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I’ll link the video here of Erich telling his life story in a short documentary.

As a kid, I remember thinking how cool is that! I wasn’t indoctrinated (mind-controlled) into religion as a kid so it was fairly easy for me to think that way. The ideas espoused didn’t stir me into academia or anything, but the doc. definitely registered and stayed with me as I traversed my life’s journey.

In later years, I did research my favorite topic, The Nephilim Theory quite deeply and certainly, his work came to mind; as did Stitchen’s. I’ve come to my own thoughts on these issues which align with a neo-gnostic (pun intended) view of this phenomenon. I’ll link one of my blog posts here in that regard.

As speculation, I’m in the camp which thinks we might be dealing with both E.T. type aliens and interdimensional spiritual beings, but I don’t know…it’s just my feelings and intuitions. As a good skeptic, too, I’m aware that no one can or is able to prove their claims–everyone is speculating, but very few will be forthright in conceding this fact.

In the comment section of Erich’s post the Flat Earther’s show up and I’ll copy one of the comments below. I’ve done my own research in that regard and believe the official stories about the earth although I still concede there is a minuscule chance someone is right in that camp. There are a whole plethora of flat earth cosmologies out there and this guys is a doozy! He talks about different root races created via different epochs and at the center at Mt. Meru (A Hindu Creation Myth) live the first ghostly like creator beings. Much of the lingo sounds like The Urantia Book and that’s a red flag as the archons love using bullshit tropes! I’ve suggested they pretty well bullshit about everything which is different from the scope of lying it would take for the earth to be flat.

At any rate, here is this guys comment and cosmology. The internet has made it so that everyone now gets to offer up their own personal cosmological theories!


