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A series on what should a climate emergency look like?

@ 3:16 is where the beef begins:P

Well, it will end up looking like no sane human would want!

In this video,  I talk about the monopoly of debt currency as it relates to the earth’s ecosystems. Interestingly enough, the only solution will be enforced taxation, which coincidentally enough, was the byproduct of debt currency when it took over the earth about 100-years ago.
A note @8:41: these snake-oil salesmen in recent history addressed the problem of inflation to income deficiencies by coughing into existence the usurious credit card. Your labor can’t keep up with inflation? NO PROBLEM! We have the solution! So fixing usury with usury!

Please note that since 2008 the central banks have been feeding their commercial comrades billions and billions of dollars under quantitative easing policies and it’s obvious what these comrades are doing: building Babylon! The cranes are everywhere in the major cities so what I call the high priests of the god KA$H (the developers) are making a killing. And of course every move they make on this chessboard lines their pockets with more vig!

They love diggin’ in the dirt! I call them Tonka Toy Kings:P


There are, of course, two ways of looking and assessing our situation on earth today. Either through a materialist lens where humans are no more than talking monkeys frolicking in frisky dirt while being reduced to mere objects of financial exploitation under the neoliberal monetization of everything insanity; juxtaposed and in societal conflict (seemingly) with ‘scientific socialism’, or Marxist dialectical materialism–that is history is the story of financial relations.
The other is via a spiritual lens and I suggest in the ‘Solutions’ video (number 8 in this series) that we need economic spiritualism premised on the Golden Rule which is very close to Kant’s Categorical Imperative. The failure of Christianity, in my opinion, was a failure of ‘enlightened economics’ and this failure has ushered in a worldwide system of usury which is destroying the earth and imprisoning, via debt, most of humanity. We do not need what I call Neoliberal New Age economics as a solution as that is no solution at all but rather spiritual narcissism …

I should note that one of the very few good economic ideas within Christianity over the last 2000-years was the Social Credit developed by Albertan Christian mid-century. It was a weak but decent attempt at addressing the foundation of what a healthy Christian community should look like. Of course, the idea was destroyed by its enemies and co-opted by what is now becoming the Chinese ‘mark of the beast social credit system.’ Yikes!

The other vlogs in this series:

PART 2 commentary here:

In this one, I suggest that there are no free markets; just a dictatorship of capitalist oligarchs who will implement a worldwide climate emergency according to their agenda!

Oh, yes…my taxi only street was a misspeak as that wouldn’t really work, but bike, pedestrian, transit-only streets certainly would have worked!

My preamble subtly suggests that perhaps we’re in the bloody mess we’re in today ecologically and economically because we’ve been reduced to mere objects of financial exploitation by the neoliberal oligarchs. My, Winter Solstice Golden Rule, series explores what authentic spiritual economics might look like. I’ve also suggested in other vlogs that the failure of Christianity was, in part, a failure of economics.
I suggest that we live within what I call ‘structural multiculturalism’ implemented by social engineers over the past 100-years who worked according to the agenda of the oligarchs. The structure of cities didn’t happen under a ‘free-market’.








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