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Okay, just to get things right on this issue which should be important to any truth seeker.

13 times 28 equals 364 days plus add an additional day so it matches the solar year. That is the claim but it’s not true.

HERE is a link that gets the physics right and I’ll just add that I’m not a Druid.

The truth: it’s true that the Julian calendar’s January (Janus) new year was an error in that it did disconnect the people from the natural flow and cycles of seasons in the northern hemisphere. The ‘natural’ new year is the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries in March. Count from March to October and you get 8 (Oct). You can see how the switch to January created bad symbolism as it turned October into the 10th month. I’ve argued elsewhere that this switch was just one of many manipulations by our archons to disconnect us from the natural life cycles in which we live.

The ultimate endgame in that regard is the Technocracy and human consciousness trapped in A.I.

The lunar 28-day cycle is fine as an analogy for the female as they are related to menstruation but it can’t be posited as anything past that–at least not in physics.

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