Andrewmarkmusic: decoding the headlines
and official narratives in short, terse pithy aphorisms!

                                                   “HEADS I WIN; TALES YOU LOSE”

Or, one could phrase it like this: give someone an ounce of power and it’s likely they’ll turn into monsters. The title aphorism is the modus operandi of our mafia casino owners as they carry out their macabre totalitarian tango two-step…Don’t you love Dorian Grey and Lily? On the one hand, we have an immortal monster brought into existence by some unknown maker (Sophia/or, aliens, depending on what ends up being accurate here), and on the other–the creation of ‘the things’ who look awfully human–well, so much so that no one can tell who is whom!

In the ‘real world’, also, on one hand, you have the wardens of what’s being called rational optimism insisting that the *prison has never been better! Juxtaposed to this we have crypto ‘enthusiasts’ espousing that humanity is in a state of near total incarceration. Go figure, eh? Wedged in between are the neo-prophets of the demiurge insisting and threatening violence if we break the laws and codes of the old testament God. Yikes! Talk about being stuck between Dionysus and Sisyphus!

When did I grok humanities existential dilemma? Oh, perhaps as early as five-years-old but I knew for certain what we were dealing with when the Clinton’s–using the full force of the military industrial complex–committed one of the most violent crimes in human history against the mystics and women and children of *Waco, Texas. It’s only gone downhill since the crimes of 911. 

One of the more interesting ironic reversals in late post-modernity is happening within the Integral Inc. sphere. John Mackey, of Whole Foods fame, posited a new type of enlightened capitalism (along with others) while selling his vision to Jeff Bezos’ of Amazon–now one of the largest players within the corporate fascist dictatorship. How is that? We saw the same thing when Brian Johnston of the old zaadz site sold to the psy-op Gaiam. Do you see a pattern here? The more people talk about integration the less free we become! If it’s not against the law to say Mohammed never existed or that less than a million died in the camps in WW-2 it soon will be while at the same time critique of Christianity and western values is lauded and approved (especially by the Hollywood elite)as traditional Christian nations are handed over and sold to outsiders from the middle and far east. 

It’s an interesting ‘integration’ where Christian churches are now yoga studios and white Christian’s are vilified as Nazi’s for even questioning what is happening to their communities. Yes, there is a tiny percentage of real nazi’s…Please note that as a Gnostic I think Christianity is as false as Islam and Judaism or Hinduism for that matter (yes, even in their esoteric forms) but culture is another thing altogether and distinct from religious ideology and there is definitely large-scale duplicity happening when the culture of Christendom is being dismantled by its historic enemies. Please, people, there is no such thing as Islamic/Christian culture or Judaic/Christian culture as their religions are, by law, diametrically opposed. This isn’t to say that in an ideal secular society X-Christian’s, Muslim’s, and Jews couldn’t live together as atheist’s but it’s clear now that that is NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING! 

Notes: * it may be more accurate to say things have never been better for the Jewish people.

* I don’t endorse any shady arms dealing the Waco community was involved in but far more happened there than what the official narrative tells.

The last note here: a Christian culture untouched by Judaic and Islāmic influence may very well have developed into an ‘equal rights for all people’ culture which would have been the right thing to do, in my opinion, but we will never know as what’s been done is done. And, yes, Islam, too, if left alone by corporate imperialism would most likely have arrived there, too…And, perhaps even Judaism, also…Moreover, I’m on record, time and time again, saying that past crimes of Christendom were antithetical to the true spirit of truth and freedom which is the Gnostic Kristos…

We’ll see: I’ll have more to say on this video at another time but it’s a peculiar overview of history which omits spirituality and Israel. Like these things are not relevant and don’t exist. 

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