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Please let me preface this post by saying this is not an issue I’m passionate about per se. is about the spiritual archons who rule over humanity via tyranny and deception–this is my passion. My position on this can be framed as spiritual anarchy!

Having said that…let’s see what freedom looks like in the corporate oligarchy known as Canada and the archon controlled province of British Columbia.

Bill-C-46 gives the Prison Industrial Complex more clout as it enables police to arbitrarily test saliva for *chemical substances. Nevermind any hidden agendas here about who it is that wants access to mass DNA profiling. This law gives police incredible new powers to arrest and incarcerate anyone they think worthy of their attention in the most arbitrary of ways–not good! As a side note, I’d add that it’s no small coincidence about who it is that can afford the hyper-inflated cost of living in Canadian cities–the judges, lawyers, and police are doing amazingly well in this regard as are their political partners in tyranny–the political class. One need only look to places like the California Congress to see the demographics therein–billionaires, and rule by and for the billionaire class. 

Dana Larsen is Canada’s most vocal Cannabis advocate. Here is The Georgia Strait’s (the *neoliberal real-estate sales magazine) article that hi-lights the lunacy, duplicity, hypocrisy of B.C. government on this issue. That the NDP and Greens signed on to this rubbish is just more evidence for the spiritual speculations on this website. At a minimum, it shows where all allegiance is when it comes to the political class: nothing can interfere with the whims and desires of the corporate billionaire landowners and their corporate oligopoly. It will be the last time I vote for either of these two parties and I’ll add that when Trudeau used taxpayer money to buy the pipeline it was the end of my ever voting Liberal again. I now say that the only thing worse than Conservative Zionist rule is the materialist atheist rule of the Libtards. My vote goes to independents for the rest of my voting life.

It’s hard to fathom the idiocy of the first part of this B.C. bill. Here is a plant that grows wild all over the earth but these politicians don’t want anyone to see this most incredible plant! Retards!!! (No P.C. on this site)…Fuck-off thought police!

Oh, yes, we can’t offend the billionaire landowners! Especially the communist Asian ones that now rule B.C.

The alcoholic industry has had free reign over this province for about 70-years now but God forbid that humanity be allowed to socialize with Cannabis within a social setting! This cannot be allowed dammit!!!

Only the double-talk and duplicity of the political class could have such a thing as illicit cannabis under legalization! Yikes! It’s enough to make one seriously consider Dubay’s neo-flat earth theories! But, alas, no…it’s not the shape of the earth that is the conspiracy–it’s who these people are that is and anyone can peruse this website to get hints on that one.

I should note that my perspectives on this come from what’s known as Entheogen theory. I became a theist via the use of these substances although I’d agree that not everyone who uses them ends up with that perspective. See my Tallomite post for an idea into my speculative metaphysics.

NOTE* the two primary issues here are the reliability of the saliva testers and the infringement of civil liberties.

NOTE* it’s been said that neoliberalism was a response to complexity but it’s simply led to rule by billionaires and in an ironic reversal has led to communist like illiberalism. For over 25-years I’ve said that the capitalist communist psy-op dichotomy would end in a totalizing synthesis of totalitarian tyranny and I see nothing that makes me think I’m wrong in that assessment. And BTW what we are told to be outraged about by these archonic powers is interesting in itself: we are imprisoning you but she has green hair! OUTRAGE!!!





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