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Ah, the gumption and audacity of a high-school dropout. Stop reading now if you can’t handle truth–rather, be gone to your flying flights of fancy! Whatever they may be…

This tale is told via the vibratory oscillations which are of the Sophian nature. Circa, the beginning of the Age of Pisces and the ushering in of the Christian era. This is also the tale of (HIS) story; that of the Demiurgic principle. This age saw the Jewish people begin their *dispersion into every nation and tribe on earth and this reverberates into the end of the age of Pisces. The first 700-years of this age see the Kristo’s spirit wrongfully inculcated into the state religion of Rome. This gives way to the rise of Islam which also holds sway over the West’s civilization for about 700 hundred years. 1400-years later we see the Jewish people tattered and torn caught between two opposing ideologies but offered a splinter of opportunity within the financial sector due to usury laws by Christian’s and Muslim’s. This moment seized upon with the first creation of Central Banking which arose, coincidentally, with the first modern gun technology. The widespread dissemination of the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalistic philosophies, at around the same time– from the 14th to 16th centuries– concomitantly helped fuel the rising tide of what is now the end age of *Jewish Supremacy as we enter the 21st Century. 7+7+7=21

Why does Dr. Mate’ feel the wish to want to commit murder? Because it’s how we were made by the archontic influences of humankind. Traumatized indeed! Why does Dr. Peterson feel rage? Because somewhere deep inside he knows he’s been lied to when it comes to the Christ myth; which, in reality, is the tale of Sophia and her relationship to the dark womb which she brought into existence and the Kristo’s stands as the beacon and lighthouse from the Lighted Womb which precedes this particular existence.

Here and here are links to what the Jewish people have been up to for the past 700-years so it truly is not a case of I Dindu Nuffin! In fact, they have been extraordinarily busy and organized and the dispersion 2000-years ago into most countries while aided by tribal allegiance have helped them enact influence throughout the entire world. Please, note, that as a Gnostic, I don’t share the theology of Texe Marrs and Eustace Mullins or that of the Catholic, Rape of Justice channel and I find it difficult to believe they didn’t know Moses was a myth and non-historical–this information is widely available now so it seems rather odd to me. I link them because these channels have thoroughly and accurately documented what has happened during the end of The Age of Pisces.   I also don’t blame the Jewish people for doing what they’ve done over the past 700-years as it’s all the machinations of the Demiurgic principle which we are embedded in–kill or be killed. The church’s treatment of them for the crucifixion is laughable from the Gnostic perspective as Kristos could never be killed by humans on a cross. DO YOU SEE HOW ALL THIS IS MACHINATION OF SOMETHING BEYOND HUMAN DOING? 

Okay, I’m dismissed! But better than being put in a black helicopter although there are other ways they’ve gotten to me which came with missing time and extraordinary pain. That, too, is another tale!

Yikes! What will happen when J.P. locks horns with Slavoj Zizek?




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