing that will happen is that these religionists will start printing up their own currency! Oops! That’s already happened a few times…The Rothschilds did it in 1917; Nakamoto did it in 2008, and Steemit Zionist Christian’s did it in 2015. Man, these nondual spiritualists are asleep at the wheel when it comes to currency creation; or, perhaps, they’re just waiting for the mother of all nonduality: the merging of humans with machines in a nondual smart grid!

Dum-dee-dum-dee-tweedle-dee-dum….I smell the wrath of a dualistic Messiah to come!


                                    Will the real shadyboy please stand up!

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