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I will argue in this post that this philosophy is more coherent than Advaita. 

Dvaita asserts that this universe is real and distinct from God and is not an illusion. This is consistent with all modern scientific knowledge.

Dvaita asserts that the supreme being is distinct from this universe and humankind. I see this as a Kantian view also–that we are not the thing in itself (and can’t know it). This is consistent with Deism, various schools within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

I do believe this philosophy is consistent with panentheism, too, as long as we agree to concede that God is thoroughly transcendent as well as being immanent to the universe.

On a personal level, this philosophy is also consistent with my Christian Gnosticism. I’ve walked this path which I’ll link from the Dvaita wiki page. I choose a path of physical labor (karma yoga); 40-years of layman spiritual study–jnana yoga; and bhakti as I’ve been unequivocal in my search for truth.

From the Wiki:

‘combination of dispassionate discharge of one’s duties (Karma Yoga), acquisition of scriptural knowledge (Jnana Yoga) and the unconditional devotion to the higher entity (Bhakti Yoga).’

This view, from my perspective, honors both the scientific worldview and the spiritual worldview while maintaining clear delineations between who is who and what is what. I would still say this place is fallen and in disrepair and Christian Gnostic cosmologies explore possibilities about why that is.

Here is the Wiki on the 5-distinctions or reality within this tradition.

Five fundamental, eternal and real differences are described in Dvaita school:[5][9][10]

  1. Between the individual souls (or jīvātman) and God (Brahmātmeśvara or Vishnu).
  2. Between matter (inanimate, insentient) and God.
  3. Between individual souls (jīvātman)
  4. Between matter and jīvatman.
  5. Between various types of matter.

At a minimum, we should concede, like I always suggest, to take a step back from our spiritual attachments and consider that things may not be a given here.

Speculative metaphysics in the only justifiable framing of spirituality today.

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