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I believe humanity lives within a very real but deceptive demiurgic construct. So I’m not an idealist in the traditional sense although I do have leanings (because of experience) towards panpsychism. I also lean towards emergentism and believe that natural selection on the biological level is a fact. I don’t find it accurate to use the word evolution in any other context other than biology although I understand the appeal in doing so. 

One of the earliest iterations of Buddhist thought was Nagaruna’s theory of the void (emptiness) which I believe is a chasm created as a demarcation between the Pleroma (Godhead) and the error in which we live–what I’ve come to call the demiurgic construct. I agree, though, with the Samkhya school that this place is real but functions over time via emergent drives. Perhaps these are what Aurobindo called involutionary processes or what Wilber calls the drive of eros–the latter I find problematic, and I’ll attempt to flesh out why at some point, but generally speaking it serves the purpose here. I align most with Madhvacharya’s Dvaita Vedanta school of Vedic philosophy. In general, I subscribe to a dualist metaphysics both of the material universe and Godhead and the material universe and mind. I should note that the material universe does contain mind in the way the Samkhya school posits along with emergentist theories within modern science. It’s just that this mind is not the mind of God…

I’m a Kantian and don’t believe that humanity has access to the Pleroma or what Kant called the noumena or thing in itself. This is why the void exists (in part). It’s a chasm between this flawed existence and Godhead. I also believe that Schopenhauer (although my favorite philosopher) was wrong to name the noumena ‘will’ although; of course, he was right that we only experience a partial representation of reality; moreover, that this error was inculcated into Nietzche’s work as the ‘will to power’ which I consider another iteration of Luciferian ideology which now drives civilization (with its disastrous results). 

Simply put, humanity doesn’t have access to the Pleroma or the fullness of Godhead because of our flawed and error-prone universe.
My time on Patreon, for the most part, (when dealing with philosophy and metaphysics), will be spent fleshing out these ideas. I would say for now that there is goodness enmeshed within this demiurgic construct so you’ll never hear me say that our existence is purely evil. I’ll get into why it can never be good, though, as my time here allows.

I know, I know…I’m dismissed!

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