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I’ll link the video below.

The cosmology espoused is metaphysical speculation. I’ll touch on where I agree and disagree with what Master William Lee is saying. Obviously, the basic idea of Gnostic cosmology is something I’m in complete agreement with.

Let’s start with Sophia. No one knows who she is if she exists. She could be a part of a pair (with Kristos) and she could be a part of the first Aeons–those who first came out of the original Monad/Source. She could be a lesser Aeon and some say she was the lowest. There are those that say the lighted womb (The Holy Spirit) was the first thing that came out of the original Monad/Source and this would not be Sofia. The Lighted Womb, if this were correct, did not create the demiurge. Sophia did and she created a cosmic distortion–it’s she who created the darkened womb in which live. The Demiurge and the archons don’t know what the lighted womb cosmos is like but by now they’ve come to have some understanding of it–or so I suspect. This is the version I’m most drawn to but its sheer intuition and ultimately I don’t know as I’m an Agnostic Gnostic! 

Humanity today is the result of the Archontic entities–these are the Elohim of scripture or the Demiurge and its archons. I lean towards manipulation of DNA by these beings of pre-existing natural hominoids. In other words, I don’t believe we’ve been created as scripture suggests–fully formed out of the dust of the ground. There is another possibility, though, that is quite strange and difficult to consider: that we are an artificial intelligence; that we are incredibly sophisticated Avatars. 

It’s where I start to part ways with Prodigy especially in regards to his views on the soul (which could be correct). But if we’re advanced Avatars then I doubt very much that we have a soul which of course explains why it can’t be found. The chakras and kundalini would be deceptive programming of the archons. Reincarnation would also be a deceptive template. But if we aren’t real at all then what are we? Well, perhaps nothing more than the imagination of the programmers. Or, perhaps there is something we don’t know if this view is accurate and perhaps we can’t know what we really are; or,  we are no more than the imagination of the Gods. But this would come down to what the life spark is that Sophia hid within us.

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