ROOT RACES ‘ and Origins of physical ‘Humans’. Some of you will now be familiar with the geocentric electromagnetic ‘Cosmic Egg’ model, consisting of four concentric realms or domains of land – With a fifth central pillar at the very center AKA Mt Meru, Mt Zion, Mt Olympus, etc…. Now…. just as there are four realms, there are also four physical ‘humanoid’ root races associated with the creation of each realm… These four root races are… The Hyperboreans – The Lemurians – The Atlanteans – The Aryans. But there is a fifth race of beings that live at the center (Mt Meru) of our flat Earth… The master root race – THE POLAREANS. Unlike the other four, the Polarean are semi-ethereal, meaning not completely physical beings, they do not have a definitive skin pigment, size, color or race. Although they are often depicted as being somewhat indigo blueish translucent beings. Anyway, these Polareans began the human race at pole position as I said. They were the very first forms of earthly beings to manifest on earth. All the other four root races were ‘seeded’ by the Polareans – hence the term ‘Master Race’. We could also call the Polareans, ‘The Guardians of the Earth’ The Polareans are also sometimes referred to as ‘angels’ in the Abrahamic religious texts or ‘Das Avatars’ in Vedic scripts or ‘Pleiadians’ in new age esoteric circles. The first physical humans seeded out of the Polareans was the Hyperboreans. The Hyperborean earth realm ‘unfolded’ out from the central pillar and thus was the very first “Garden of Eden” surrounding the Tree of Life (Mt Meru) at the center. Over cyclical time the Hyperborean realm was pushed ‘outward’ away from the center as a new Earth realm/domain and physical root race (the Lemurians) was created. This Lemurian realm/domain was the second garden of Eden, and again after cyclical time they too were pushed ‘outward’….to make way for the third root-race – the Atlanteans. This Atlantean root race & realm is the one we currently inhabit. All human races in this realm of Earth are pre-dominantly Atlanteans. Once again over cyclical time, the Atlantean ‘golden’ age at the center ended to make way for a new realm & root race – The Aryans. The Aryan root race was seeded out from this fourth Garden of Eden. This is the current ‘Garden of Eden’ commonly referred to in most of the modern religious texts. This current Aryan ‘Eden’ root race was seeded about six thousand years ago. As you can see, a new earthly realm & root race is periodically seeded over cyclical time – each new realm & root race beginning at the center (garden of Eden) around the polarean axis Mundi (Mt Meru) slowly expanding outward. This cyclical expansion from the center out is what’s known as an ‘EPOCH’… So now you will notice that we have had five Epochs so far – Polarean Hyperborean Lemurian Atlantean Aryan According to many mystics, ancient scriptures & mythologies, there are two more epoch to come – eventually meaning seven Epochs, seven Earth realms & seven root races… Seven is the universal number of completion. I will further elaborate in my upcoming cosmic creation Pt 2 presentation. Moving on…. You will also notice that in this realm of Earth, there are four ‘main’ races – Black race, Oriental Asians, Indo – Asians – White race. These are known as ‘sub-root races’ – All the other races in between are mixes of these four. (Mixed races) The Black races have their DNA lineage from the very first earth root race – The Hyperboreans. The native black cultures of this realm have their cultural beliefs & practices handed down by the Hyperborean root race sometimes referred to as the ‘Annunaki’. The Oriental Asian races have their DNA lineage from the second root race – The Lemurians. And likewise, the Oriental cultures stem their beliefs & practices from the Lemurian root race commonly & mistakenly referred to as the ‘Reptilians’. The Indo – Asian races have their DNA lineage from the third root-race – The Atlanteans. The Indo – Asians naturally stem their beliefs & practices from the Atlantean root race of this current realm. This means the Indo – Asian races are the original root race lineage of this ‘Atlantean’ realm. The White races have their DNA lineage from the most recent fourth root race – The Aryans. And of course the white cultural influences we see today are seeded from the Aryan root race currently at the center. The Aryans are what most religious texts & mythologies refer to as ‘the gods’, or sometimes ‘fallen angels’. The Aryans are also sometimes confused with the Pleiadians AKA Polareans, whom are semi-ethereal beings that live at the very center (Mt Meru) and not in the ‘Eden’ realm as discussed above. Now, although we in this realm all appear to be different races, within our different sub & mixed race lineages & traits. We are all actually one race, this due to the mixing of genetic codes over time – We are ALL predominantly Atlantean humans. Only with slight genetic variances, most notably skin pigmentation, hair structure & eye color. In fact, most of the racial & religious divisions & wars fought today have their roots seeded from past wars between the FOUR MAIN root races. We Atlanteans in this realm inherited our predisposed prejudices of one another from ‘outside’ influences. Now…I’d imagine that all the other earth realms would have many different multicultural sub & mixed races in their own domains, just like we have in this realm. Meaning there are probably thousands of different sub & mixed races & cultures within the different domains across the entire plane of our Earth But fundamentally, every root, sub & mixed race on Earth is of Polarean origin. We all came from the center & we will all return to the center eventually, regardless of what you believe or look like. As many of you will now know, all the four different realms/domain, with all the various, solar systems & extraterrestrial civilizations – are divided & separated from one another by the various toroidal electromagnetic fields (Van Allen Belts). Theses electromagnetic belts do periodically open and close dependant on various universal & cosmic cycles, seasons & ages. This periodically happens to allow the sharing & rebalancing of conscious energy, technology & knowledge between all the different earthly dimensional realms. We are fast approaching the next ‘opening’ of these electromagnetic barriers. Hence, “Trumps space force”…The American government obviously knows what’s up. Who knows what this ‘Opening Event’ will reveal & how this will impact us in this realm collectively & individually. Although we can already see the birthing pains of this great cosmic event with the current so-called ‘conscious awakening’ & unusual weather patterns. Knowledge is power…. The secret to knowing when & how is in learning about the natural rhythmic seasons & cycles of nature. I will go into further details when I present my cosmic clock. In conclusion & most importantly – we must remember that we are all first & foremost spiritual beings having a physical existence. All these physical differences are just part of the game or rather race – The Human race – We are all physically & consciously unique, but at core, we are ONE – We are all different seasons under the same sun. The purpose of all of this…. EXPERIENCE – LEARN – GROW – MOVE ON. VISION 2020🌟 Welcome to the age of AQUARIUS…the age of truth, knowing & rediscovery.

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