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Consider this as purely hypothetical and speculative. How much control would five-hundred million (see The Georgia Guidestones for why I’m using this number) aliens or angels have over civilization if they could take human form and be nearly impossible to distinguish from a human, and further that there could be no way for humans to find out the truth of this, or to prove it, as the only way to get to the truth of this matter would be for the aliens or angels to reveal themselves? May I answer the question for you dear reader: TOTAL CONTROL!

Oh, I hear your rightful skepticism! So consider this before you leave in cynical derision: technology is within 100-years of creating robots which could very well be indistinguishable from humans! Have any of you watched HBO’s WestWorld? In season 2, the daughter of one of the main characters shot another human prior to sexual intercourse as a test of her new lover’s authenticity of being human–that’s how much the robots looked like humans.  IMPOSSIBLE YOU SAY! Really? I think not and it could very well be that day comes sooner than my predicted 100-years!

Aliens first, eh? If they’re here it would be incredible enough but being here from another planet or galaxy and also able to mimic humans to perfection are odds so astronomical that you’d never get me to bet on it–not that I’m prone to wagering. It’s just not at all likely. Now I’m not saying E. T. isn’t here, I don’t know, but they are not interacting with us in this way from all likely assessments. That leaves us with angels…

The lore of The Nephilim suggests humans are at the mercy of Watcher overlords who are quite capable of taking human form and reproducing with humanity. Interestingly enough, this was a commonly held belief at the time of Kristo’s and an overwhelming majority of people were prone to believing the Roman rulers, like all rulers, were descendants of the Gods–it may also explain why Ceaser declared himself God! A sort of conspiracy theory Occam’s Razor!

I part ways with all traditional religionists at this point because they believe wholeheartedly and naïvely that their particular religion is untainted by these Archons! Nothing could be further from the truth as far as I can tell. I also part ways suggesting these angels are wholly capable of taking female form and do so quite easily and they indeed are legion upon the earth today. To be fair in our inquiry I must explore whether God (assumed to exist under this hypothetical) is directing traffic here so to speak? I have to say, at this point, that at least, if this were true, that they are lying about who they are! That would be a fact! It behooves us to ask the question, then, if God is telling them to lie for some unknown purpose? I leave it to you dear reader to imagine why that would be…

I sit in the Gnostic camp on this issue and believe these archons are ‘natural born liars’ and not acting via God’s direction. I suggest that these archons took over civilization at the time of Babylon via control of the money supply and have ruled the earth to this day. Creating a worldwide system of money magic via an Age of Usury creating money as debt from nothing! Sheer Voodoo! See this book by, David Astle called The Babylonian Woe. BTW., I can’t seem to find one bit of information about who Mr. Astle was which is interesting in itself. Please, if anyone can provide links or info here it would be appreciated!

As a summation: I don’t believe I’ve broken any logical fallacies in this humble hypothesis and I don’t think I’ve asserted anything inherently irrational–please deconstruct if I’m wrong here although I would want proper arguments and not trolling.

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