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This post will go well with yesterdays on Dvaita which I’ll link here.

It’s also a stream of consciousness so perhaps bear with me as I attempt to cohere a point or two:)

Hinduism falls generally into 2-primary schools with Buddhism positing a third possibility. The first and most traditional is personal theism primarily represented by Krishna. The second is the impersonal ocean of God as posited in Advaita of which we are all waves. Buddhism posits that God and our (self) is, in reality, non-existent and temporal.

Please note the obvious that for over 5000+years there has been no consensus on the nature of reality and God. We’ll come back to this.

In the west, Schopenhauer started a modern trend when he posited Kant’s noumena as being will; Nietzsche took that one step further and called it, ‘The Will To Power’. In the west, to my thinking, this has played out as a type of Buddhism without compassion or empathy (and Rand’s Objectivism). When tied to ethnicity it brought us the fascist state. We should note that the fascist state is built upon the foundation of state authority fully aligned with corporate power–a condition that exists in many nations of power today.

The New Age Movement promoted via corporate neoliberal capitalism has promoted an ad hoc mixture of primarily two of the aforementioned spiritual theories; that is nonduality mixed together with self-help and self-actualization ‘will to power’ philosophies.  This has created a culture of spiritual-materialist narcissism. Humankind is god and we can do whatever we will!

I should note that our first group hasn’t been without its problems either and no more apparent than when a person or group enacts violence against the other on the instruction of personal deity. This is most clear today among Jihadists and neocons who believe they are acting as emissaries for an invisible master. Our Jewish friends are quite busy in this regard, too.

So what has modernities capitalism brought to the forefront when it comes to our spiritual proclivities? It appears to have brought out the worst traits, aspects, and tendencies of our spiritual inheritance! The death of God brought us fascism driven by the ‘will to power’; a New Age premised on the obsession with the self and its desires (funded via unlimited credit), and, of course– religion used as a tool of political power.

My question is this: could this be because there is something in all these ideas that are false? 

Obviously, if God and spirituality are myths then the explanation is simple enough. Or, is there something that we missed?

Let me lay this one on ya: science and Buddhism have become very much compatible, but what if the emptiness or void is a chasm? What if this place and universe are as real as science says it is combined with the notion that there really is a transcendental God? What if there were a truth that led to peace and not a multiplicity of falseness leading to strife and division?

I don’t have the answer to that question but any theology proffered in that regard cannot implicitly or explicitly contradict the faculties of reason and logic. A theological idea, if true and not false,  can be trans-rational but not irrational. I have about 3 or 4 idealist type cosmologies which I consider possible as explanations for how God could still exist. Dvaita is one of them as is Christian Gnosticism; varying alternate theories on The Nephilim, and the alien/E.T. hypothesis. One can search my blog in this regard as there is plenty of musing on this issue.

A note here that Moses, as described, didn’t seem to exist and much of the history written in that book is not accurate as described so if one is going to promote a version of western theism it has to account for these facts. Christian Gnosticism does but it’s not the only possibility.



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