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Well, the reason is simple, because that would be fair! You see, if a Mexican, Chinese, or Saudi, wants to immigrate to Canada then it only is fair that Canadians be guaranteed the same right in return; and the laws of those countries should allow such immigrants equal rights as citizens!

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2 Responses to Why Immigration Should be a Two Way Street!

  • It’s really a very simple premise! We should put strict limits on the number of immigrants we accept into our society from countries who refuse to exchange fairly. This is really only common sense . I’m sympathetic to refugee immigration when it is legitimate natural hardship but not when refugees are created intentionally by imperial acts of aggression! Also, Immigration solely for the profit of corporations is really quite disturbed and needs to end; ergo, good-bye phony free-trade deal! The E.U would have been a good model for open access immigration if the apex of the design wasn’t bureaucratic toxicity and over-reach; in other words, if they had not have gotten impulsively, and controllably greedy!

  • Taken from a post by Black Pidgeon speaks, on Youtube . I don’t agree with everything he says but his immgration video is spot on!
    A part of this is linked to the development of the corporation which evolved in the west sooner than other places . It’s the corporate model that wanted ‘free trade’ deals with 1-way immigration policies ( the initial Euro model excluded here) . But the point, I think–it was solely corporate interest which helped create this situation . The outsourcing of work and the importation of massive immigration which helps keep labour costs down for them. .
    If we are to survive we will have to develop into world-centrism but that should be done over centuries with grave over site and not done in decades solely for corporate profit .
    In fact, we should have kept trade to a minimum with countries who refused the equal movement of people . Canadians should have been legally allowed to live in Mexico– as one example, and if Mexico wouldn’t agree to that then we limit trade with them! But, of course, in this example the Canadian government is as much to blame as they don’t want to lose any tax base . IOW’s their hypocrites!

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