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I‘ll have much more to say about this but there is a glaring initial contradiction: we are to trust the Kabbalists that run Hollywood! And it begs the question of who are the Kabbalists? Well, you’ll likely need to go back to Babylon and more recently to the Talmudists during the age of early Christendom.

There are many schools of Gnosticism and Kabbalism isn’t necessarily the most coherent one.

In 2019 if someone is going to claim that babies can be born without physical conception then they have to DEMONSTRATE it. Publicly and repeatedly! Otherwise, this is bullshit! The modus-operandi of the archons!

To act, socially, economically, and politically on these myths is the opposite of wisdom and knowledge! It’s as ignorant as the political caste system developed in India based on unproven metaphysics. Adam and Eve never existed and I say that as a Gnostic theist. There was no snake in any garden! This is all the delusional control mechanisms of the Demiurge and its Archons who have been manipulating humanity for God knows how long. The better explanation for this malevolent manipulation is the alien hypothesis!

Okay, you have one part right. Desire. But this is Buddhism or early Brahmanic Monism.

My biggest gripe with the spinal chrism theory is that if it’s true then it necessarily means it’s interactive with the body. Yet there isn’t a shred of empirical evidence that this exists. And this is an entirely different query than one of the soul or what that might be if it exists, and I say as a Gnostic, that the soul idea is more bullshit of the archons! Even Gotama understood this.

All evidence points to Moses being Akhenaten so the story of the Hebrews being victims is more bullshit! More compelling evidence not to trust the Kabbalists. Our desires and their consequences could be entirely true but the metaphysics surrounding this idea in the documentary could be entirely false!

One would think that if these enlightened couples existed (and their enlightened supernatural children) that they might be able to influence positively the world’s economic system! Apparently not! Instead, we get the most corrupt usurious economic casino in the known universe! So they are practically impotent on earth! I call that good for nothing! Or so caught up in heaven that they are of no earthly good! Okay, I’ll put all this on my blog in case the poster shadow-bans my comments.

There is the not insignificant and inconvenient truth that the Talmudic Kabbalists came out of the mid-east around *1400 and covertly and though violence conquered Europe, and eventually, Russia, and N.A. (JeRUSAlem)…I believe the genocide of aboriginals sits at about 500-million and if Islam is another branch of this Kabal (and it is to some degree) then also factor in the genocides in India which amounted to somewhere in the neighborhood of two-hundred million! So it’s a bloody death-cult to boot and in modernity fuelled by the energy of death–fossil-fuels!

The foundation of this narrative is that Sophia acted in a Garden of Eden to redeem what she mistakenly created! This is, in fact, entirely speculative when it comes to metaphysics. The Tripartite Tractate offers a more coherent cosmological view and puts the blame squarely where it should be placed when it comes to theodicy: God! And in this case, the Logos who created a shadow of itself! But there is no way to demonstrate either version and acting politically and economically on these myths is entirely insane!

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NOTE*: see Scott Ostatt’s documentary which documents what happened during this era. Please keep in mind that Freemasonry is secular Kabbalism as are Islamic sects like The Shriners and The House of Saud.

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