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I’m reading Margeret George’s densely prosaic novel! Very enjoyable. I’ve also watched the HBO series which covers the same ground. The generalities seem to be considered factual by historians. The details in her book are considered fiction.

The events of 70 A.D. in Judea certainly set up the stage for the possibility of a replacement theology for temple Judaism. Julius Caesar certainly hints at Jesus Christ– the Godman who married the virgin Queen Isis and fostered the Godchild Caesarion. Caesar was betrayed by Brutus (Judas). There are problems with this, of course, but the general template fits, although there are different versions of the theory. It’s interesting in that the whole point of the HBO series, it seems to me, was to dismiss the claim that Caesarion was Caesar’s child but was rather the result of an illicit one-night stand by the Queen. This is interesting in light of the theory that suggests it was Caesarion who was the Christ figure (the child of the Gods) who fled to India when Octavian conquered Egypt. Hence the stories of Jesus visiting India. 

I’m bothered by history in general though as it is difficult for me to digest it all as fact. What if I don’t believe any of this? Should I be jailed for such a stance? History can’t be falsified; there is no hypothesis and experiment one can perform, and why should I take the word of corrupt academies on these issues? RA (or PTAH) in Cleopatra is one of the primary names of the Demiurge in Gnostic Christianity and in our view, the demiurge is the purveyor of deception…Which of course brings me to the Torah. Why should I believe anything it says? Should I be jailed for saying I don’t believe any of it? And if the Torah is bullshit why is it so hard to imagine that these other historical narratives are also a type of civilizational psychological operations? 

We pretty well know now (and likely have for a long time) that the Exodus story is false and Moses was likely a Hyksos Pharoah. This is important because it sets up a situation where we need to explore alternative theories. So the official stories about Jesus are false and only alternative narratives that don’t depend on Judaism could be accurate. So this could all be about ELITE bloodlines. Bloodlines that might go back far into antiquity. Recently I’ve been having an exchange about consciousness and whether it evolves and I sit in the ‘no it doesn’t camp’. So a five-year-old 5000-years ago is no different in consciousness that a five-year-old today–only the technological inputs and outputs have changed–or, IOW’s, the child now is embedded within a somewhat advanced technological society. But I couldn’t say the same thing about a five-year-old child today and a five-year-old child 15,000 years ago because there is evidence of a great cataclysm during the Younger-Dryas 11,000 years ago which alludes to a massive disfiguration of human civilization. Is it possible something did alter human consciousness during that traumatic period? We could be a species with amnesia. 

At any rate…I came across this map at a job site recently. If this means anything to you then you should contact me personally:… I have an abundance of posts on Youtube and the net in general that clearly shows I am what I am here and that I’m not some fake sock-puppet account. I am what I claim to be for the most part and there is no intention to deceive anyone about my identity. If you are the same then please contact me…

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