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I was able to get up to the hot-springs after I finished my Whistler contract. There was lot’s of time for musing and I’ll post the series here as city work time allows.

I’m going to fuse theodicy within this series of posts. In general, I think there are four avenues of exploration here: western theism predicated on original sin; evolutionary materialism; Vedic thought on the problem of evil; and Buddhist ideas within this field of inquiry and thought.

As a Christian Gnostic, I take issue with aspects of all of them and I’ll flesh out my objections as this series of posts moves along.

The camping was excellent even though this part of the woods does what it usually does in June and that is it gets chilly and rainy. It was an anti-fragile experiment on my neck injury, too, as I’ve been bound to HBO for about 30-months so it was finally good to get out and do something. Overall I was pleased with how the injury reacted to the stresses which was decent over-all. My MRI results came back and there isn’t serious damage to the nerves and spine but that leaves me begging the question of how to classify about 30-months of pain and discomfort? If that isn’t serious, then…well, I don’t know.

Here are some initial pics:









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